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Stories with subject: Government business and finance
  • 5 Things to Know about Colorado pot revenue 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:37 pm
  • DENVER - Some Colorado lawmakers want to use $3.5 million in recreational pot tax revenue to seek a matching Medicaid grant from the federal government, which considers pot illegal. Here are five things to know about the state's marijuana income:

  • Major oil and gas firm to list drilling chemicals 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:37 pm
  • PITTSBURGH - A major supplier to the oil and gas industry says it will begin disclosing 100 percent of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing fluid, with no exemptions for trade secrets. The move by Baker Hughes of Houston is a shift for a major firm; it's unclear if others will follow suit.

  • Conn. Senate passes Malloy's UTC tax credit deal 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:34 pm
  • HARTFORD, Connecticut - The Connecticut Senate has given final legislative approval to a deal allowing United Technologies Corp. to use up to $400 million in unused tax credits, so long as UTC makes up to $500 million in upgrades and expansions and hires more workers.

  • Senate hearing planned on Phoenix VA allegations 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:30 pm
  • PHOENIX - The chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee has agreed to hold a hearing on recent allegations of mismanagement and neglect at the Phoenix VA Health Care Center.

  • NJ rejects offshore windmill project for 2nd time 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:30 pm
  • ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey - A company that wants to build a windmill power project off the coast of Atlantic City is heading to court.

  • Keystone XL pipeline part of larger Senate fight 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:29 pm
  • FRANKFORT, Kentucky - Alison Grimes is the latest Democratic Senate candidate to call for building the Keystone XL oil pipeline. But the move hasn't cost her support among some environmentalists as she tries to win the seat now held by Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

  • Vermont ups the ante on genetically modified foods 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:25 pm
  • MONTPELIER, Vermont - Vermont has raised the stakes in the debate over genetically modified foods by becoming the first state to pass a bill requiring that they be labeled as such in the grocery aisle, making the move despite the opposition of the powerful U.S. food industry.

  • Puerto Rico govt seeks to lure wealthy investors 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:24 pm
  • SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Puerto Rico hopes to persuade wealthy investors to bet on the U.S. territory at a two-day conference aimed at attracting new money amid the island's struggles to recover from a nearly eight-year recession.

  • Oregon panel recommends moving to federal exchange 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:23 pm
  • PORTLAND, Oregon - Oregon, once expected to be a national leader in the federal health care overhaul, on Thursday moved to become the first state to dump its troubled online health exchange and use the federal marketplace instead.

  • US proposes pay-for-priority Internet standards 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 5:08 pm
  • LOS ANGELES - The nation's top telecoms regulator is proposing to allow a pay-for-priority fast lane on the Internet for movies, music and other services to get to people's homes.

  • Report: Iran to cut portion of gasoline subsidies 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:59 pm
  • TEHRAN, Iran - Iran will cut a portion of its gasoline subsidies beginning Friday, nearly doubling some prices at the pump as part of a second round of cuts delayed since 2012, state television reported Thursday.

  • Doctor to run as independent in Colo Senate race 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:55 pm
  • DENVER - A neurosurgeon says he wanted to run as an independent in Colorado's U.S. Senate race.

  • Corbett ramps up pitch to education, women voters 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:53 pm
  • MEDIA, Pennsylvania - Gov. Tom Corbett is attacking two of his weakest polling points, his job approval by women voters and his efforts on education, with possibly just token opposition in the Republican primary and the general election looming less than seven months away.

  • China set to punish web giant Sina for pornography 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:40 pm
  • BEIJING - China plans to revoke two crucial publication licenses for, which might partially ban the web giant's operations, because obscene content was found during an anti-pornography crackdown, state media said Thursday.

  • Panel: NC should have board make pension decisions 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:32 pm
  • RALEIGH, North Carolina - A panel selected by state Treasurer Janet Cowell recommended Thursday that an appointed board of trustees take over investment decisions for the state's $86 billion pension system for teachers and state workers rather than keeping it in the treasurer's hands alone.

  • Colorado lawmakers plan to boost marijuana profits 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:28 pm
  • DENVER - The federal government has reluctantly agreed to let Colorado be the first state to collect taxes from the legal sale of recreational marijuana, but it also has made clear it doesn't agree with the move and may try to stop it, if isn't tightly controlled.

  • GM says securities regulators are probing recall 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:07 pm
  • DETROIT - U.S. securities regulators are looking into General Motors' delayed recall of more than 2 million cars with a deadly ignition switch problem.

  • Ala lawmaker arrested on felony perjury charges 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 3:49 pm
  • MONTGOMERY, Alabama - Republican Rep. Barry Moore of Enterprise was arrested Thursday on charges of perjury and giving false statements to law enforcement, making him the second legislator to face criminal charges in an ongoing investigation of state government.

  • Judge hears arguments in abortion lawsuit 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 3:41 pm
  • MADISON, Wisconsin - A state attorney urged a judge Thursday to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to void statutes that require doctors to decide if a woman is consenting voluntarily to an abortion and to be present when the woman gets abortion-inducing drugs.

  • Iowa Senate passes marijuana oil legalization bill 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 3:40 pm
  • DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa Senate has passed a bill legalizing the use of a form of marijuana to treat chronic epilepsy.

  • FDA eases into regulating e-cigarettes 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 3:38 pm
  • WASHINGTON - The federal government's move to regulate e-cigarettes is a leap into the unknown.

  • Some Indiana taxpayers facing ID test for refunds 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 2:40 pm
  • SOUTH BEND, Indiana - Some Indiana taxpayers are being asked to take an online quiz to prove their identities before the Department of Revenue issues their state tax returns as part of an effort to combat the growing problem of criminals trying to steal tax returns.

  • Nevada rancher condemned for racist remarks 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 2:22 pm
  • LAS VEGAS - A Nevada rancher who has become a conservative folk hero for resisting the federal government's attempts to round up his cattle faced sharp criticism Thursday for racist comments published in a New York Times article.

  • South Korea ferry disaster may cloud Obama visit 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 2:16 pm
  • TOKYO - When President Barack Obama arrives in South Korea on Friday, he will be thrust anew into the role of consoler in chief in a time of crisis, a responsibility he has become all too accustomed to in the United States.

  • Russia's Putin calls the Internet a 'CIA project' 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 2:10 pm
  • MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called the Internet a CIA project and made comments about Russia's biggest search engine Yandex, sending the company's shares plummeting.