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Stories with place: Libya
  • Libyan refugee found guilty of assault in Boulder 
    Updated: May-29-15 5:10 am

    BOULDER, Colorado - A Libyan woman who made headlines during Libya's civil war when she said she was raped by Moammar Gadhafi's troops has been found guilty of assault charges in Colorado.

  • EU border agency rescue effort moved closer to Libya story has photos
    Updated: May-28-15 9:38 am

    BRUSSELS - The European Union's border agency said Thursday its ships are working closer to conflict-torn Libya than ever but will enter those potentially dangerous territorial waters only to rescue migrants in trouble.

  • North Korean couple taken by Libyan Islamic State stronghold 
    Updated: May-27-15 12:19 pm

    BENGHAZI, Libya - A spokesman of a local Libyan city council says a North Korean couple has been abducted near the stronghold of the country's Islamic State affiliate.

  • AP News in Brief at 9:58 p.m. EDT 
    Updated: May-26-15 11:06 pm

    The Latest on weather: Third body pulled from swollen Blanco River; Texas death toll now 13

  • At Mideast forum, officials seek world's help 
    Updated: May-23-15 3:07 pm

    SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan - Mideast-weary though it may be, the international community has a duty and an interest in helping the countries of the region both rebuff violent extremists and fix the refugee crisis that in part has resulted from the fight with them - that was the message coming from the regional World Economic Forum Saturday.

  • UN envoy: IS poised to become 'serious threat' in Libya 
    Updated: May-23-15 10:41 am

    SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan - Islamic State extremists can pose "a very serious threat" to divided Libya if rival governments there fail to reach a unity deal quickly, the United Nations envoy to the North African country said Saturday.

  • Sliver of Clinton emails hint at lingering political trouble story has video
    Updated: May-23-15 4:26 am

    WASHINGTON - Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton received information on her private email account about the deadly attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi that was later classified "secret" at the request of the FBI, underscoring lingering questions about how responsibly she handled sensitive information on a home server.

  • Obama says Tunisia to be non-NATO ally of US story has photos
    Updated: May-21-15 2:04 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Thursday elevated Tunisia to new allied status, promising financial and security assistance to ensure the North African country's transition to democracy remains a success in a fragile region.

  • Tunisian gov't: 60 citizens released in Libya, many remain 
    Updated: May-21-15 7:59 am

    TUNIS, Tunisia - A Tunisian official says that around 60 citizens of his country have been released from detention in Libya, leaving more than 100 still under arrest.

  • Libya sends special envoy to talk with EU about migrant plan 
    Updated: May-19-15 7:54 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Libya said Tuesday it has sent a special envoy to speak with the European Union about the EU's proposed military operation to destroy the boats of migrant smugglers who increasingly set off for Europe from the chaotic north African country.

  • Experts: EU plan to tackle migrant trafficking is dangerous story has photos
    Updated: May-19-15 1:19 pm

    BRUSSELS - Experts say the European Union's plan to disrupt the business of human traffickers and destroy their boats in the Mediterranean is a short-term deterrent that is likely to be dangerous, costly and tough to implement.

  • Benghazi chairman: State Dept. blocking Clinton testimony 
    Updated: May-14-15 9:38 pm

    WASHINGTON - The chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, said Thursday that he can't set a date for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton to testify before his panel because the State Department has been slow in producing needed documents.

  • Chain of factors lead to rising migrant deaths on high seas story has photos
    Updated: May-14-15 10:57 am

    PARIS - Nearly nine times more migrants have died so far this year in Mediterranean crossings compared to last year at this time - swallowed by the sea as Europe beckons.

  • Benghazi prompts CIA to look at expanding survivor benefits story has photos
    Updated: May-13-15 12:43 pm

    WASHINGTON - The family of a CIA operative killed in the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic facility in Libya is in talks with the spy agency to expand survivor benefits for relatives of contractors who die in the line of duty.

  • Niger passes law to stem human smuggling 
    Updated: May-13-15 10:01 am

    NIAMEY, Niger - Niger has adopted a law that could see human smugglers facing up to 30 years in prison in an effort to stem the flow of illegal immigrants crossing its borders in hopes of getting to Europe.

  • UN says destruction of Mideast historical sites 'war crime' 
    Updated: May-13-15 9:21 am

    CAIRO - The chief of the U.N.'s education and culture agency launched a dramatic appeal in Cairo on Wednesday, saying that the destruction and looting of archaeological sites in the Middle East - such as the rampage perpetrated by the Islamic Sate group in Iraq - should be condemned as a "war crime."

  • ICC prosecutor wants probe of Islamic State group in Libya 
    Updated: May-12-15 9:28 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Tuesday her office wants to investigate alleged crimes by groups claiming allegiance to the Islamic State and other extremist groups in Libya.

  • Migrants will not be sent back against will: EU top diplomat 
    Updated: May-11-15 1:55 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Refugees and migrants intercepted at sea will not "be sent back against their will," the European Union's top diplomat assured the U.N. Security Council on Monday, citing a proposed EU maritime operation against the growing wave of migrant smuggling from north Africa.

  • AP Exclusive: Libya rejects EU migrant plan, says not asked story has photos
    Updated: May-09-15 12:08 am

    UNITED NATIONS - Libya's ambassador to the United Nations is largely rejecting a European Union plan to fight the growing migrant crisis that is centered in his crumbling country, saying his Western-backed government hasn't even been consulted and ruling out EU forces on Libyan soil "at this stage."

  • Teen survivor tells of panic during deadly migrant rescue story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-06-15 3:18 pm

    NICOLOSI, Sicily - Calloused and stained, Baboucar Lowe's hands tell the story of a difficult life, one that nearly ended at 17 when the rubber dinghy he was on deflated within sight of a rescue ship, drowning dozens of migrants trying to reach Europe.

  • Ex-CIA official: GOP distorted agency analysis of Benghazi 
    Updated: May-04-15 12:04 pm

    WASHINGTON - A former CIA deputy director says Republicans repeatedly distorted the agency's analysis of the Benghazi attack in 2012 that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. He also says U.S. intelligence agencies failed to recognize that al-Qaida would rapidly regain strength after the killing of Osama bin Laden.

  • Australia says Europeans seek advice on stopping migrants 
    Updated: May-03-15 11:13 pm

    CANBERRA, Australia - Europeans grappling with mass migration from Libya were seeking information about Australia's controversial success in stopping asylum seeker boats reaching its shores, the Australian prime minister said Monday.

  • Administration worries grow over Saudi campaign in Yemen story has photos
    Updated: May-01-15 3:53 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is growing increasingly wary about the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen and how to restore peace to a country wracked by sectarian divisions, endemic poverty and the al-Qaida offshoot posing the greatest threat to the American homeland.

  • Envoy: UN wants Libya political agreement by Ramadan 
    Updated: Apr-29-15 4:32 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The United Nations envoy on Libya said Wednesday the Security Council wants to see a political agreement on Libya before Ramadan, which begins in the middle of June, but he says he cannot be optimistic amid the country's chaos.

  • Cyprus, Egypt, Greece to boost ties on combatting terrorism story has photos
    Updated: Apr-29-15 10:52 am

    NICOSIA, Cyprus - The leaders of Cyprus, Egypt and Greece agreed Wednesday to step up cooperation on combatting terrorism amid fears that worsening security conditions in neighboring countries such as Libya could threaten the region.