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Stories with place: Serbia
  • Kosovo police arrest opposition leader for Parliament unrest story has photos
    Updated: Nov-28-15 12:41 pm

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - Police entered the headquarters of Kosovo's main opposition party Saturday and arrested dozens of people, including one of its leaders who was wanted for the violent actions he has used to disrupt the country's Parliament.

  • Chicago Fire of MLS hires Valjko Paunovic as coach 
    Updated: Nov-24-15 2:48 pm

    CHICAGO - The Chicago Fire have hired Serbian Veljko Paunovic as coach to replace the fired Frank Yallop.

  • Security tight for Juventus-AC Milan match in Turin story has photos
    Updated: Nov-20-15 1:59 pm

    ROME - It's been quite a week for Juventus players Patrice Evra, Paul Pogba and Sami Khedira, who were all on international duty when explosions occurred outside the Stade de France a week ago.

  • NATO chief: Russia interference boosts Montenegro chances story has photos
    Updated: Nov-20-15 9:49 am

    BELGRADE, Serbia - Any attempt by Russia to interfere in Montenegro's bid to join NATO would only boost the country's chances of membership, the military alliance's secretary-general said Friday

  • Migrants fear Paris attacks have multiplied their woes 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 1:12 pm

    PRESEVO, Serbia - At the tender age of 16, Ahmad Fawad has three fears: He fears the Taliban gunmen who killed his family members in Afghanistan. He fears that once-welcoming European countries are shutting the doors after the carnage in Paris. And he fears that the very extremists who attacked his family at home are moving alongside him in the flow of humanity bound for Europe.

  • Western powers condemn Kosovo opposition's violent protests story has photos
    Updated: Nov-19-15 8:08 am

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - Kosovo's Western backers lashed out Thursday at the country's opposition parties over their "continued use of violence to achieve political goals."

  • Passport in Paris attacks fuels fears of Syrian refugees 
    Updated: Nov-18-15 5:55 pm

    WARSAW, Poland - After the bombs and Kalashnikov fire of the Paris attacks, a mere document - a passport - found near the body of an attacker is generating a new wave of dread throughout Europe and beyond. But whether the document ended up there by chance, or was part of an elaborate plot to sow panic, is not clear.

  • Hand grenade found at Kosovo court amid political turmoil story has photos
    Updated: Nov-18-15 3:32 pm

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - Kosovo's Constitutional Court said Wednesday that a hand grenade was found at its yard amid a tense political situation in the country.

  • UN: Don't blame refugees for Paris attacks 
    Updated: Nov-17-15 10:32 am

    PRESEVO, Serbia - The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees warned on Tuesday against blaming refugees for terrorism after one of the Paris suicide bombers apparently came to Europe along with the thousands fleeing war and poverty.

  • Kosovo parliament session halted by opposition's tear gas 
    Updated: Nov-17-15 7:30 am

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - Kosovo's opposition used tear gas and pepper spray inside parliament and pelted police with rocks and pink paint outside the building on Tuesday in another attempt to force the government to renounce recent deals with Serbia and Montenegro.

  • Focus on passport in Paris highlights lack of migrant checks 
    Updated: Nov-16-15 5:59 am

    BELGRADE, Serbia - The focus on a Syrian passport found near the body of a suicide bomber in the Paris attacks highlights an uncomfortable reality: European authorities are completing few checks on the hundreds of thousands of people moving across their territory fleeing war and poverty.

  • 6 countries bidding to host Olympic basketball qualifiers 
    Updated: Nov-13-15 12:02 am

    Six countries are in the running to host the qualifying tournaments that will determine the last three spots in the Olympic basketball tournament.

  • Tiny Slovenia struggles with massive migrant surge 
    Updated: Nov-12-15 7:10 am

    RIGONCE, Slovenia - Stanko Kovac felt only sympathy for the thousands of migrants who flow chest-deep across freezing rivers to reach Slovenia from Croatia, trudging day and night by his house right at the border. That is, until they started trampling his crops and scaring his cattle and chicken.

  • Serb disabled player makes return to professional basketball 
    Updated: Nov-11-15 5:45 pm

    BELGRADE, Serbia - Serbian basketball player Natasa Kovacevic has done what many think is impossible.

  • Serbia donates $5.4 million to massacre town Srebrenica 
    Updated: Nov-11-15 9:50 am

    SREBRENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Serbia's prime minister said Wednesday his country is donating 5 million euros ($5.4 million) to rejuvenate the Bosnian town of Srebrenica, where Serbs slaughtered 8,000 Muslim men and boys during the war 20 years ago.

  • Kosovo suspends deal giving powers to Serb-dominated areas 
    Updated: Nov-11-15 9:36 am

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - Kosovo's Constitutional Court has suspended a deal with Serbia that would have given more powers to Serb-dominated areas in Kosovo, an agreement that has sparked violent opposition protests for two months.

  • UNESCO rejects membership for Kosovo in victory for Serbia story has photos
    Updated: Nov-09-15 1:27 pm

    PARIS - Members of the U.N. cultural agency narrowly rejected Kosovo's bid for membership on Monday in a victory for Serbia and Russia and a blow to Kosovo's mission for global recognition as a state.

  • Albania coach De Biasi includes 2 newcomers in squad 
    Updated: Nov-09-15 10:06 am

    TIRANA, Albania - Albania coach Giovanni de Biasi included two newcomers in his 24-man squad for friendlies against Kosovo and Georgia as the national team prepares for its first major tournament.

  • Gunmen in Libya abduct 2 Serbian Embassy employees 
    Updated: Nov-08-15 4:16 pm

    BELGRADE, Serbia - Gunmen in Libya crashed into a convoy of vehicles taking Serbia's ambassador to neighboring Tunisia and then kidnapped two other embassy employees, officials said.

  • Serbian police arrest drug lords, Macedonia clashes suspect 
    Updated: Nov-06-15 10:10 am

    BELGRADE, Serbia - Serbian police say they have arrested several drug and arms traffickers, as well as a fugitive suspect in this year's clashes between police and armed groups in Macedonia.

  • EU: Opposition in Kosovo is blocking nation's integration 
    Updated: Nov-06-15 9:57 am

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - European Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn has warned Kosovo opposition members that blocking Parliament will hamper the country's further integration into the 28-nation bloc.

  • Serbia closes down state 72-year-old Tanjug news agency 
    Updated: Nov-04-15 11:44 am

    BELGRADE, Serbia - Serbia's government is closing down the state Tanjug news agency founded 72 years ago by the Communist authorities of the former Yugoslavia, and laying off its 200 employees.

  • Bosnia and Serbia hold first joint session of governments story has photos
    Updated: Nov-04-15 9:21 am

    SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina - Seeking to improve their relations and contribute to the stabilization of the Western Balkans, the Bosnian and Serbian governments on Wednesday held their first joint session since their conflict started 25 years during the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

  • Kosovo hopes to join UNESCO; vows to protect Serb heritage story has photos
    Updated: Nov-04-15 3:30 am

    PRISTINA, Kosovo - Kosovo hopes soon to get a major symbolic boost in its path to recognition as a state: membership in UNESCO.

  • Self-inflicted wounds dog EU moves to manage migrant crisis 
    Updated: Nov-02-15 4:36 am

    BRUSSELS - The European Union's struggle to staunch the flow of hundreds of thousands of people across its borders represents the continent's biggest refugee emergency in over half a century.