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Stories with place: Iraq
  • new storyGeneral says poor leadership is biggest problem for Afghans story has photos
    Updated: Feb-02-16 10:22 am

    WASHINGTON - The top American commander in Afghanistan says most of the problems facing the Afghan security forces stem from poor leadership.

  • Iraq awards contract for repairing major dam 
    Updated: Feb-02-16 7:34 am

    BAGHDAD - Iraqi officials say an Italian company has been awarded a contract to overhaul and maintain the Mosul dam in the country's north, days after the top U.S. general in Iraq warned of its possible collapse.

  • 4 ex-Blackwater contractors appeal convictions in shootings story has photos
    Updated: Feb-01-16 8:46 pm

    WASHINGTON - Four former Blackwater security contractors found guilty in a deadly Baghdad shooting appealed their convictions on Monday, saying a key witness against them had changed his testimony after the trial and that prosecutors lacked jurisdiction to even bring the case.

  • US official visits northern Syrian town of Kobani story has photos
    Updated: Feb-01-16 3:35 pm

    BAGHDAD - President Barack Obama's envoy to the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group said he visited northern Syria over the weekend to review the ongoing fight against the extremist group, marking the first visit by a senior administration official to Syria since the beginning of the U.S.-led campaign against IS in August 2014.

  • US commander: More US, coalition forces likely to fight IS 
    Updated: Feb-01-16 1:39 pm

    WASHINGTON - There is a "good potential" that more U.S. and coalition forces will be needed to fight the Islamic State group, the top commander of military operations in Iraq and Syria said Monday.

  • UN: Violence kills 849 across Iraq in January 
    Updated: Feb-01-16 12:08 pm

    BAGHDAD - The United Nations says violence has claimed the lives of 849 Iraqis in January, down slightly from 980 the previous month.

  • In Mideast wars, hunger grips millions across the region 
    Updated: Jan-29-16 5:40 am

    BEIRUT - In a Middle East torn apart by war and conflict, fighters are increasingly using food as a weapon of war.

  • Homesick and fed up: Iraqi refugees in Germany head home 
    Updated: Jan-28-16 8:13 am

    BERLIN - It's a change of heart that Iraqi immigrant Sekvan Agho never saw coming.

  • JBLM rocket battalion heading back to Iraq 
    Updated: Jan-27-16 8:35 am

    TACOMA, Washington - Joint Base Lewis-McChord is preparing to send one of its artillery units to Iraq and Kuwait to help fight the Islamic State group.

  • Iraq's military is still struggling despite US training 
    Updated: Jan-26-16 2:03 pm

    BASMAYA, Iraq - Iraq's 72nd Brigade was slowly moving through a live-fire exercise recently under the watchful eyes of U.S., Spanish and British coalition trainers when things began to go wrong.

  • Iraq says 40 bodies found in mass grave in Ramadi 
    Updated: Jan-26-16 1:09 pm

    BAGHDAD - Iraqi forces have found more than 40 bodies, including those of women and children, in a mass grave in the city of Ramadi west of Baghdad, which they recently retook from Islamic State militants, officials said.

  • Veteran, a triple amputee, sharing inspiring story in SC 
    Updated: Jan-26-16 4:07 am

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina - An Army veteran who lost three limbs during his tour of duty Iraq and now participates in everything from surfing to snowboarding is sharing his story with veterans in Charleston.

  • EU police warn that more attacks by IS militants are likely story has photos
    Updated: Jan-25-16 2:01 pm

    PARIS - Europe's top police agency issued a stark warning Monday: Islamic State extremists will keep attempting lethal attacks on soft targets in Europe as the militant group increasingly goes global.

  • AP FACT CHECK: Gutted? Disaster? GOP hyperbole on military story has photos
    Updated: Jan-25-16 12:04 pm

    WASHINGTON - Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio maintains that President Barack Obama is more interested in providing money to Planned Parenthood than for the nation's armed forces. The front-runner in the GOP race, Donald Trump, says the U.S. military is a "disaster." Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says the Obama administration has "gutted" every weapons system in the U.S. military's inventory.

  • Czechs donate weapons, ammunition to Iraq, Jordan 
    Updated: Jan-25-16 9:08 am

    PRAGUE - The Czech prime minister says his government has approved a plan to donate further weapons and ammunition to Iraq and also ammunition to Jordan to help them fight Islamic State militants.

  • Lawmaker alters bio after questions raised about war record 
    Updated: Jan-24-16 4:52 pm

    SEATTLE - A Washington state lawmaker who served in the Arizona Air National Guard has altered his official online biography after a newspaper raised questions about medals he claimed to have won.

  • Iraq seeks more coalition trainers for local police 
    Updated: Jan-23-16 3:34 pm

    ABOARD A US MILITARY AIRCRAFT - Senior U.S. defense and military officials say that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is asking the coalition for more police training, particularly for Sunnis who will have to secure Ramadi and other towns once Islamic State militants are ousted.

  • California man pleads not guilty to lying about Syria trip 
    Updated: Jan-22-16 7:43 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - An Iraqi-born man living in California has pleaded not guilty to a federal charge that he lied to investigators about traveling to Syria two years ago to fight against the government there.

  • US confirms additional civilian casualties from airstrikes 
    Updated: Jan-22-16 12:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. military says American airstrikes likely killed two civilians near the Islamic State group's defacto capital of Raqqa, Syria, last July. That's on top of eight other civilian deaths the military acknowledged last week.

  • Iraqi PM wants Turkey to pull out troops story has photos
    Updated: Jan-22-16 10:23 am

    DAVOS, Switzerland - Iraq's prime minister appealed Friday to Turkey to pull its troops out of Iraqi territory and instead provide training and equipment to fight the Islamic State group, which he and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry insisted is losing ground.

  • Cameron vows to end 'spurious' abuse cases against UK troops 
    Updated: Jan-22-16 8:11 am

    LONDON - Prime Minister David Cameron wants to make it harder for Iraqis to bring claims of abuse against British troops.

  • Iraqi PM expresses doubts that 3 Americans were kidnapped 
    Updated: Jan-22-16 8:05 am

    BAGHDAD - Iraq's prime minister has expressed doubts that the three Americans who went missing from a Baghdad neighborhood last week have been kidnapped. Haider al-Abadi says no demands have been made for the three and that they were most likely taken by "criminal gangs." Al-Abadi spoke on Friday from Davos, Switzerland, where he is attending the World Economic Forum.

  • Q&A: Obama admin announces new rules for visa-free travel 
    Updated: Jan-22-16 4:25 am

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is tightening travel restrictions on Europeans and others who have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan in the last five years. At the same time, officials say the new rules might not apply to travelers in certain occupations whose travels were for business.

  • US, coalition looks to boost propaganda war on Islamic State 
    Updated: Jan-21-16 12:40 pm

    PARIS - U.S. and coalition forces are battling Islamic State militants in the skies and on the ground across Iraq and Syria, but the allies are increasingly also targeting the airwaves, where they now are losing the propaganda war.

  • France says airstrikes against Islamic State will accelerate 
    Updated: Jan-21-16 6:21 am

    PARIS - French President Francois Hollande says airstrikes against Islamic State extremists will accelerate in coming months.