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Stories with place: Poland
  • Polish minister: Country against further gas emission cuts 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 12:20 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's new environment minister said Wednesday he is against further cuts in carbon gas emissions, a key topic during climate talks next week in Paris.

  • New Polish gov't reopens questions about 2010 plane crash 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 10:18 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's new conservative ruling party has shut down government websites that carried the findings of an investigation into the 2010 plane crash that killed President Lech Kaczynski, reopening debate over a disaster overshadowed by conspiracy theories.

  • EU flags disappear from Polish government press briefings 
    Updated: Nov-24-15 11:29 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's new prime minister has broken with the practice of pro-European predecessors and has removed the EU flag from her weekly news conference.

  • Polish protest over 'pornographic' play leads to arrests 
    Updated: Nov-22-15 12:15 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Authorities have arrested 12 people who tried to block the entrance to a theater performance in Poland they deemed pornographic.

  • Polish nationalists burn Jew in effigy, prompting probe 
    Updated: Nov-20-15 9:39 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Polish prosecutors are investigating after far-right nationalists burned an effigy of an Orthodox Jew during an anti-migrant demonstration.

  • Office space in Reno aims to attract Polish entrepreneurs 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 9:39 pm

    RENO, Nevada - Polish start-ups hoping to break into the U.S. market will now have a place to do it in Reno.

  • Report: furniture, art gone from Polish president's property 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 11:11 am

    WARSAW, Poland - An official report by Poland's new government says some furniture and art went missing from presidential buildings under the previous president.

  • Plane to Egypt lands in Bulgaria after bomb threat 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 9:29 am

    WARSAW, Poland - A plane taking 161 tourists from Poland to Egypt landed in Bulgaria and was checked for explosives after a passenger said there was a bomb on board, officials said Thursday.

  • Heads of Poland's intelligence resign following gov't change 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 8:52 am

    WARSAW, Poland - The heads of Poland's four civilian and military intelligence agencies have resigned following the change in the country's political leadership.

  • Israeli artist remembers legendary Holocaust victim 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 1:51 am

    TEL AVIV, Israel - With World War II underway and the Nazis closing in, 16-year-old Itzchak Belfer decided to flee his native Poland and head east to Soviet Russia. The man who had raised the Jewish boy like a son tearfully gave him his blessing, slipped the teen some money and said, "the chicks are leaving the nest."

  • Passport in Paris attacks fuels fears of Syrian refugees 
    Updated: Nov-18-15 5:55 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - After the bombs and Kalashnikov fire of the Paris attacks, a mere document - a passport - found near the body of an attacker is generating a new wave of dread throughout Europe and beyond. But whether the document ended up there by chance, or was part of an elaborate plot to sow panic, is not clear.

  • The Latest: UN rights chief rejects anti-migrant moves 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 9:58 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - The latest news as hundreds of thousands make their way across Europe in search of safety and a better life. All times local.

  • Anti-migrant mood deepens in Central Europe after Paris 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 2:13 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Even before the Paris attacks, the mood in Central Europe was decidedly anti-migrant, with fences going up on borders, a Syrian beaten on a Polish street last week and the rhetoric sharp across the region. Now the bloodshed unleashed by Islamic extremists is deepening fears of Muslims and threatening to create an atmosphere even less welcoming for those fleeing war in the Middle East.

  • Pole charged as member of terror group active in Syria 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 10:53 am

    WARSAW, Poland - A prosecutor in Poland says a 23-year-old Pole has been charged on suspicion of participation in an armed group that has terrorist goals and is active in Syria.

  • Paris attacks reaction: Nordic governments condemn attacks 
    Updated: Nov-14-15 5:50 am

    PARIS - World leaders are reacting to the deadliest violence to strike France since World War II. Some of their comments:

  • Radical Poles mark Independence Day with anti-migrant march 
    Updated: Nov-11-15 12:14 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Thousands of flag-waving Polish nationalists marched through Warsaw on Wednesday with an anti-migrant message as they marked Independence Day. The event took place peacefully in contrast to violence that has marked the holiday in past years.

  • Official: Poland to take Russia to court over plane wreckage story has photos
    Updated: Nov-10-15 10:03 am

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's next foreign minister said Tuesday the country is fed up with waiting for Russia to return the wreckage of the plane that went down in Russia in 2010, killing the Polish president and 95 others, and plans to take Moscow to the European Court of Human Rights to get it back.

  • Poland's ruling party announces makeup of Cabinet story has photos
    Updated: Nov-09-15 12:07 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland's conservative Law and Justice party announced the makeup of its new government Monday, with a moderate prime minister surrounded by a Cabinet that is very pro-American and suspicious of Russia.

  • Media advocate pleased Hungary scrapped newsroom spies plan 
    Updated: Nov-06-15 9:24 am

    WARSAW, Poland - A leading media advocate has welcomed Hungary's decision to abandon a plan to plant spies in newsrooms but said she remains disturbed that Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government would even contemplate the "Orwellian" idea.

  • Kiszczak, who helped impose martial law in Poland, dies story has photos
    Updated: Nov-05-15 12:18 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Gen. Czeslaw Kiszczak, a Polish general and communist-era leader who played a key role in imposing martial law in 1981 but eight years later also took part in talks that allowed for a peaceful transition to democracy, died on Thursday in Warsaw. He was 90.

  • Gay priest fired by Vatican describes 'special homophobia' 
    Updated: Nov-05-15 7:24 am

    BARCELONA, Spain - The Polish monsignor who came out as gay and was fired by the Vatican just before a meeting of bishops about outreach to gays, divorcees and more traditional Catholic families says that a "special kind of homophobia" exists among priests, because those who are homosexual are forced to hate themselves.

  • Thomas Blatt, survivor of escape from Sobibor, dies at 88 story has photos
    Updated: Nov-02-15 3:51 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Thomas Toivi Blatt, who was among a small number of Jews to survive a mass escape from the Nazi death camp of Sobibor in 1943 and who decades later served as a prominent witness at the trial of the alleged camp guard John Demjanjuk, has died. He was 88.

  • District attorney: Polanski case won't end despite ruling story has photos
    Updated: Oct-30-15 5:22 pm

    LOS ANGELES - A lawyer for the woman who was sexually assaulted by Roman Polanski praised a Polish judge's refusal Friday to send the director to Los Angeles, while the city's top prosecutor said she would not drop the case against the Oscar winner.

  • Roman Polanski 'very happy' with Polish court ruling story has photos
    Updated: Oct-30-15 3:52 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - Poland cannot extradite filmmaker Roman Polanski to the U.S. on a charge that he had sex with a minor nearly four decades ago, a judge ruled Friday, a decision that could finally close the case in the country where the Oscar-winning director grew up and still makes movies.

  • In Poland, new parties with colorful figures signal change 
    Updated: Oct-30-15 9:23 am

    WARSAW, Poland - A rock star who sang in a band called Breasts and an economist seeking to invigorate Poland's economy lead new forces entering parliament following general elections - bringing a dash of color as well as new ideas amid a sharp turn to the right.