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Stories with subject: Water environment
  • California's top oil regulator quits after controversies 
    Updated: Nov-30-15 8:05 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - California's chief oil regulator announced his resignation on Monday after 17 months as head of the embattled agency, including a criticized episode in which he directed state workers to investigate the oil and gas potential of Gov. Jerry Brown's family ranch.

  • San Francisco Bay weighs tougher air rules for refineries 
    Updated: Nov-30-15 4:35 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco Bay officials are considering what they say are the toughest emission rules in the nation for oil refineries.

  • Warehouse fire sends plume of smoke above Clear Lake 
    Updated: Nov-30-15 3:51 pm

    CLEAR LAKE, Iowa - A fire at a Clear Lake warehouse caused significant damage to the structure and sent a plume of smoke high above the northern Iowa city.

  • Fire crew searching for Texas woman find flooded car, body 
    Updated: Nov-30-15 2:04 pm

    FORT WORTH, Texas - Firefighters searching for a 76-year-old woman who was swept away in fast-moving North Texas floodwaters have found a submerged car with a body inside.

  • Inflatable whale used to educate students about sea life 
    Updated: Nov-30-15 5:01 am

    MILLERSBURG, Indiana - It is not often kids in the landlocked state of Indiana have the chance to see a humpback whale in person.

  • Nebraska farmers reaping bounty from cover crop seeds 
    Updated: Nov-29-15 2:04 pm

    LINCOLN, Nebraska - A central Nebraska farm is tapping into a growing national interest in cover crops, which were popular in organic circles but a rarity among mainstream row-crop producers.

  • New Lake Powell pipeline report won't detail repayment plan 
    Updated: Nov-29-15 2:04 pm

    SALT LAKE CITY - As officials in southern Utah prepare to release new details on plans to build a billion-dollar pipeline from Lake Powell to the growing city of St. George, environmentalists are raising questions about who will pay for the project and when.

  • Strong salmon returns up the Columbia River past McNary Dam 
    Updated: Nov-29-15 1:47 pm

    PENDLETON, Oregon - The Columbia Basin's 2015 salmon season is the second-strongest year since the federal dams were built nearly 80 years ago.

  • Vermont targets roads to reduce Lake Champlain pollution story has photos
    Updated: Nov-29-15 10:59 am

    DANVILLE, Vermont - From paved city streets to hilly dirt roads, runoff from Vermont's roadways contributes more than 10 percent of the pollution flowing into Lake Champlain that fuels toxic algae blooms in its bays.

  • Hogs, residents compete for Kansas county's water supply 
    Updated: Nov-28-15 2:01 pm

    TRIBUNE, Kansas - Only 1,200 people live in Kansas' smallest county, where using irrigation to quench thirsty crops is no longer an option for many because the water source underneath this flat, arid prairie is nearly exhausted due to decades of overuse.

  • Southeast Ohio water district settles DuPont lawsuit over C8 
    Updated: Nov-28-15 12:25 pm

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - A southeast Ohio water district has settled its federal lawsuit against DuPont over allegations that the company contaminated the district's well fields with the chemical used to produce Teflon.

  • Ohio water plants push back on algae testing 
    Updated: Nov-28-15 11:22 am

    TOLEDO, Ohio - Cities and counties that operate water treatment plants around Ohio are pushing back against a state proposal to require weekly tests for toxic algae in drinking water, arguing that monitoring isn't needed year round and that it would cost too much, according to an Associated Press review.

  • Authorities seeking source of oil spill in county drain 
    Updated: Nov-27-15 8:32 pm

    OWOSSO TOWNSHIP, Michigan - An oil spill discovered by a hunter in Shiawassee County has not spread to a nearby river, a state environmental official said.

  • Mexico issues pollution alert for Mexico's Bacalar lagoon 
    Updated: Nov-27-15 6:57 pm

    MEXICO CITY - Mexico's environmental protection agency has issued an "urgent" call for local authorities to stop sewage and waste discharges into the Yucatan Peninsula's coastal, fresh-water lake of Bacalar.

  • North Texas families sue drillers over contaminated water 
    Updated: Nov-26-15 12:36 pm

    GRAFORD, Texas - Two families in rural North Texas have sued oil and gas drilling companies, claiming hazardous chemicals from hydraulic fracturing seeped into their water wells.

  • Projects stall after feds allow fish farming in open ocean 
    Updated: Nov-26-15 10:24 am

    SAN DIEGO - Some 90 percent of seafood consumed by Americans is imported - a fact that the Obama administration vowed to start turning around by expanding fish and shellfish farms into federal waters.

  • Arkansas a refuge from rising seas in Marshall Islands story has photos
    Updated: Nov-26-15 4:52 am

    MAJURO ATOLL, Marshall Islands - Valentino Keimbar hides from the intense heat in the shade of a breadfruit tree, waiting for his basketball game to begin. It was supposed to start a couple of hours ago, maybe three, but time matters little here on the Marshall Islands.

  • Alaska, British Columbia leaders sign cooperative agreement 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 9:23 pm

    JUNEAU, Alaska - Gov. Bill Walker and British Columbia Premier Christy Clark signed a cooperative agreement Wednesday committing to work together on issues of shared interest, including addressing concerns about the effect of Canadian mining on waters flowing into Alaska.

  • Minnesota braces for legal fight over PolyMet mine decisions 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 5:08 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A top state official said Wednesday he was finalizing plans for retaining an outside law firm to handle lawsuits stemming from PolyMet Mining Corp.'s proposal to build a copper-nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota, which is expected to be challenged regardless of whether state regulators approve the project's needed permits.

  • Asian carp barrier nearly done at northeast Indiana wetland 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 4:05 pm

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana - A nearly 2-mile-long earthen berm through a northeastern Indiana marsh that's designed to keep Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes is almost complete, months after heavy rains temporarily halted the project.

  • Report: Lake no cleaner after year 1 of disputed experiment 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 1:38 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - An experiment that prompted lawmakers to delay for years the promised but costly cleanup of a key water supply for about 300,000 people in the Raleigh-Durham region has produced no tangible results, a state report said.

  • Roof of southern Utah waste water treatment plant collapses 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 10:43 am

    ST. GEORGE, Utah - St. George officials say part of the roof of a waste water processing facility has collapsed.

  • Climate changes take heavy toll on Ugandan coffee farmers 
    Updated: Nov-25-15 5:34 am

    KASESE, Uganda - Luka Kinyere felt the wet, dark volcanic soil in his calloused palm, thankful for the rain that was falling again after a dry spell.

  • Nevada judge won't rule on sage grouse before Christmas 
    Updated: Nov-24-15 5:26 pm

    RENO, Nevada - A federal judge in Nevada is postponing a decision on whether to block U.S. regulations protecting the greater sage grouse, partly because she's not clear if the rules are really to blame for delays in construction of a rural water supply tank near Great Basin National Park along the border with Utah.

  • Colorado town to pursue Superfund help after mine spill 
    Updated: Nov-24-15 3:56 pm

    DURANGO, Colorado - Southwestern Colorado officials will negotiate with state and federal agencies to set up a federally financed Superfund cleanup of inactive mines, including one that spewed millions of gallons of wastewater into rivers in three states in August.