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Stories with subject: Government pensions and social security
  • Holocaust meeting calls on nations to do more for survivors story has photos
    Updated: May-27-15 1:05 pm

    PRAGUE - Representatives of 39 nations urged governments on Wednesday to do more for Holocaust survivors in the remaining time they have.

  • A guide to Greece's debt crisis and what's at stake 
    Updated: May-26-15 1:41 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - Greece is out of cash to repay debts due as soon as next week.

  • High-profile votes, fights preview Wolf's challenges in June 
    Updated: May-24-15 12:51 pm

    HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania - June is crunch time in the state Capitol and the challenges in front of Gov. Tom Wolf are becoming clearer in the Democrat's first go-round with budget negotiations.

  • NY pension fund return tops 7 percent in 2014, hits $183B 
    Updated: May-22-15 12:26 pm

    ALBANY, New York - The New York pension fund for state and local government workers has risen to a record $183.5 billion following an investment return of 7.16 percent last year, the state comptroller reported Friday.

  • SEC files charges against Atlanta investment firm 
    Updated: May-21-15 5:31 pm

    ATLANTA - Charges have been filed against an Atlanta firm and two executives who are accused of selling unsuitable investments to Atlanta city employee pension funds.

  • Correction: Presidential Expenses story story has photos
    Updated: May-20-15 1:37 pm

    WASHINGTON - In a story May 19 about expenses for former presidents, The Associated Press reported erroneously that former President George H.W. Bush left office in 1989. He took office that year and left office in 1993.

  • Guatemala arrests 16 in health care corruption scandal 
    Updated: May-20-15 1:20 pm

    GUATEMALA CITY - Guatemalan authorities have arrested more than a dozen public servants and private citizens in connection with a health care corruption case.

  • Moody's downgrades Chicago schools, park district ratings 
    Updated: May-13-15 7:47 pm

    CHICAGO - Moody's Investors Service downgraded the debt of both the Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Park District on Wednesday, a day after it downgraded the city's bond rating to junk status.

  • Illinois lawmakers skeptical about pension deal this spring story has photos
    Updated: May-13-15 6:52 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois lawmakers expressed skepticism Wednesday that they'll be able to pass a new pension fix this spring, despite pressure from Gov. Bruce Rauner and major credit rating agencies to quickly replace a 2013 overhaul the state Supreme Court struck down.

  • Kansas House panel considers tweaks to pension rules 
    Updated: May-11-15 6:29 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - A Kansas House panel is considering limiting how much government employees would be able to boost their pension benefits by accumulating unused vacation days.

  • Things to know about the Illinois court ruling on pensions story has photos
    Updated: May-09-15 3:17 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois lawmakers have another burden awaiting them on their return to the Capitol this week after the state Supreme Court rejected a landmark pension reform law Friday. Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner thinks the Legislature should move quickly toward a Plan B, but others are advising caution. The following are some things to know about the ruling and what's next:

  • Illinois justices overturn state's landmark 2013 pension law story has photos
    Updated: May-08-15 6:26 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - The Illinois Supreme Court forced the state Friday to find another way to fix the nation's worst government-employee pension crisis, ruling lawmakers "overstepped" by enacting a law that slashed retirement benefits to confront a massive budget deficit.

  • Excerpts from Illinois Supreme Court pension ruling 
    Updated: May-08-15 5:01 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - The Illinois Supreme Court criticized the General Assembly's handling of public pension funding in a ruling striking down a landmark 2013 law that sought to fix the state's pension crisis. The court found the law unconstitutional because it would have diminished state employees' earned benefits. Here are excerpts from the ruling:

  • Illinois Senate president calls pension ruling 'victory' 
    Updated: May-08-15 1:11 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois' Senate president says the state must act to adopt "true reforms" now that the state Supreme Court threw out a landmark 2013 pension overhaul law.

  • Lawmakers working on bill to create Chicago-owned casino 
    Updated: May-07-15 7:20 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois lawmakers are trying to negotiate a deal to open a Chicago-owned casino and expand gambling elsewhere in the state, and they believe there's a clearer path for the proposal to become law than there's been in years.

  • Dueling elections: a look at Israeli, UK electoral systems story has photos
    Updated: May-07-15 1:52 pm

    JERUSALEM - If the polls are to be believed, Thursday's British election may produce a "hung parliament," where no political party holds an absolute majority. That's cause for angst in a place where tradition, fair play and a system that inflates majorities have generally sorted out who is the next prime minister by last call at the pub.

  • Treasurer says revenues expected to exceed projections 
    Updated: May-06-15 4:04 pm

    TRENTON, New Jersey - State revenues are on pace to exceed expectations, and Gov. Chris Christie's administration will put the cash toward New Jersey's public pensions, his top treasury official said Wednesday.

  • Role of government powers at issue in pension case story has photos
    Updated: May-06-15 2:59 pm

    TRENTON, New Jersey - New Jersey's top court weighed the budget repercussions of ruling on a pension dispute between Gov. Chris Christie and public workers' unions on Wednesday while one justice wondered if the state had engaged in a "bait and switch."

  • Latest on GOP pension plan: Democrats say it's unfair 
    Updated: May-06-15 2:49 pm

    2:30 p.m.

  • 5 years of bailouts: the grim legacy of Greece's crisis 
    Updated: May-05-15 12:46 pm

    ATHENS, Greece - The sculpture shows a shabbily-dressed man slipping off what appears to be a graph, an economic index perhaps, that is crumbling under his feet. His mouth is distended in something less than a scream, more than a cry.

  • Dayton warms to parts of House GOP tax plan, cool to most 
    Updated: May-04-15 2:20 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - It's too soon to call it a budget breakthrough, but Gov. Mark Dayton has offered an opening to a compromise with House Republicans on taxes.

  • Court's PERS decision raises tough questions for lawmakers 
    Updated: May-02-15 3:01 pm

    SALEM, Oregon - The Oregon Supreme Court decision overturning cuts to public-employee pensions will force tough decisions for state lawmakers and local government officials, who face steep hikes in payroll costs.

  • Venezuela raises minimum wage 30 pct amid raging inflation story has photos
    Updated: May-01-15 9:07 pm

    CARACAS, Venezuela - President Nicolas Maduro raised Venezuela's minimum wage Friday for the second time this year to help workers being battered by the world's highest inflation.

  • Court strikes down big chunk of public-employee pension cuts story has photos
    Updated: Apr-30-15 7:49 pm

    SALEM, Oregon - The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday that some of the 2013 cuts to public-employee retirement benefits are unconstitutional, wiping out much of the savings lawmakers were aiming for and likely raising pension costs for state and local governments.

  • TRICARE revamp rejected, other benefit changes backed 
    Updated: Apr-30-15 6:42 pm

    WASHINGTON - The White House has rejected a proposal to largely replace the military's TRICARE health care system, but has agreed to further study a proposal that would let service members participate in retirement savings plans like a 401(k).