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Stories with subject: Health issues
  • new story4 North Country hospitals form partnership 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 7:50 am

    WHITEFIELD, New Hampshire - Four North Country hospitals in New Hampshire have formed a nonprofit partnership to improve health care and reduce costs.

  • Oregon takes first steps into era of legal retail marijuana 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 5:26 am

    WILLIAMS, Oregon - Forty-two years after Oregon became the first state to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, the state is taking its first steps along a road leading to state-licensed stores selling limited amounts of it to anyone over 21.

  • Indiana's religious freedom bill among host of new laws story has photos
    Updated: Jul-01-15 5:13 am

    ATLANTA - Just days after a historic U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, Indiana's religious freedom law took effect Wednesday amid an ongoing national debate over gay rights and religious objections.

  • Wednesday ends long wait for medical marijuana patients story has photos
    Updated: Jul-01-15 3:38 am

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Minnesota's medical marijuana program kicked off in the dead of night Wednesday, as the first three patients filed into a Minneapolis clinic at midnight and emerged with medicine the state's law had long kept out of reach.

  • Gov. Inslee signs recreational marijuana reform bill 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 9:11 pm

    OLYMPIA, Washington - Washington state's recreational marijuana law has a new tax structure under a measure signed into law Tuesday by Gov. Jay Inslee.

  • Gov. Matt Mead creates panel to assess marijuana in Wyoming 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 8:31 pm

    CHEYENNE, Wyoming - Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead is creating a council to gauge the effects of marijuana usage in the state ahead of a push for a legalization initiative that could put the issue before voters next year.

  • Illinois to take new suggestions for marijuana disease list 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:06 am

    CHICAGO - Illinois residents who want to add specific diseases to the state's medical marijuana pilot program have another chance to submit their suggestions during July.

  • Jindal agrees to medical marijuana, lessened pot penalties 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 6:32 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Louisiana's penalties for having small amounts of marijuana have been lowered.

  • 5th New Jersey facility can start growing medical marijuana 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 3:11 pm

    TRENTON, New Jersey - A fifth facility has been given permission to start growing medical marijuana in New Jersey.

  • High court ruling offers chance to alter health law debate 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 3:31 am

    WASHINGTON - The country finally has an opportunity to change the subject on health care, after the Supreme Court again upheld President Barack Obama's law.

  • AP News Guide: Oregon weed legal soon, but not legally sold 
    Updated: Jun-28-15 1:05 pm

    PORTLAND, Oregon - Come Wednesday, the pot stashes in Oregon are legal - up to 8 ounces. So is the homegrown, up to four plants a household.

  • Medical pot sales to begin in Minnesota, but fight not over 
    Updated: Jun-28-15 12:07 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - There will be no baggies of pot awaiting patients next week when Minnesota joins 21 other states in offering medical marijuana. No glass pipes, no plants to tend at home. Instead, the nation's latest medical marijuana program is a world of pill bottles and vials of marijuana-infused oil.

  • Missouri changes insurance requirements for eating disorders 
    Updated: Jun-28-15 11:24 am

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - Missouri is set to be the first state in the nation to spell out the type of eating disorder treatments that insurance companies must cover, a move advocates say will ensure families have access to care for not just the physical aspect but also the underlying mental issues.

  • 35 California counties extend health care to immigrants 
    Updated: Jun-27-15 2:05 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - A group of 35 California counties have agreed to provide basic health care to people who are in the United States illegally.

  • Deadline looms for Governor Ige to announce bill vetoes 
    Updated: Jun-26-15 5:50 pm

    HONOLULU - The deadline is approaching for Hawaii Gov. David Ige to tell lawmakers which bills he plans to veto.

  • Medical marijuana may be likely, but patients still to wait 
    Updated: Jun-26-15 3:40 pm

    BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Gov. Bobby Jindal has said he will sign a medical marijuana bill into law. But state officials say patients in Louisiana with cancer, glaucoma and a severe form of cerebral palsy will still have to wait at least two years to use it.

  • Coverage worries persist amid relief over health care ruling story has photos
    Updated: Jun-26-15 2:01 am

    CHICAGO - Throughout the country, relief was the dominant emotion among consumers who get help from the government to lower their health insurance costs following Thursday's Supreme Court ruling upholding the subsidies underpinning President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

  • Oregon lawmakers call for quicker start for retail pot sales 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 8:20 pm

    SALEM, Oregon - Retail sales of recreational marijuana would begin as soon as Oct. 1 in Oregon, far sooner than had been expected, under a bill approved Thursday by a state legislative committee.

  • Ruling on Affordable Care Act spared Colorado disruption 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 7:41 pm

    DENVER - Colorado continues to operate business as usual after the U.S. Supreme Court decision Thursday upheld certain federal subsidies offered by the Affordable Care Act, and the state exchange avoided disruption that likely would have accompanied a ruling against Obamacare.

  • 80,000 Utah residents to keep getting health subsidies story has photos
    Updated: Jun-25-15 6:40 pm

    SALT LAKE CITY - More than 80,000 Utah residents will keep receiving federal help to pay for health insurance after the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday upheld tax subsidies that are at the heart of President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

  • More than 75,000 in Mississippi keep insurance subsidies 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 6:27 pm

    JACKSON, Mississippi - Gov. Phil Bryant was among several Mississippi Republicans who criticized the Supreme Court's decision Thursday upholding the tax subsidies that are a key part of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

  • Health ruling relieves consumers; GOP states remain critical story has photos
    Updated: Jun-25-15 6:08 pm

    MIAMI - Thursday's Supreme Court ruling validating federal health insurance subsidies for nearly 6.4 million Americans had consumers breathing a sigh of relief that they would be able to afford their policies, but the reaction was markedly different from governors and lawmakers in states that have fought against the Affordable Care Act.

  • SD consumers relieved health insurance subsidies upheld 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 5:35 pm

    SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota - South Dakota consumers who get subsidized health coverage under the Affordable Care Act said Thursday they're relieved the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld tax credits that help cover the premiums by thousands of dollars on average per year. The state's congressional leaders reiterated their opposition to the law and promised to keep trying to repeal it.

  • NC reactions mixed as Supreme Court keeps health subsidies 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 5:29 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Substitute teacher Kim Jones of Wake Forest said Thursday's U.S. Supreme Court decision allows her to keep receiving help to pay for the health insurance she credits for saving her life.

  • Missouri advocates praise ruling for health care subsidies 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 3:30 pm

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - Missouri health care advocates praised a U.S. Supreme Court ruling Thursday that backs nationwide subsidies under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, while Republican leaders called the health care law flawed and renewed calls to ax it.