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Stories with place: Yakima
  • Puzzling rare birth defects in Eastern Washington 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 11:49 am
  • YAKIMA, Washington - The state Health Department is trying to find the cause of an unusually high number of rare birth defects in south-central Washington.

  • Farm labor shortage reported in Washington 
    Updated: Apr-22-14 8:53 am
  • YAKIMA, Washington - The state reported a 5 percent farm labor shortage for March in Washington.

  • Service dog exemption to Yakima pit bull ban 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 8:29 am
  • YAKIMA, Washington - The Yakima City Council has approved an exemption to a ban on pit bull dogs in the city. They'll be allowed as service animals.

  • Yakima police kill man ramming patrol cars 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 12:15 pm
  • YAKIMA, Washington - The man fatally shot by a Yakima police officer has been identified as a 24-year-old Yakima man, Rolando H. Villanueva.

  • Wash. judges block release of sex-offender info 
    Updated: Apr-12-14 7:44 pm
  • YAKIMA, Washington - A woman from south-central Washington said she's not giving up her court fight after judges in three counties blocked the release of information about low-level sex offenders under the state's Public Records Act.

  • Survey finds Bellingham residents thin, Yakima fat 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 1:56 pm
  • SEATTLE - Bellingham is one of the nation's thinnest communities and Yakima among the most obese, according to a survey that lists Washington as the only state with cities ranked in the top five and the bottom five in the nation for obesity.

  • Police: Man rams Wash. police car to get help 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 11:08 pm
  • YAKIMA, Washington - In a novel approach to getting police attention, authorities in Yakima, Washington, say a 36-year-old man rammed a police vehicle with his pickup truck and said he needed protection.

  • High school senior project: Change state law 
    Updated: Mar-29-14 6:43 pm
  • OLYMPIA, Washington - A 17-year-old Yakima County high school student is probably not the first student to do her senior project on ending senior projects.

  • Yakima: small plane flips on landing; 2 aboard OK 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 11:37 pm
  • YAKIMA, Washington - Authorities say a small plane carrying a student pilot and an instructor flipped over Thursday evening as it was landing at the Yakima Air Terminal. No serious injuries were reported.

  • Yakima students win $140,000 science prize 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 3:50 pm
  • YAKIMA, Washington - Students at East Valley High School at Yakima have won a science prize worth more than $140,000 in electronics and grants.