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Stories with subject: Financial crisis
  • Brazil turmoil costs AB Inbev in quarterly results 
    Updated: May-04-16 6:04 am

    BRUSSELS - The world's biggest brewer, AB Inbev, says economic and political turmoil in Brazil hit its quarterly earnings, with sales volumes declining by 10 percent in the huge Latin American nation.

  • Rousseff lights Olympic flame as protesters hit the streets story has photosstory has video
    Updated: May-03-16 2:55 pm

    BRASILIA, Brazil - Brazil's embattled President Dilma Rousseff ignited the Olympic flame on Tuesday, as a nationwide torch relay got underway with protests highlighting the country's deep political and economic crisis.

  • Superintendent: Jackson Public Schools in financial crisis 
    Updated: May-03-16 1:34 pm

    JACKSON, Mississippi - The Jackson Public Schools district is facing a financial crisis prompted by decreased state funding, the schools superintendent said.

  • Correction: Asbury Park-New Hotel story story has photos
    Updated: May-03-16 12:57 pm

    ASBURY PARK, New Jersey - In a story May 1 about a new hotel set to open in Asbury Park, The Associated Press reported erroneously on one of the reasons visitor Madeleine Berk loves the city. She cited the music scene, not the food.

  • Puerto Rico skips bond payments, says Congress must help story has photos
    Updated: May-02-16 5:39 pm

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A spiraling Puerto Rico debt crisis reached a new milestone as the island missed nearly $370 million on a bond payment Monday and officials warned of worse to come if the U.S. Congress doesn't help it dig out from a mountain of debt.

  • Q&A: Puerto Rico's debt crisis, what it means for muni bonds story has photos
    Updated: May-02-16 5:11 pm

    NEW YORK - Puerto Rico's worsening debt crisis is dimming the economic outlook for the U.S. territory and putting pressure on Congress to help resolve the situation but it is having little effect on the market for municipal bonds and most investors.

  • Mystery solved? Australian says he's Bitcoin founder story has photos
    Updated: May-02-16 9:56 am

    LONDON - An Australian man long rumored to be associated with the digital currency Bitcoin has publicly identified himself as its creator, a claim that would end one of the biggest mysteries in the tech world.

  • Greetings from Asbury Park, opening first hotel in 50 years 
    Updated: May-02-16 9:54 am

    ASBURY PARK, New Jersey - In the Jersey shore city that gave Bruce Springsteen's debut album its name, owners of the first new hotel to open there in more than 50 years hope they can convince locals and tourists alike that what was once considered a slum by the sea is now a destination with a bright future.

  • Iraq says oil exports, revenues increase in April 
    Updated: May-01-16 6:32 am

    BAGHDAD - Iraq says April crude oil exports have increased by 2.3 percent from the previous month, filling cash-strapped coffers amid an acute economic crisis.

  • Puerto Rico reports 1st US Zika-related death amid outbreak story has photos
    Updated: Apr-29-16 1:52 pm

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico announced Friday that it has recorded the first Zika-related U.S. death amid an outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus in the U.S. territory.

  • Biden presses Iraq to not let political chaos upend gains story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Apr-28-16 5:39 pm

    BAGHDAD - Vice President Joe Biden pressed Iraq on Thursday not to let its crippling political crisis upend hard-fought gains against the Islamic State group as he returned to the country that's come to symbolize America's relentless struggles in the Middle East.

  • EU in trouble as Eurosceptic parties gain in strength 
    Updated: Apr-28-16 11:50 am

    VIENNA - Even before a vehemently anti-EU party won strong support in Austria, the European Union's top official acknowledged that the 28-nation bloc was in trouble.

  • Economic watchdog warns on UK leaving European Union 
    Updated: Apr-27-16 6:15 am

    LONDON - The head of the global economic forum OECD warned Britain that leaving the European Union would be tantamount to taxing its citizens - another in a growing cavalcade of cautionary advice ahead of a June 23 referendum on membership in the 28-nation bloc.

  • Companies eye partnership deals to counter low growth 
    Updated: Apr-25-16 6:32 am

    LONDON - With global economic growth slowing, inflation staying low and digital innovation generating uncertainty, companies are increasingly looking at partnership deals with other firms, even competitors, to boost revenues, consulting firm EY said Monday.

  • Partnership deals in vogue to counter low growth 
    Updated: Apr-24-16 7:42 pm

    LONDON - With global economic growth slowing, inflation staying low and digital innovation generating uncertainty, companies are increasingly looking at partnership deals with other firms, even competitors, to boost revenues, consulting firm EY said Monday.

  • New Mexico eyes $24 million settlement in pay-to-play case 
    Updated: Apr-22-16 8:25 pm

    SANTA FE, New Mexico - New Mexico officials are considering whether to accept a $24 million settlement from an investment firm in what would be the largest payment yet in a pay-to-play scandal during the administration of former Gov. Bill Richardson.

  • Puerto Rico's economic crisis threatens Democratic primary 
    Updated: Apr-22-16 11:18 am

    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico's economic crisis has thrown the U.S. territory's upcoming Democratic primary into question.

  • One UK steel town, one crisis that affects the nation 
    Updated: Apr-22-16 2:47 am

    PORT TALBOT, Wales - To Mark Turner, the Tata Steel plant in this small Welsh town isn't just a factory. The steel worker sees two dragons, the plant's blast furnaces, breathing fire into the dawn sky over a town where monks first built a forge in the Middle Ages.

  • In Saudi visit, Obama works to calm Gulf tensions with US story has photos
    Updated: Apr-21-16 3:09 pm

    RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - President Barack Obama strained to ease tensions with Persian Gulf allies Thursday, pledging U.S. help in confronting Iran and other security threats. Yet he failed to win the commitments he sought to boost economic aid to Iraq.

  • Merkel lauds Turkey in dealing with Syria refugee crisis story has photos
    Updated: Apr-21-16 2:14 pm

    EINDHOVEN, Netherlands - Despite increasing discord between the European Union and Turkey, German Chancellor Angela Merkel lauded Ankara's commitment to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis and said her weekend trip to the Turkish-Syrian border will be used to raise all contentious issues between the two sides.

  • Indiana awarded $3M in additional Hardest Hit funding 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 11:01 pm

    INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana is receiving more federal funding to help homeowners struggling with mortgage payments.

  • US Virgin Islands prepares for minimum wage increase 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 7:01 pm

    CHARLOTTE AMALIE, U.S. Virgin Islands - The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands announced Wednesday that it will soon increase the minimum wage to $8.35 an hour.

  • University of Illinois planning layoffs 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 6:15 pm

    CHAMPAIGN, Illinois - The University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign is planning layoffs as a result of the state financial crisis, according to an email from a school administrator, marking the first time the university system's flagship campus has turned to job cuts amid the budget stalemate.

  • Missing ingredient for millennials: Down payment savings 
    Updated: Apr-20-16 7:05 am

    WASHINGTON - Short of savings and burdened by debt, America's millennials are struggling to afford their first homes in the face of sharply higher prices in many of the most desirable cities.

  • Argentina returns to global markets with $16.5 billion bond 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 6:10 pm

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Argentina has made a highly successful return to global credit markets with the launch of a $16.5 billion bond offering.