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Stories with subject: Immigration policy
  • Yuma sheriff: Feds let go immigrants who commit crimes 
    Updated: Oct-09-15 1:23 am

    TUCSON, Arizona - Yuma County is footing the bill to prosecute immigrants arrested by federal agents but not charged by the federal government, the sheriff's office said in a scathing letter on Thursday.

  • Judge: City to pay $1.4M in legal costs in immigration case 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 3:07 pm

    HAZLETON, Pennsylvania - A federal judge has ordered an eastern Pennsylvania city to pay nearly $1.4 million to civil rights lawyers who thwarted the city's immigration law in U.S. Supreme Court.

  • US judge declines to undo government order on green cards 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 3:04 pm

    SEATTLE - A federal judge declined to issue an emergency order Wednesday that would allow tens of thousands of highly skilled immigrants to immediately apply to become permanent residents, as the government initially told them they could.

  • As Clinton campaigns, complications with her old boss arise story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 10:12 am

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama seemed to call Hillary Rodham Clinton's idea of a no-fly zone in Syria "half-baked."

  • US government deports fewest immigrants in nearly a decade story has photos
    Updated: Oct-06-15 8:05 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration deported fewer immigrants over the past 12 months than at any time since 2006, according to internal figures obtained by The Associated Press as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton called Obama's deportation policies too harsh.

  • UK minister rejects EU migration pact, vows tighter borders 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 9:35 am

    LONDON - Britain will never "in a thousand years" agree to a common European immigration policy to deal with the surging number of refugees fleeing to the continent, a top government official declared Tuesday.

  • Groups plan appeal of ruling on Arizona immigration law 
    Updated: Oct-05-15 7:18 pm

    PHOENIX - A coalition of civil rights groups said Monday it will appeal a ruling by a judge who upheld the most contentious provisions of Arizona's 2010 immigration enforcement law.

  • 1965 Immigration Act, presented as symbolic, changed nation story has photos
    Updated: Oct-03-15 1:12 pm

    NEW YORK - It was considered a symbolic move - President Lyndon Johnson going to the Statue of Liberty and signing an immigration bill that gave people from every country in the world an equal chance to come to America.

  • Clinton campaign wants N. Carolina immigration bill vetoed 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 7:31 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign wants North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory to veto a measure that restricts acceptable identification documents for immigrants and prevents local policies directing police not to ask about a person's immigration status.

  • Texas birth certificate denials for US-born kids get hearing story has photos
    Updated: Oct-02-15 6:24 pm

    AUSTIN, Texas - Lawyers for immigrant families denied birth certificates for U.S.-born children by Texas health officials told a federal judge Friday that a state agency must provide another option if certain forms of foreign-issued identification cannot be accepted.

  • Fiorina pushes government accountability, immigration reform 
    Updated: Oct-02-15 1:49 pm

    AIKEN, South Carolina - Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina told an Aiken audience Friday she would require federal agencies to account for each dollar requested in their budgets, part of her continuing demand that government spending be put on a diet.

  • Clinton seeking to organize Latino voters ahead of primaries 
    Updated: Oct-01-15 3:51 am

    NEW YORK - Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign is planning a major push to organize Latino voters ahead of the Nevada caucuses and early primary contests in Texas, Florida and Colorado, all with an eye toward connecting with Hispanics in the 2016 election.

  • Ted Kennedy voices frustrations in newly released recordings 
    Updated: Sep-30-15 3:56 pm

    BOSTON - In newly released recordings, U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy expresses his frustration over the way a failed 2007 immigration bill was handled in the Senate and the secretive approach President Bill Clinton took on his failed universal health care proposal, which Kennedy called a "catastrophic mistake."

  • Court grants Filipino general reprieve from removal from US 
    Updated: Sep-29-15 8:50 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - A Filipino general accused of trying to overthrow the Philippine government in the late 1980s won a reprieve Tuesday from an immigration board's order that he be removed from the United States.

  • Progressive leaders speak out against immigration bill 
    Updated: Sep-28-15 10:11 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - A bill that would prohibit communities from becoming so-called sanctuaries for people in the country illegally and that would limit the types of acceptable personal identification will cause distrust between police and the communities they serve, progressive and immigrant groups said Monday.

  • LA, others let immigration agents in the jails, rules vary story has photos
    Updated: Sep-28-15 2:22 pm

    LOS ANGELES - After a backlash to immigration enforcement in U.S. jails, local sheriffs' agencies are coming up with new ways to assist federal efforts to ensure immigrants with serious criminal convictions aren't released back onto the streets.

  • Ocean Springs woman admits to acting as immigration lawyer 
    Updated: Sep-25-15 10:59 am

    NEW ORLEANS - An Ocean Springs woman has admitted acting as an immigration attorney, although she wasn't licensed to practice law.

  • Immigration agents given access to Los Angeles County jails 
    Updated: Sep-23-15 2:11 pm

    LOS ANGELES - Federal immigration agents will return to Los Angeles County jails on a limited basis to identify deportable inmates under a policy announced Tuesday by Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

  • Immigration detainers often issued by California center 
    Updated: Sep-19-15 11:23 am

    LAGUNA NIGUEL, California - Sitting in a narrow strip of gray cubicles in a suburban California office, immigration agents and analysts quickly scroll through computer databases to try to determine which inmates sitting in jails across the country should be deported.

  • Missouri lawmakers cut jobless benefits, limit minimum wages 
    Updated: Sep-17-15 12:30 am

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - Missouri's Republican-led Legislature put a conservative stamp on state employment laws Wednesday, voting to cut unemployment benefits to one of the shortest periods nationally while also outlawing local minimum wage increases.

  • The Latest: Missouri lawmakers ban local minimum wages 
    Updated: Sep-17-15 12:09 am

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - The latest on the Missouri legislative session occurring Wednesday to consider overriding vetoes made by Gov. Jay Nixon (all times local):

  • Bill would limit immigration enforcement cooperation 
    Updated: Sep-16-15 7:09 pm

    BOSTON - Immigration activists are pressing state lawmakers to pass legislation that would limit how much local police departments can cooperate with requests by federal immigration officers to maintain custody of people suspected of being in the country illegally.

  • Homeland secretary blasts sanctuary policies 
    Updated: Sep-15-15 8:57 pm

    SAN FRANCISCO - Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Tuesday criticized policies such as the one in San Francisco against generally cooperating with immigration officials, calling the stances counterproductive and unacceptable.

  • Big jump in number of immigrants losing health law coverage story has photos
    Updated: Sep-12-15 2:03 am

    WASHINGTON - A change in government procedures has led to a big jump in people losing coverage under the Obama health care law because of immigration and citizenship issues.

  • Correction: Immigrant Scholarships story 
    Updated: Sep-10-15 6:45 pm

    JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri - In a story Sept. 6 about proposed legislation on a Missouri scholarship program, The Associated Press reported erroneous information about who can receive the A+ Scholarship and whether all recipients' tuition would be covered. The Department of Higher Education says all students will be reimbursed for tuition. It also says a new agency rule means those who are legally present in the U.S. can receive the scholarship.