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Stories with place: Hungary
  • Weightlifting latest sport to suspend ties with SportAccord 
    Updated: May-19-15 8:00 am

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - Weightlifting has become the 10th sport to break with SportAccord, the umbrella body for Olympic and non-Olympic federations.

  • Neighborhoods: Exploring Budapest's gritty 8th District 
    Updated: May-19-15 7:44 am

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - A gritty Budapest neighborhood that's been compared to parts of New York City is hoping to attract visitors with a new tour about its history and unique ethnic mix.

  • Hungary rejects EU quota plan for Mediterranean immigrants 
    Updated: May-14-15 11:19 am

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - The Hungarian government has reiterated its "firm opposition" to a plan by the European Union to require countries to share the burden of immigrants who are arriving in Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Hungary honors its 700,000 victims of Soviet labor camps 
    Updated: May-13-15 9:53 am

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - Karoly Miklosi was heading to his job at a print shop in February 1945 when the Soviets nabbed him for slave labor.

  • Hungary's leader sees Europe falling behind Asia 
    Updated: May-11-15 10:19 am

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - Hungary's prime minster says that Asia represents an increasing challenge to the West and that while Europe, shocked by the January terror attacks in Paris, wastes time on ideological debates, the East works.

  • UN's refugee agency worried about xenophobia in Hungary 
    Updated: May-08-15 3:43 pm

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - The United Nations refugee agency said Friday it was worried about "growing expressions of xenophobia in Hungary" and about government efforts to portray refugees as a threat to the country.

  • Orban to Germany: Hungary needs special taxes on industries 
    Updated: May-07-15 12:46 pm

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - Hungary's prime minister told German companies on Thursday that the government plans to maintain special taxes on industries because they're needed to meet targets on the budget deficit and debt levels.

  • Hungary vows to start moving toxic waste from chemical plant story has photos
    Updated: Apr-30-15 1:40 pm

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - Some 1,000 barrels of toxic waste will be removed quickly from a defunct chemical company plant in Budapest, a Hungarian official said Thursday after Greenpeace described conditions at the site as "near catastrophic."

  • Hungary says no plans to restore death penalty 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 12:04 pm

    BRUSSELS - The Hungarian government said Thursday it has no plans to restore the death penalty after European Union leaders warned that Prime Minister Viktor Orban would be in for "a fight" if he considered sidestepping a cornerstone of the EU's fundamental rights.

  • Former Auschwitz guard describes camp in chilling detail story has photos
    Updated: Apr-22-15 10:20 am

    LUENEBURG, Germany - A former SS sergeant described in chilling detail Wednesday how cattle cars full of Jews were brought to the Auschwitz death camp, the people stripped of their belongings and then most led directly into gas chambers.

  • Migrants take long, winding road to reach EU gateway Hungary 
    Updated: Apr-22-15 6:54 am

    BUDAPEST, Hungary - From a Budapest hilltop overlooking a panorama of central Europe, Jean-Paul Apetey reflects on how far he's come, how improbable and unexpected his journey has been - and yet how many miles he still must go.