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Stories with place: Turkey
  • Turkey calls WWI Armenian killings 'shared pain' 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 2:28 pm
  • ANKARA, Turkey - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday offered an unprecedented, conciliatory message to Armenians on the eve of the anniversary of the massacre of Armenians almost a century ago.

  • Go For the Food: Homemade food in Jerusalem market 
    Updated: Apr-22-14 11:18 am
  • JERUSALEM - Jerusalem's bustling open-air Mahane Yehuda market offers a dizzying assault on the senses. Vendors compete with screams over the prices of their produce as the smell of spices and fresh fish wafts through the air.

  • Syrian rebels make last stand for Homs 
    Updated: Apr-22-14 8:17 am
  • BEIRUT - Weakened Syrian rebels are making their last desperate stand in Homs, as forces loyal to President Bashar Assad launch their harshest assault yet to expel them from the central city, once known as the capital of the revolution.

  • Turkish Cypriot: Cyprus accord possible in 2014 
    Updated: Apr-21-14 8:52 pm
  • UNITED NATIONS - The Turkish Cypriot leader said Monday that a settlement of the 40-year-old conflict that divided the Mediterranean island is possible this year.

  • US rules against Mexico, Turkey in steel dispute 
    Updated: Apr-21-14 4:36 pm
  • WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama's administration on Monday sided with American steel producers in a politically charged international trade dispute, ruling that imported steel reinforcing bar from Mexico and Turkey unfairly undercuts U.S. prices.

  • 4 French journalists home after long Syrian ordeal 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 10:44 am
  • PARIS - Four French journalists kidnapped and held for 10 months in Syria returned home Sunday to joyful families, a presidential welcome and questions about how France managed to obtain their freedom from Islamic extremists.

  • Religion builds bridges in ethnically split Cyprus 
    Updated: Apr-19-14 6:40 am
  • FAMAGUSTA, Cyprus - An unexpected moment during the Good Friday service in a long-abandoned church in Cyprus' breakaway north illustrated how religion is helping to bring together Christian Greek Cypriots and Muslim Turkish Cypriots on this ethnically divided island.

  • 4 French journalists held hostage in Syria freed 
    Updated: Apr-19-14 6:28 am
  • PARIS - Four French journalists held hostage in Syria since June have been released, France's presidential palace said Saturday.

  • Turkish president rules out job swap with Erdogan 
    Updated: Apr-18-14 8:23 am
  • ANKARA, Turkey - Turkish President Abdullah Gul has signaled that he doesn't want to swap jobs with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan when the presidential term ends later this year.

  • Turkey increases spy agency's powers 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 2:26 pm
  • ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey's parliament on Thursday approved a bill that increases the powers and immunities of the country's spy agency. It's the latest in a string of moves that critics say is undermining the country's democracy.

  • Court rejects Fenerbahce chairman's appeal 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 5:38 am
  • ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey's High Court has rejected an appeal by Fenerbahce's chairman, confirming his conviction for match-fixing.

  • Take a stroll in these Istanbul neighborhoods 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 10:08 am
  • ISTANBUL - Istanbul, the noisy metropolis on the Bosporus Strait lauded by many a travel ranking, has much more to offer than grand mosques and bazaars. Away from the din of typical tourist haunts, a walk around the neighborhoods of Karakoy, Balat and Kuzguncuk will peel back the surface to reveal the city's multilayered history, and the lifestyles of those who've lived it.

  • Migrant-smuggling suspect killed in Greece 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 4:53 am
  • ATHENS, Greece - Authorities say a suspected migrant-smuggler has been shot and killed in Greece after attempting to ram a pursuing coast guard vessel.

  • NBA to play preseason games in China, Brazil 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 11:11 am
  • NEW YORK - Cavaliers center Anderson Varejao will play an NBA game back home in Brazil for the first time when Cleveland takes on the Miami Heat in an exhibition in October.

  • Ski chief Kasper voted head of winter sports body 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 1:56 pm
  • BELEK, Turkey - International ski federation chief Gian-Franco Kasper has been elected head of the association of Olympic winter sports bodies.

  • GSU to host Turkish author for Islamism discussion 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 4:34 am
  • ATLANTA - Georgia State University officials say they're planning to host a Turkish political commentator and author for a discussion on Islamism.

  • After Sochi, IOC turns attention to delays in Rio 
    Updated: Apr-07-14 4:32 am
  • With the Sochi Olympics behind them, IOC leaders are gathering in Turkey this week amid growing alarm over Brazil's troubled preparations for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Erdogan blasts court ruling lifting Twitter ban 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 7:47 am
  • ISTANBUL - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday that he had to comply with the Turkish high court ruling this week to unblock Twitter, but he doesn't respect it.

  • Lebanon registers 1 million Syrian refugees 
    Updated: Apr-03-14 3:55 pm
  • TRIPOLI, Lebanon - Yahya was trapped in his hometown for two years by Syria's civil war, moving from house to house to avoid shells and bullets. His father was killed by a sniper. His family then fled to another town that came under a fierce government offensive.

  • Turkish party disputes local election results 
    Updated: Apr-01-14 10:40 am
  • ANKARA, Turkey - Police on Tuesday used water cannons to break up a protest by hundreds of people who had gathered outside Turkey's Supreme Election Council building in support of the country's main opposition party, which is challenging local election results in the capital Ankara.

  • Syrian rocket hits Turkish mosque, injures refugee 
    Updated: Mar-31-14 10:37 am
  • ANKARA, Turkey - Officials say Turkish artillery units have fired into Syrian territory in retaliation for a rocket that hit a mosque in a Turkish border town, injuring a 60-year old Syrian woman refugee.

  • Vt. officials promote hunting with turkey event 
    Updated: Mar-30-14 11:36 am
  • MONPTELIER, Vermont - The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is promoting hunting by young people with the Governor's Youth Turkey Hunt this spring.

  • Syrian-Armenian town's fate murky after rebel grab 
    Updated: Mar-28-14 6:19 pm
  • BADROUSIEH, Syria - When hundreds of residents of the postcard-pretty coastal Syrian village of Kassab fled this week, it bore historic weight: it was the third time since 1900 that ethnic Armenians there felt compelled to run for their lives.

  • In Turkey's local elections, all eyes on Erdogan 
    Updated: Mar-28-14 4:43 pm
  • ISTANBUL - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been ensnared in a corruption scandal that has toppled four Cabinet ministers. He has provoked outrage at home and abroad with an attempt to block Twitter and YouTube. His incessant us-against-them rhetoric and conspiracy theories have alienated allies. Meanwhile, the Turkish Lira has fallen, interest rates are up and the Turkish economy has fallen off a cliff.

  • Turkey defends YouTube ban 
    Updated: Mar-28-14 7:16 am
  • ANKARA, Turkey - Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has defended Turkey's move to block access to YouTube, citing national security concerns.