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Stories with place: Baghdad
  • Congressmen to reconsider separate funding for Iraq factions 
    Updated: May-03-15 3:52 pm

    BAGHDAD - Congress may reconsider a provision in an upcoming bill funding the training of the Iraqi army that would also send weapons directly to Arab Sunnis and Kurds, a congressman visiting Baghdad said Sunday.

  • IS group claims Iraq car bomb attack that killed 19 story has photos
    Updated: May-03-15 12:53 pm

    BAGHDAD - The Islamic State group claimed responsibility Sunday for a late-night car bomb attack in the heart of Baghdad that killed at least 19 people, saying it was targeting a Shiite militia.

  • Canadian prime minister visits Iraq as bombings kill 30 story has photos
    Updated: May-02-15 3:32 pm

    BAGHDAD - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a surprise visit Saturday to Iraq, pledging to continue Canada's support for the battle against the Islamic State group as bombings across the country killed at least 30 people.

  • In Iraqi malls, Syrian women work jobs spurned by locals 
    Updated: May-02-15 3:00 am

    IRBIL, Iraq - Two years after fleeing from her home in Damascus, 22-year-old Rahaf Abdullah is working at a gleaming mall in Iraq's Kurdish region, selling sweets to local women who largely refuse to take such jobs.

  • Iraq faces huge challenges dislodging Islamic State in Anbar story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-15 4:17 am

    BAGHDAD - Iraqi forces are on a westward push to retake Anbar, a sprawling Sunni-dominated desert province captured by the Islamic State group in their offensive last year. But as the battles for Tikrit and Ramadi have shown, it will be a hard slog for a much-diminished Iraqi army - especially given Baghdad's reticence to arm Sunni tribesmen and local fears of the Shiite militias backing government forces.

  • Family erects gold star family monument in honor of son 
    Updated: Apr-25-15 11:23 am

    HOLMDEL, New Jersey - They had just come home from shopping that Friday evening when they heard the bell ring.

  • Falling prices, rising threats cool interest in Kurdish oil 
    Updated: Apr-24-15 1:52 pm

    IRBIL, Iraq - The hall for the Irbil Oil and Gas Exhibition this week was crowded with company displays, executives and investors. But conspicuously absent were international oil giants like Shell, Exxon-Mobil and Chevron that only a year ago were eager to exploit the promising reserves of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region.

  • Iraqi boy's dream of becoming dancer defied threats, borders story has photos
    Updated: Apr-24-15 6:43 am

    AMMAN, Jordan - As a boy in pre-war Baghdad, Adil Faraj dreamed of becoming a dancer, inspired by a Michael Jackson performance he watched on DVD.

  • Iraqi tribesmen fight their own after breaking with IS group story has photos
    Updated: Apr-22-15 6:10 am

    MAKHMOUR, Iraq - When Islamic State militants swept across northern Iraq last summer, the Sunni al-Lehib tribe welcomed them as revolutionaries fighting the Shiite-led government in Baghdad. But less than a year later, the tribe is bitterly split between those who joined the extremist group and those resisting its brutal rule.

  • Flee or return: Ramadi residents face a tough choice story has photos
    Updated: Apr-21-15 4:08 pm

    ON THE BZEBIZ BRIDGE, Iraq - In the two weeks since militants from the Islamic State group overran central Ramadi, thousands of people have streamed out of the city, fleeing the brutal clashes between the extremists and Iraqi security forces.

  • Americans with illegal Iraq War souvenirs go unprosecuted story has photos
    Updated: Apr-17-15 9:29 am

    HARTFORD, Connecticut - As the elected Iraqi government seeks diplomatic respect and struggles to save its ancient sites from the rampages of the Islamic State group, American military members, contractors and others caught with culturally significant artifacts they brought home from the war there are going largely unprosecuted.

  • Ex-guards sentenced for Iraq shootings plan appeal story has photos
    Updated: Apr-14-15 10:30 am

    WASHINGTON - Defense lawyers are vowing to appeal the convictions of four former Blackwater security guards after a federal judge handed down lengthy prison terms for their roles in a 2007 shooting of unarmed civilians in Iraq.

  • Australia to deploy 300 additional troops to Iraq 
    Updated: Apr-14-15 2:16 am

    WELLINGTON, New Zealand - Australia's government said Tuesday it had completed preparations to send about 300 additional troops to Iraq and would deploy them over the coming weeks.

  • Islamic State launches English-language radio bulletins 
    Updated: Apr-07-15 9:37 am

    BAGHDAD - The Islamic State group has launched English-language radio news bulletins on its al-Bayan radio network.

  • After Tikrit victory, Iraq's new challenge: Win over Sunnis story has photos
    Updated: Apr-05-15 3:43 pm

    BAGHDAD - Iraq won the battle to retake the city of Tikrit from the Islamic State group, backed by a coalition of the unlikely in Iranian advisers, Shiite militias, and U.S.-led airstrikes, but the country now faces what could be its most important battle: Winning the support of the Sunnis.