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Stories with place: Vatican City
  • Pope brings 'church for the poor' to South America's poorest story has photos
    Updated: Jul-02-15 8:19 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis is taking his "church for the poor" to three of South America's poorest and most peripheral countries, making a grueling, week-long trip that will showcase the pope at his unpredictable best: speaking his native Spanish on his home turf about issues closest to his heart.

  • Anti-capitalist eco-crusader Naomi Klein hosted at Vatican 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 11:01 am

    VATICAN CITY - The Vatican added yet another strange bedfellow to its expanding ecological alliance Wednesday, hosting anti-capitalist eco-crusader Naomi Klein at a conference on saving the planet.

  • Pope to meet with homeless, prisoners and immigrants in US story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 3:58 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis will meet with homeless people, immigrants and prisoners during his upcoming trip to Cuba and the United States and become the first pope to address the U.S. Congress. He'll also preside over a meeting about religious liberty - a major issue for U.S. bishops in the wake of the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision.

  • Vatican doesn't rule out pope might chew Bolivian coca 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 1:26 pm

    VATICAN CITY - The Vatican isn't ruling out that Pope Francis might chew coca leaves - or at least sip tea made from them - to fend off altitude sickness when he arrives in Bolivia next week.

  • Benedict XVI escapes heat wave, heads to Castel Gandolfo 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 7:41 am

    VATICAN CITY - Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI is leaving the Vatican for his first sojourn since retiring. He's escaping an impending heat wave by heading to the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo.

  • Pope applauds ecology advocates in Rome from many religions story has photos
    Updated: Jun-28-15 9:04 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis on Sunday encouraged people of different religions to work together in caring for the Earth, which he called our "common house."

  • Philly officials wrap Vatican meetings for pope visit 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 9:19 am

    VATICAN CITY - Philadelphia church officials said Thursday they're confident about preparations for Pope Francis' visit at the three-month homestretch, having raised more than two-thirds of the $45 million needed and lining up 6,000 of 10,000 volunteers.

  • Pope says marital separation sometimes 'morally necessary' 
    Updated: Jun-24-15 8:05 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis addressed damaging dynamics within families Wednesday, saying sometimes the separation of a husband and wife may be "inevitable" or "even morally necessary" to protect the "weaker spouse or small children."

  • Pope challenges world to clean up its filth story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-19-15 3:55 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis' plea to make the state of the environment a central moral issue of our age has been greeted with applause from climate activists and a wide range of church, science and government leaders, but dismissive shrugs from those who doubt climate change.

  • Science, religion, policy: Excerpts from pope's encyclical 
    Updated: Jun-18-15 6:10 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis' newly released teaching document is a wide-ranging look at what he calls an "ecological crisis" destroying our "common home." The document, or encyclical, titled "Laudato Si," (Praise Be), is at once a theological treatise, a public policy analysis and a heart-felt plea for personal change.

  • Pope: Don't close the door on migrants 
    Updated: Jun-17-15 7:50 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis has made an appeal as a series of migrant crises rage around the globe: Don't close the door to those seeking a better life.

  • Whodunit playing out as Vatican reels from encyclical leak story has photos
    Updated: Jun-16-15 10:37 am

    VATICAN CITY - There's something of a whodunit going on in the Vatican to discover who leaked Pope Francis' environment encyclical to an Italian newsweekly, deflating the release of the most anticipated and feared papal document in recent times.

  • US archbishop quits after archdiocese charged with cover-up story has photos
    Updated: Jun-15-15 2:46 pm

    VATICAN CITY - The embattled archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis and his deputy resigned Monday after years of pressure, an indication Pope Francis is making good on his promise that no one is above the law when it comes to covering up for clergy who sexually abuse children.

  • Vatican indicts ex-ambassador to Dominican Republic story has photos
    Updated: Jun-15-15 8:33 am

    VATICAN CITY - The Vatican's former ambassador to the Dominican Republic has been indicted on charges he sexually abused young boys in the Caribbean country and had child pornography on his computer, and will stand trial next month in a Vatican court.

  • Pope may add Kenya leg to Africa trip in November 
    Updated: Jun-12-15 11:56 am

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis says he may add a stop in Kenya on his trip to the Central African Republic and Uganda in November.

  • Pope tells Putin: 'Sincere' peace efforts needed for Ukraine story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-10-15 10:20 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to engage in "sincere" international efforts aimed at bringing peace to Ukraine as the two men met privately at the Vatican on Wednesday.

  • Pope creates tribunal for bishop negligence in abuse cases story has photos
    Updated: Jun-10-15 5:52 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis took the biggest step yet to crack down on bishops who cover up for priests who rape and molest children, creating a new tribunal inside the Vatican to hear cases of bishops accused of failing to protect their flock.

  • Vatican to share tax info with US in new transparency step story has photos
    Updated: Jun-10-15 9:48 am

    VATICAN CITY - The Vatican formally committed Wednesday to share the tax information of U.S. citizens with the United States in the latest move to improve the reputation of its scandal-marred bank and crack down on tax cheats.

  • Pope dismisses Madonna 'visions' as shrine decision nears 
    Updated: Jun-09-15 1:13 pm

    VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis gave a hint Tuesday about his take on the reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary at the Medjugorje shrine in southern Bosnia, dismissing a reliance on regular visions of the Madonna as mere "novelty-seeking" for the faithful.

  • Oscar-winner Morricone composes Mass for pope, Jesuits 
    Updated: Jun-08-15 9:46 am

    VATICAN CITY - Oscar-winning Italian composer Ennio Morricone this week will premiere a Mass he composed to mark the 200th anniversary of the restoration of the Jesuit order and named for its most illustrious member, Pope Francis.

  • Russia's Putin to visit Pope Francis June 10 at the Vatican story has photos
    Updated: Jun-04-15 7:58 am

    VATICAN CITY - Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Pope Francis on June 10 at the Vatican, with conflicts in Syria and Ukraine likely to top the Holy See's agenda.