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Stories with place: Atlantic Ocean
  • Eckerd student arrives safe after 9-month-long sail with dog 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 1:01 am

    ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - For nine months, 19-year-old Sally Gardiner-Smith sailed alone with only her cockapoo for company. She would go four or five days without speaking to another human.

  • Officials urge residents to stay prepared tropical storm 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 2:52 am

    ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - Tropical Storm Erika may be getting weaker, but Florida officials still want residents to be prepared.

  • Scientists squabble while Africa's only penguins perish 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 11:07 am

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa - They're cute, knee-high, they bray like donkeys and are a tourist attraction near Cape Town. But African Penguins - the continent's only species of the flightless bird - are at risk of extinction.

  • Lobster population is shifting north; ocean warming blamed story has photos
    Updated: Aug-18-15 11:33 am

    PORTLAND, Maine - The lobster population has crashed to the lowest levels on record in southern New England while climbing to heights never before seen in the cold waters off Maine and other northern reaches - a geographic shift that scientists attribute in large part to the warming of the ocean.

  • Oceanic junk ranges from Legos to suspected jet wreckage story has photos
    Updated: Aug-14-15 11:05 am

    NEW DELHI - For years along the Cornish coast of Britain, Atlantic Ocean currents have carried thousands of Lego pieces onto the beaches. In Kenya, cheap flip-flop sandals are churned relentlessly in the Indian Ocean surf, until finally being spit out onto the sand. In Bangladesh, fishermen are haunted by floating corpses that the Bay of Bengal sometimes puts in their path.

  • Federal experts: This El Nino may be historically strong story has photos
    Updated: Aug-13-15 11:39 pm

    WASHINGTON - The current El Nino, nicknamed Bruce Lee, is already the second strongest on record for this time of year and could be one of the most potent weather changers of the past 65 years, federal meteorologists say.

  • Correction: Caribbean-Seaweed Invasion story story has photos
    Updated: Aug-12-15 3:41 pm

    KINGSTON, Jamaica - In a story Aug. 9 about the Caribbean's seaweed invasion, The Associated Press incorrectly reported the size of the Sargasso Sea in square kilometers. It is about 2 million square miles, which is approximately 5 million square kilometers.

  • Resort of Myrtle Beach taking up offshore drilling issue 
    Updated: Aug-10-15 2:28 pm

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina - Myrtle Beach, the resort that is the heart of the state's $18 billion tourism industry, is the latest South Carolina community to consider a resolution opposing offshore seismic testing and drilling for oil and natural gas.

  • Stinking mats of seaweed piling up on Caribbean beaches 
    Updated: Aug-10-15 8:47 am

    KINGSTON, Jamaica - The picture-perfect beaches and turquoise waters that people expect on their visits to the Caribbean are increasingly being fouled by mats of decaying seaweed that attract biting sand fleas and smell like rotten eggs.

  • Mystery of Flight 370 evolves with first tangible clue 
    Updated: Aug-06-15 11:52 am

    SYDNEY - For 17 months, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was, in a sense, nowhere. The lack of any tangible clue to its fate was eerie, unsettling, bizarre - a real-world echo of the TV show "Lost" and the wayward-jetliner mystery at the heart of its story.

  • MH370 wing piece could yield trove of detail on lost flight 
    Updated: Aug-06-15 9:52 am

    PARIS - From the barnacles crusting its contours to the microscopic twists of metal, the wing fragment from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could provide a trove of information for international investigators. But among the most important details are the very beach where the metal washed up, and the tides that carried it.