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Stories with place: Soviet Union
  • Donetsk Republic: Ukraine's one-building autonomy 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 1:32 pm
  • DONETSK, Ukraine - To reach the People's Republic of Donetsk, you need to pass a few club-wielding young men in masks, wind through a narrow corridor of sand-filled sacks and enter a gray office tower standing in the heart of this eastern Ukrainian city.

  • Ukrainian students in Wyoming watch Crimean crisis 
    Updated: Apr-03-14 4:33 pm
  • POWELL, Wyoming - Events at home occupy the thoughts of three Northwest College students more than usual these days.

  • Conflict with Russia galvanizes Ukraine's identity 
    Updated: Mar-30-14 7:26 am
  • KIEV, Ukraine - He's one of Russia's favorite doctors, the author of books read by parents from Moscow to Siberia. And he lives in eastern Ukraine where the Russian language is dominant and ties to Russia strong.

  • Ukraine to face its 'graft culture' under aid plan 
    Updated: Mar-24-14 1:24 pm
  • KIEV, Ukraine - A hairstyling business closes four salons rather than deal with crooked officials. An independent salesman hustling paint from the trunk of his car faces a $5 million tax penalty. A humble crafts stall gives up after taxes increase ten-fold overnight.

  • Seattle Russians, Ukrainians split on Crimea 
    Updated: Mar-22-14 1:53 pm
  • SEATTLE - Andrey Tokar bustles about the kitchen at Voshtok Dumpling House on Capitol Hill where he serves up food he considers both Ukrainian and Russian - no small irony given the conflict in Crimea and his anxiety about it.

  • Analysis: Crisis shows Russia's post-Soviet anger 
    Updated: Mar-20-14 11:39 am
  • WASHINGTON - The crisis over Crimea is more than a dispute over whether the strategic Black Sea peninsula should be considered Russian or Ukrainian. At its root is a deeper issue: Russia's simmering anger over its treatment by the West since the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union.

  • Ex-Democratic Chairman Robert Strauss dies at 95 
    Updated: Mar-19-14 10:49 pm
  • WASHINGTON - Bob Strauss could work with anybody - Democrats and Republicans, Americans and Soviets, Israelis and Arabs. Playing the game and making the deal made his day.