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Stories with subject: Environmental concerns
  • Toxic algae blooming in warm water from California to Alaska story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 11:28 pm

    SEATTLE - A vast bloom of toxic algae off the West Coast is denser, more widespread and deeper than scientists feared even weeks ago, according to surveyors aboard a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel.

  • Wildlife officials search for poacher who shot deer in city 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 8:19 pm

    BELLINGHAM, Washington - Wildlife officials are searching for a poacher who shot a deer inside city limits over the weekend.

  • Gulf of Mexico dead zone 11th biggest, bigger than predicted 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 7:20 pm

    NEW ORLEANS - An area in the Gulf of Mexico with too little oxygen to keep sea creatures alive is the 11th largest measured and nearly 18 percent bigger than predicted earlier this year.

  • Brazil mining company dumps sand and clay into river 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 6:19 pm

    RIO DE JANEIRO - Brazilian environmental authorities suspended a mining company's operations in Rio de Janeiro state after a retention dike broke, sending sand and clay into an unpolluted river that flows into Guanabara Bay where Olympic sailing events will be held next year.

  • PennEnvironment threatening ArcelorMittal pollution suit 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 5:22 pm

    PITTSBURGH - ArcelorMittal's western Pennsylvania coke plant violated the federal Clean Air Act hundreds of times by showering nearby residents with soot and other pollutants, an environmental activist group said Tuesday.

  • Gov. Dayton creates new environmental citizen board 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 5:02 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Gov. Mark Dayton created a new citizen advisory panel Tuesday to consult with his administration on environmental matters, effectively going around lawmakers who abolished a similar panel two months ago.

  • Obama, UN leader discuss climate change, other issues 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:28 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama says the world "has to step up" to help combat climate change and adds that the United Nations will continue to press other countries to take action.

  • Drought could hurt endangered fish caught in water fight story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Aug-04-15 2:54 pm

    DIXON, California - California's historic drought could wipe out a tiny, endangered fish that's played an outsized role in the state's water wars.

  • Fire sale on stuff that burns: Oil, natural gas, coal down story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 2:47 pm

    NEW YORK - These days it seems whatever can be burned to power a car, heat a home, make electricity or ship people and goods around the globe is being sold at bargain basement prices.

  • Chicago firm to build clean-energy facility in Rhode Island 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 2:41 pm

    PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island - A Chicago-based company that plans to build a natural-gas-fueled energy facility in Rhode Island said Tuesday that the project will reduce harmful emissions, cut energy costs and create more than 300 jobs.

  • Land managers work to finish mine cleanup feasibility study 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 2:38 pm

    BETHEL, Alaska - A feasibility study is being finalized for a multimillion-dollar clean up at the Red Devil mercury mine in the middle Kuskokwim River area.

  • Emergency rules aimed at stopping spread of zebra mussels 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 12:32 pm

    BISMARCK, North Dakota - North Dakota's Game and Fish Department is implementing two emergency rules aimed at preventing the spread of zebra mussels from the Red River.

  • Q&A: A look at climate change plan and its impact on states story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 10:32 am

    HELENA, Montana - President Barack Obama unveiled the final regulations in his plan to cut nationwide carbon dioxide emissions 32 percent by 2030. Obama touted it as a bold step to slow climate change, while opponents said it was federal overreach that will raise prices for electricity consumers.

  • Nebraska to join other states challenging new EPA rules 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 10:30 am

    LINCOLN, Nebraska - Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson says the state will join others in a legal fight against new federal rules designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants.

  • Schimel says Wisconsin still mulling power plant options 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 10:02 am

    MADISON, Wisconsin - Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says he is still considering what steps to take next in reaction to new Obama administration rules designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions at power plants.

  • Swiss customs seize 578 pounds of ivory en route to China story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 9:41 am

    BERLIN - Customs officials at Zurich airport have seized 262 kilograms (578 pounds) of ivory that three Chinese men had dispatched from Tanzania, contraband that may have come from up to 50 elephants, Swiss authorities said Tuesday.

  • AP News in Brief at 5:58 a.m. EDT 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 6:05 am

    Debate stage drama: Republican presidential candidates await top 10 announcement

  • Ohio jury orders $1.3m verdict in diesel spill lawsuit 
    Updated: Aug-04-15 3:49 am

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - A jury has awarded than $1.3 million in damages to a couple whose southern Ohio farmhouse was made inhabitable when a fuel deliverer mistakenly pumped 600 gallons of diesel into their basement.

  • New NY rules give public notice of sewage spills story has photos
    Updated: Aug-04-15 1:50 am

    ALBANY, New York - Every year, tens of billions of gallons of raw sewage befouls waterways New York residents use for drinking, swimming and fishing. Fixing the problem will take time and money, but in the meantime, a new alert system notifies the public when a spill happens at some, but not all, of the state's sewage systems.

  • GOP hopefuls take on illegal immigration in debate preview story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Aug-03-15 11:07 pm

    MANCHESTER, New Hampshire - The Republican Party's presidential class demanded aggressive steps to curb illegal immigration, seizing on a delicate political issue while facing off in New Hampshire on Monday night during a crowded and pointed preview of the 2016 primary season's first full-fledged debate.

  • Arizona's carbon dioxide goal in moderate range nationwide 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 10:14 pm

    FLAGSTAFF, Arizona - The goal for Arizona power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions appears to be less stringent than originally proposed, but officials say they need time to review exactly how it will impact the state.

  • Coast Guard: Less than 1K gallons of oil spilled in NJ 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 10:14 pm

    NEW YORK - Coast Guard officials say they think less than 1,000 gallons of spilled oil entered the water of northern New Jersey after a tugboat struck a fuel terminal pier.

  • EPA smokestack rules unwelcome, unneeded say leaders in NC 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 9:49 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Stricter carbon dioxide limits on power plants issued Monday have lawmakers in North Carolina, a state that started cutting smokestack pollution more than a decade ago, gearing up to fight the Obama administration over balancing pollution versus cost.

  • Oregon confident of meeting president's carbon goals 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 9:38 pm

    GRANTS PASS, Oregon - State officials and utilities say Oregon is in good shape to meet the lower carbon emissions goals for power plants set by President Obama's new plan for combating climate change.

  • VA to review status of Marines affected by tainted water 
    Updated: Aug-03-15 9:04 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday it will begin reviewing the disability status of Marines who developed cancers and other conditions due to exposure to chemicals that contaminated the water at Camp Lejeune (luh-ZHERN') for more than 30 years.