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Stories with place: Vietnam
  • Communism better than democracy, says Vietnam party boss story has photos
    Updated: Jan-28-16 5:35 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - One-party rule in communist Vietnam is a far better alternative to authoritarianism disguised as democracy, the 71-year-old ideologue who was re-elected as party chief and consequently the country's leader said Thursday.

  • Private business hopes for bigger role in Vietnam economy 
    Updated: Jan-28-16 12:53 am

    BAT TRANG, Vietnam - After a decade of uneven progress, foreign and local businesses hope the reshuffled leadership of Vietnam's ruling Communist Party will double down on modernizing an economy dominated by state companies.

  • Asians haul out sweaters to cope with sudden cold snap story has photos
    Updated: Jan-26-16 10:58 am

    BANGKOK - After sweating through unseasonably high temperatures last week, residents of semi-tropical Thailand have had to scavenge through their closets for sweaters and scarves to keep the chill off their bones.

  • Laos assures US it will help counter Chinese assertiveness story has photos
    Updated: Jan-25-16 9:56 am

    VIENTIANE, Laos - The prime minister of communist Laos assured U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday that his small nation will help counter China's assertiveness in the South China Sea.

  • Longtime rivals: A look at complex Vietnam-China ties story has photos
    Updated: Jan-24-16 8:03 pm

    BEIJING - Divided opinions within Vietnam's Communist Party on how to relate to giant neighbor and one-time ally China are among key factors in play at an eight-day congress to choose new leadership. A look at the countries' shared history and some of the most recent ups and downs in relations.

  • Vietnamese speak about their expectations from new leaders story has photos
    Updated: Jan-24-16 2:57 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - The ruling Communist Party of Vietnam is holding an eight-day congress to choose new set of leaders who will govern for the next five years. Only about 4.5 million of Vietnam's 93 million people are party members, but the party has the constitutional right to rule, and its leaders are chosen in a secretive process in which the general public have no say.

  • Trove of Marine Corps films from 1930s-1970s to be preserved story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jan-22-16 4:54 am

    COLUMBIA, South Carolina - Never-before-seen films of Marines ramming artillery shells into large guns on the beaches of Iwo Jima in 1945 and standing amid sandbags during the 1968 siege of Khe Sanh in Vietnam are part of a vast collection of silent, color footage being repaired, preserved and eventually placed online for all to see.

  • Remains of Vietnam War soldier buried in southern Illinois 
    Updated: Jan-21-16 10:06 pm

    ALBION, Illinois - A staff sergeant from Illinois who served in the U.S. Army and was killed during a mission in Vietnam has been laid to rest next to his parents 46 years after his death.

  • Vietnam demands that China remove oil rig 
    Updated: Jan-20-16 6:06 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - Vietnam said China has moved an oil rig into disputed waters in the South China Sea, in a possible repeat of a 2014 stand-off between the communist neighbors.

  • In Vietnam, people have virtually no say in choosing leaders story has photos
    Updated: Jan-20-16 5:19 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - Vietnam's Communist Party will hold its 12th congress Jan. 21-28 to elect a new set of leaders for the next five years. Here's a look at how the process works.

  • Remains of Vietnam War airman to return to southern Illinois 
    Updated: Jan-17-16 12:04 pm

    ALBION, Illinois - The remains of an airman who was listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War have been recovered and are being taken to southern Illinois.

  • Vietnam accuses China of threatening civilian air traffic 
    Updated: Jan-13-16 6:21 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - Vietnam has accused China of threatening safety of civilian flights over the disputed South China Sea by failing to properly inform its aviation authorities of recent test flights to a man-made island claimed by both Beijing and Hanoi.

  • Vietnam court sentences Canadian to 4 years over child abuse 
    Updated: Jan-13-16 5:01 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - A Vietnamese court sentenced a Canadian man to four years in jail Wednesday after finding him guilty of sexually abusing four homeless teenage boys.

  • Mann, Nguyen winners of Carnegie medals given by librarians 
    Updated: Jan-10-16 7:20 pm

    NEW YORK - This year's winners of the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence, given annually by the American Library Association, each have strong personal feelings about libraries.

  • Civilian jets land on Chinese-built island, drawing protests story has photos
    Updated: Jan-07-16 8:08 am

    BEIJING - Two civilian jets landed on the airstrip of a new island China built in the South China Sea, drawing more protests over China's activities in disputed waters.