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Stories with place: Athens
  • Greek stock market bloodbath as exchange reopens story has photos
    Updated: Aug-03-15 3:40 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Greece suffered its worst stock market bloodbath in decades on Monday, when it opened after a forced five-week closure, and new data showed a dismal outlook for the bailout-dependent country's shrinking economy.

  • UNHCR: Greece must do more to tackle migration 'emergency' 
    Updated: Jul-31-15 11:43 am

    ATHENS, Greece - Greek authorities need to "wake up" and do more to adequately accommodate a burgeoning number of refugee arrivals that has become a full-blown humanitarian emergency requiring a natural disaster-like response, a senior official with the U.N. refugee agency said Friday.

  • IMF won't join Greek bailout before reforms, debt relief 
    Updated: Jul-30-15 2:55 pm

    WASHINGTON - The International Monetary Fund official cannot participate in another Greek bailout until Greece and its creditors make difficult decisions on economic reforms and debt relief, a fund official said Thursday.

  • Problems pile up for Greek boat-builders as taxes bite story has photos
    Updated: Jul-27-15 6:55 am

    ATHENS, Greece - At its height eight years ago, George Kranitis' family-owned shipyard in Patra, Greece's third-largest city, employed some 35 people and sold around 340 boats annually.

  • Greece: Quake rattles eastern islands 
    Updated: Jul-24-15 6:55 am

    ATHENS, Greece - Seismologists in Greece have reported a 5.0-magnitude earthquake near islands in the eastern Aegean Sea, but authorities say there were no immediate reports of any injury or serious damage.

  • Greek store closures spike as recession, austerity return story has photos
    Updated: Jul-23-15 12:34 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Giorgos Prasinoudis ran his motocycle repair shop in Athens for three decades, through good times and bad. Now a "For Sale" sign hangs outside the window.

  • Greece's Tsipras stays popular despite bailout hardship story has photos
    Updated: Jul-21-15 12:24 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Under Alexis Tsipras, Greece slid back into recession, sank deeper into debt and found itself pushed to the brink of bankruptcy. Then after rejecting one painful bailout deal, the radical left leader agreed to a new one with possibly just as harsh terms.

  • Sergio Markarian quits as Greece coach 
    Updated: Jul-21-15 7:57 am

    ATHENS, Greece - Sergio Markarian has quit as coach of Greece's national soccer team after a second loss to the Faeroe Islands in qualifying for next year's European Championship.

  • Taxes and more taxes: Greeks grapple with new price hikes 
    Updated: Jul-20-15 11:43 am

    ATHENS, Greece - How much did you say?

  • IOUs for RIPs: Greece's cash crisis hurts funeral industry story has photos
    Updated: Jul-19-15 9:32 am

    ATHENS, Greece - Greece's cash crisis has disrupted all aspects of daily life - death included.

  • Greece does about-face, pledges big privatization push 
    Updated: Jul-18-15 8:09 am

    ATHENS, Greece - Work was supposed to begin next year on a 7 billion euros ($7.6 billion) waterfront urban renewal project almost twice the size of New York's Central Park that could have poured nearly a billion euros into Greece's depleted coffers. The plans stalled late last year after the far-left Syriza party took power and promised to halt attempts at putting the private sector in control of state assets, both on ideological grounds and because leaders believe rampant corruption must be addressed before any sell-off.

  • Greek firefighters battle blazes; save 200 trapped on beach story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-17-15 4:05 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Greek firefighters battled large fires in the south, on the outskirts of Athens and on an island near the capital Friday as flames fed by strong winds forced the evacuation of villages and summer camps. About 200 people trapped by one fire were plucked off a beach by rescue boats.

  • Mixed German messages on Greece serve a purpose 
    Updated: Jul-17-15 1:27 pm

    BERLIN - German government officials have appeared to send mixed messages about their desire for Greece to keep using the euro - and that's just the way they want it.

