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Stories with subject: Computing and information technology
  • NASA's moon-orbiting robot crashes down as planned 
    Updated: Apr-18-14 1:52 pm
  • CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - NASA's robotic moon explorer, LADEE, is no more.

  • 27K UPMC worker hit by data breach, 788 by fraud 
    Updated: Apr-18-14 12:22 pm
  • PITTSBURGH - The personal information of 27,000 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center employees might have been put at risk by identity thieves who apparently used the information of 788 workers to file bogus federal tax returns, the hospital network said.

  • Jury: Jeppesen should pay software maker $43M 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 7:28 pm
  • DENVER - A federal jury in Denver says navigation information provider Jeppesen Sanderson should pay $43.1 million to a small Massachusetts software maker that claimed Jeppesen violated their agreement for putting aviation charts on tablet computers.

  • Police charge Canadian in Internet privacy breach 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 9:26 pm
  • OTTAWA, Ontario - Police have charged a 19-year-old Canadian man in connection with the loss of taxpayer data from Canada's tax agency website.

  • Review: 'Transcendence' like a clunky TED talk 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 1:22 pm
  • HAL has come a long way.

  • Review: Forward to the past with Windows update 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 1:15 pm
  • NEW YORK - Even as Microsoft prepares for a future dominated by touch-screen devices, it is steering its Windows system to embrace more of the past.

  • Smartphone apps remind patients to take their meds 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 12:50 pm
  • Medicine only helps if you take it properly. And adhering to an exact schedule of what to take, and when, can be challenging for patients who are forgetful or need to take several medications.

  • Scammers using fake US Postal Service emails 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 4:05 am
  • SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Consumer advocates say scammers are using bogus U.S. Postal Service emails to steal personal information.

  • Michigan civil rights group develops mobile app 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 4:04 am
  • DEARBORN, Michigan - A Michigan civil rights organization has developed what it's calling the first mobile app to report discrimination, ethnic harassment and other forms of bigotry.

  • Broadband bill advances but tower concerns remain 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 4:31 pm
  • DES MOINES, Iowa - A legislative panel has backed a plan meant to extend broadband access to rural Iowans, though an agreement hasn't been reached on language about the placement of new cell towers.

  • Review: Windows Phone advances with 8.1 update 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 12:22 pm
  • NEW YORK - Microsoft's new Windows system for smartphones addresses many of the shortcomings in previous versions.

  • Ex-DNR employee gets probation in data breach 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 7:57 pm
  • ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A former Minnesota Department of Natural Resources worker was sentenced to two years of probation Monday for allegedly looking up private driver's license data on thousands of people without permission.

  • Netflix's Comcast deal improves quality of video 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 6:59 pm
  • SAN FRANCISCO - Netflix's videos are streaming through Comcast's Internet service at their highest speeds in 17 months, thanks to a recent deal that bought Netflix a more direct connection to Comcast's network.

  • Regulators: No interruption after utilities hacked 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 4:05 pm
  • HARTFORD, Connecticut - Electric, natural gas and major water companies and regional distribution systems in Connecticut have been penetrated by hackers and other cyber attackers, but defenses have prevented interruption, state utility regulators said Monday in their first report on cyber security.

  • Study shows increase in online information thefts 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 2:10 pm
  • NEW YORK - The number of Americans who say they've had important personal information stolen online is on the rise, according to a Pew Research Center report released Monday.

  • W.Va. schools to get free computer system upgrades 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 11:28 am
  • CHARLESTON, West Virginia - West Virginia's public schools will get free computer operating system upgrades for five years under a new agreement with Microsoft.

  • Jail grievance computers could get to Internet 
    Updated: Apr-13-14 12:38 pm
  • NEW ORLEANS - Orleans Parish Prison inmates will have to file grievances on paper because authorities discovered they were using grievance computers to use the Internet.

  • NSC backs disclosing software vulnerabilities 
    Updated: Apr-12-14 8:28 pm
  • WASHINGTON - Disclosing vulnerabilities in commercial and open source software is in the national interest and shouldn't be withheld from the public unless there is a clear national security or law enforcement need, President Barack Obama's National Security Council said Saturday.

  • Ohio Homeland Security unveils phone safety app 
    Updated: Apr-12-14 4:05 am
  • COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohioans can now report suspicious activity to the state's Homeland Security agency with a new app that can be downloaded on mobile devices.

  • Authors Guild asks US court to rule against Google 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 6:16 pm
  • NEW YORK - Saying Google Inc. is stealing business from online book retailers, the Authors Guild asked a federal appeals court Friday to reinstate its lawsuit contending that the Internet giant is violating copyright laws with its massive book digitization project.

  • Court reverses conviction of man in iPad data case 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 4:49 pm
  • PHILADELPHIA - A federal appeals court reversed the conviction of man imprisoned for illegally gaining access to AT&T's servers and stealing the email addresses of more than 100,000 of iPad users, ruling Friday that prosecutors tried him in the wrong state.

  • Heartbleed could harm a variety of systems 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 3:59 pm
  • NEW YORK - It now appears that the "Heartbleed" security problem affects not just websites, but also the networking equipment that connects homes and businesses to the Internet.

  • Police: Facebook posts prompted fatal casino fight 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 1:16 pm
  • RENO, Nevada - Reno, Nevada, police say they've arrested a nightclub guard accused of killing a man who posted negative Facebook comments about the lounge's security.

  • FBI investigates man in U-Md. data disclosure 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 9:26 pm
  • The FBI is investigating a Baltimore-area computer worker in connection with the online disclosure last month of University of Maryland President Wallace Loh's Social Security and cellphone numbers, according to court records.

  • Google to sell Glass to bigger pool of consumers 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 6:52 pm
  • SAN FRANCISCO - A lot more people are about to get a chance to buy Google Glass, the Internet-connected eyewear that has become the hottest accessory in geek fashion.