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Stories with place: Twin Falls
  • World War II vet opens up about captivity 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 1:26 pm
  • BUHL, Idaho - A sleeve full of potatoes.

  • Water begins flowing through $30M spillway 
    Updated: Apr-19-14 12:56 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - Water has started to flow from a new $30 million spillway at Lake Walcott State Park.

  • S. Idaho man charged with injuring infant 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 9:50 am
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - A south-central Idaho man accused of fracturing a 4-month-old boy's skull by shaking him has been charged with two felony counts of injury to a child.

  • Man reaches plea agreement in reported attack 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 3:43 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - A Twin Falls man who was charged with kidnapping, raping and trying to strangle a woman in December has pleaded guilty to violating a no-contact order after the defense found surveillance video of the two holding hands and shopping during part of the time when she said the attack was happening.

  • Idaho man arrested in hit-and-run 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 10:55 am
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - An Idaho man has been arrested after a runner was injured during a hit-and-run crash in McCammon.

  • Recall pushed after officer who shot dog returns 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 8:26 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - Residents still angry over a southern Idaho police officer's fatal shooting of a lunging pet dog launched an effort Tuesday to recall the mayor and other leaders of the tiny city of Filer, days after the officer returned to the force.

  • Radio-collared ringtail is first for Idaho science 
    Updated: Apr-06-14 12:02 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - Idaho biologists are getting new insight into the presence of the elusive ringtail in the state.

  • S. Idaho man wants preliminary hearing 
    Updated: Apr-06-14 7:04 am
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - A 23-year-old Twin Falls man charged with first-degree murder says he didn't receive adequate legal advice before waiving his right to a preliminary hearing.

  • Idaho to poison ravens in bid to aid sage grouse 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 1:38 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - State wildlife officials plan to spend up to $100,000 during the next two years poisoning ravens in three Idaho areas in an attempt to boost sage grouse populations.

  • 4 men arrested following S. Idaho copper thefts 
    Updated: Apr-01-14 10:31 am
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - A father and son and two other men police say stole nearly $15,000 worth of copper in south-central Idaho are facing felony charges.

  • Idaho supremes rule on health court sentencing 
    Updated: Mar-30-14 11:54 am
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - The Idaho Supreme Court says prosecutors do not have an absolute right to veto a judge's desire to sentence a person to a mental health court program.

  • Idaho mental health records added to FBI gun check 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 6:23 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - Idaho has added mental health records to a national Federal Bureau of Investigations database, making it easier for background checks to discover if would-be gun owners have a history of mental illness.

  • 2 men injured in Idaho BASE jump accident 
    Updated: Mar-25-14 1:51 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - A pair of BASE jumpers survived a 486-foot fall in southern Idaho Monday evening when their parachutes failed to fully open.