  • The Latest: European Union to give Greece short-term loan story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jul-16-15 10:17 am

    ATHENS, Greece - The latest on Greece's financial crisis (all times local):

  • What relief? Greek economy on its knees despite bailout deal story has photos
    Updated: Jul-15-15 9:08 am

    ATHENS, Greece - Greece has a tentative rescue deal, but relief that it is not falling out of the euro is unlikely to last long: its economy has taken a huge hit.

  • Greece pledges to get rid of tax evasion as a way of life story has photos
    Updated: Jul-14-15 8:43 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Dimitris Bokas keeps meticulous records of the bathroom fixtures he sells from his small shop in the quiet middle-class residential neighborhood of Koukaki near the center of Athens - just in case a tax inspector makes a surprise visit to ensure Greece's 23 percent sales tax is being collected and reported correctly.

  • Greek relief over bailout deal tempered by harsh reality 
    Updated: Jul-13-15 1:08 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - In a middle-class Athens neighborhood full of boarded-up storefronts, customers lined up at the Rizos Bakery on Monday to inhale the lovely smells of fresh bread and emerge with loaves still warm from the ovens. Co-owner Alexandros Rizos stood behind the counter and worried whether he would have to lay off workers, or whether his 15-year-old business might go under.

  • Greek tourist hotspots face big bailout tax hikes 
    Updated: Jul-12-15 10:50 am

    PSATHA, Greece - An hour west of Athens, the pebbly beaches by turquoise waters and pine-covered mountains are nearly empty as the Greek sunbathers who normally pack them stay home amid fears their country's economy could implode.

  • Elderly Greeks tapping pensions fear cuts could hit hard story has photos
    Updated: Jul-10-15 11:40 am

    ATHENS, Greece - When Greece imposed cash withdrawal limits, pensioner Roza Alverti stopped paying her utility bills and focused on putting food on the table for her two grown and unemployed grandchildren, who live in her spotless one-bedroom apartment with a sliver of a view of the Acropolis about 6 kilometers (4 miles) away.

  • Merkel walking line between German voters, European image 
    Updated: Jul-10-15 3:20 am

    BERLIN - As Athens staggers toward what may be its final deadline, German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces one of the toughest decisions of her 10-year tenure: sacrifice political credibility at home by conceding more aid for Greece, or risk tarnishing her status as "queen of Europe" by sticking to her guns and facing the blame for the first-ever exit of a country from the euro.

  • A new Greek currency? High-tech clicks and low-tech printing 
    Updated: Jul-08-15 3:01 pm

    WASHINGTON - With each day, the likelihood is growing that Greece's financial catastrophe will force it out of the euro currency alliance and compel it to restore its old currency, the drachma.

  • Largely shielded from crisis, tourists still enjoying Greece 
    Updated: Jul-07-15 2:44 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Greece is known the world over for its historic sites, sparkling sea, and lovely, vine-shaded restaurants. Add riot police, shuttered banks, and lines at cash machines and the picture clouds.

  • Largely shielded from crisis, tourists still enjoying Greece story has photos
    Updated: Jul-07-15 12:45 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Greece is known the world over for its historic sites, sparkling sea, and lovely, vine-shaded restaurants. Add riot police, shuttered banks, and lines at cash machines and the picture clouds.

  • Morning after: Greeks united, proud of their defiance story has photos
    Updated: Jul-06-15 1:40 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Nicky Zachary closed her family's shoe store just a few hours after opening it Monday after the few customers who had strolled in hadn't bought a thing. But she was not discouraged - she thinks a landmark "no" vote in a nationwide referendum has bonded Greeks together.

  • A family divided: Emotions run high ahead of Greek vote 
    Updated: Jul-04-15 2:50 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Dimitris is voting "yes" because he fears Greece would be in danger if it leaves the European Union. His daughter Alexandra is voting "no" because she is tired of richer European nations bossing Greece around.