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Stories with subject: International agreements
  • Correction: Russia-Ukraine-Gas story story has photos
    Updated: Jul-06-15 2:54 pm

    MOSCOW - In a story July 1 about Gazprom halting gas supplies to Ukraine, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Russia offered Ukraine a price of $247 per cubic meter. The price offered was per thousand cubic meters.

  • US, wooing Vietnam, readies red carpet for communist chief 
    Updated: Jul-05-15 1:10 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - Vietnamese Communist Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong doesn't hold an official government post, but it's not surprising that he'll meet with President Barack Obama on his visit to the United States this week. He is the de-facto top leader of his country.

  • Who's John Jay? Scholars urge new look at forgotten founder story has photos
    Updated: Jul-03-15 3:28 pm

    KATONAH, New York - The inner circle of founders has been set for as long as anyone can remember - Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton and Madison.

  • UN, Libyan groups pressure rivals to accept peace deal 
    Updated: Jul-03-15 4:16 am

    SKHIRAT, Morocco - U.N. mediators and Libya's internationally recognized parliament have presented a tentative peace deal to rival Tripoli leadership, hoping for approval within days.

  • Obama draws sharp contrasts with 'mean' Republicans story has photos
    Updated: Jul-02-15 5:39 pm

    LA CROSSE, Wisconsin - Wading into presidential politics, President Barack Obama on Thursday promoted his brand of middle-class economics by drawing sharp contrasts with "mean" Republicans in a state whose GOP governor was preparing to enter the vast 2016 presidential field.

  • Libya's internationally accepted PM 'aspires' to peace deal 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 5:50 pm

    VALLETTA, Malta - The internationally recognized prime minister of Libya says he is "aspiring" to sign a peace agreement with representatives of the Islamist-led Tripoli government in Morocco on Thursday.

  • Bradley University center signs Canadian deal 
    Updated: Jul-01-15 4:28 am

    PEORIA, Illinois - Bradley University says a new trade agreement signed by a business center on campus and a similar organization in Winnipeg, Canada, will open up new areas for cooperation between industries in the two areas.

  • 2 years after spying flap, US, Brazil seek to turn the page story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:51 pm

    WASHINGTON - Two years after revelations about U.S. spying frayed ties between their countries, President Barack Obama and visiting Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff publicly closed that chapter Tuesday, declaring that the relationship between the U.S. and Brazil is on an upward swing.

  • Thunder deal Luke Ridnour, his 4th trade in less than a week 
    Updated: Jun-30-15 1:53 pm

    OKLAHOMA CITY - Luke Ridnour may be in need of a rest - or a good travel agent - after being traded for the fourth time in less than a week.

  • After mercury ruling, scrutiny of Obama climate rules grows story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 7:59 am

    WASHINGTON - Sweeping pollution limits at the center of President Barack Obama's climate change plan are facing increased scrutiny in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that showed that the justices aren't afraid to thwart perceived overreach by Obama or his Environmental Protection Agency.

  • The Iran deal: A look at what it does and problems remaining story has photos
    Updated: Jun-30-15 4:29 am

    VIENNA - World powers and Iran are back in nuclear talks, and this round may be the deciding one.

  • UN chief: Climate negotiations moving at a 'snail's pace' 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 7:26 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday that negotiations on a new climate pact to keep global warming from reaching dangerous levels are moving at a "snail's pace" and must be speeded up.

  • Obama signs trade, worker assistance bills into law story has photos
    Updated: Jun-29-15 5:20 pm

    WASHINGTON - In a rare bipartisan scene at the White House, President Barack Obama on Monday signed into law two hard-fought bills giving him greater authority to negotiate international trade deals and providing aid to workers whose jobs are displaced by such pacts.

  • McConnell: New trade deal triumph despite partisan divide 
    Updated: Jun-29-15 4:44 pm

    LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - The brief alliance of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell with President Barack Obama to pass trade legislation last week marked a triumph amid divided government, McConnell said Monday, and he offered to work together across partisan lines to shore up Medicare and Social Security for future generations.

  • Outside Iran talks, a different cast competes for attention 
    Updated: Jun-28-15 12:30 pm

    VIENNA - Ah, Vienna. City of music. Crown jewel of the Holy Roman Empire. Birthplace of psychoanalysis. Home of the Lipizzaner stallions. And this week, host of the Iran nuclear negotiations.

  • United Nations charter, signed in San Francisco, turns 70 story has photos
    Updated: Jun-26-15 7:44 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - Hundreds of people packed the rotunda of San Francisco City Hall to mark the 70th birthday of the signing of the United Nations charter.

  • Vatican signs treaty with "State of Palestine" 
    Updated: Jun-26-15 7:50 am

    VATICAN CITY - The Vatican signed a treaty with the "State of Palestine" on Friday, saying it hoped its legal recognition of the state would help stimulate peace with Israel and that the treaty itself would serve as a model for other Mideast countries.

  • Contours of Obama's legacy form with help of unlikely allies 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 5:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - Long past the prime of his presidency, Barack Obama is defying the lame-duck label and solidifying the contours of his legacy with the help of unlikely allies in Congress and the Supreme Court.

  • To sway regulators, Charter pledges to play nice on Internet story has photos
    Updated: Jun-25-15 3:15 pm

    NEW YORK - Charter is trying to convince the government that consumers will benefit if it is allowed to create a cable giant through its proposed $67.1 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House.

  • House completes Obama's trade items as Pacific pact looms 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 2:02 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Republican-led Congress rounded out President Barack Obama's trade package Thursday, overwhelmingly passing a worker training program just weeks after it was stymied.

  • House finishes Obama trade bills, eyes turn to Pacific pact 
    Updated: Jun-25-15 12:50 pm

    WASHINGTON - The House has approved the final pieces of President Barack Obama's hard-fought trade agenda and sent them to his desk.

  • Jimmy Carter hopes the play 'Camp David' comes to Broadway story has photos
    Updated: Jun-25-15 12:08 pm

    NEW YORK - Jimmy Carter has been a governor, the nation's commander in chief and a Nobel Prize winner. One thing he still would like to see is himself on a Broadway stage.

  • Senate grants Obama big win with fast track trade authority 
    Updated: Jun-24-15 4:40 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Senate has handed President Barack Obama a major victory by approving "fast track" authority to negotiate trade agreements in Asia and elsewhere.

  • Landmark Dutch ruling: Cut emissions to protect citizens story has photos
    Updated: Jun-24-15 2:13 pm

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - A Dutch court ordered the government Wednesday to slash greenhouse gas emissions to help fight global warming, a landmark ruling in a case brought by hundreds of concerned citizens that could pave the way for similar legal battles around the world.

  • Saudi Arabia, France sign billions in ship, plane deals 
    Updated: Jun-24-15 12:35 pm

    PARIS - Saudi Arabia signed agreements worth billions of dollars on Wednesday to buy helicopters, Airbus jets and two possible nuclear reactors from France.