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Stories with subject: Poisoning
  • Tests on meatballs after dogs poisoned 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 8:40 am
  • GUNBARREL, Colorado - Two meatballs suspected of being poisoned have been sent to a laboratory at Colorado State University for chemical testing and another will be tested for human DNA after as many as three dogs were suspected of being poisoned at a Gunbarrel park.

  • 3 S. Idaho family members hospitalized 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 4:55 pm
  • BURLEY, Idaho - Authorities in south-central Idaho say a girl and her parents have been flown to a hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Cyanide poisoning in suicide shuts neighborhood 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 5:43 am
  • FAIRFIELD, Connecticut - Fairfield fire officials say a man who committed suicide by drinking potassium cyanide prompted a hazardous materials alert that shut part of a neighborhood.

  • 1 hospitalized after carbon dioxide poisoning 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 8:49 pm
  • ROCHESTER, Minnesota - A Rochester bar employee is hospitalized after being overcome by carbon dioxide from the restaurant's pop machine.

  • U of Chicago student died of alcohol poisoning 
    Updated: Apr-14-14 1:28 pm
  • CHICAGO - The Cook County medical examiner says a University of Chicago student found dead in his campus dorm room in February died of alcohol poisoning.

  • Son of Ala mayor, reality personality dies 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 3:55 pm
  • ALBERTVILLE, Alabama - Authorities say accidental carbon monoxide poisoning killed a man who was the son of a north Alabama mayor and a reality television personality.

  • Sentencing date set in Miss. poisoned letters case 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 12:34 pm
  • JACKSON, Mississippi - A federal judge has set a May 14 sentencing date for a Mississippi man who pleaded guilty to making ricin and sending letters dusted with the poison to President Barack Obama and other officials.

  • Child bride forced to marry poisons groom 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 11:10 am
  • KANO, Nigeria - A child bride forced into marriage in Nigeria killed a groom and three of his friends with a poisoned meal, police said Thursday.

  • Fla. could pay man who spent 2 decades in prison 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 8:22 pm
  • TALLAHASSEE, Florida - More than 40 years after James Richardson was wrongfully convicted of the horrific crime of poisoning his seven children, the state of Florida may finally make amends.

  • Experts decode germs' DNA to fight food poisoning 
    Updated: Apr-06-14 8:02 am
  • WASHINGTON - Chances are you've heard of mapping genes to diagnose rare diseases, predict your risk of cancer and tell your ancestry. But to uncover food poisonings?

  • China sentences 2 to death in fatal poisoning 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 3:44 am
  • BEIJING - A Chinese kindergarten headmaster and a man were sentenced to death in a poisoning case that left two girls dead, state media reported Saturday.

  • Idaho to poison ravens in bid to aid sage grouse 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 1:38 pm
  • TWIN FALLS, Idaho - State wildlife officials plan to spend up to $100,000 during the next two years poisoning ravens in three Idaho areas in an attempt to boost sage grouse populations.

  • Tainted food suspected in Pa. school trip illness 
    Updated: Mar-31-14 10:17 am
  • FRIENDSVILLE, Maryland - Maryland public health officials are investigating the cause of nausea and vomiting that struck high school students aboard a bus returning to Uniontown, Pennsylvania, from Washington, D.C. over the weekend.

  • Ohio man's 18 dogs poisoned with antifreeze 
    Updated: Mar-30-14 3:01 pm
  • GRATIOT, Ohio - Authorities say an Ohio man's 18 dogs were poisoned with antifreeze, and that one of them has died.

  • Coroner: Berezovsky death remains unexplained 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 2:19 pm
  • LONDON - Boris Berezovsky's death remains unexplained, a British coroner said Thursday, saying it wasn't possible to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt whether the self-exiled Russian tycoon and opponent of President Vladimir Putin was killed or committed suicide.

  • E-cigarettes send 79 kids to Utah hospitals 
    Updated: Mar-23-14 5:46 pm
  • SALT LAKE CITY - The number of children under the age of 6 who have been sent to Utah hospitals after using electronic cigarettes is on the rise, according to the Utah Poison Control Center.

  • 2 children die in Chinese kindergarten poisoning 
    Updated: Mar-21-14 12:19 am
  • BEIJING - Two children died and another 30 were sickened in a mass poisoning at a kindergarten in southwestern China, authorities said Friday.

  • Coroner: Poison gas killed 4 in Forest 
    Updated: Mar-20-14 5:17 pm
  • FOREST, Mississippi - Scott County Coroner Phyllis Irby says carbon monoxide poisoning killed four people whose bodied were found Wednesday in a home near Forest.

  • Palm Springs hotel guest died from carbon monoxide 
    Updated: Mar-19-14 7:44 pm
  • PALM SPRINGS, California - A guest at a Palm Springs hotel room died last fall from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty pool heater, authorities said.

  • Houston mom, aunt charged in toddler alcohol case 
    Updated: Mar-19-14 7:14 am
  • HOUSTON - A 17-year-old Houston mother has been charged with child endangerment after her toddler was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

  • Poisonings from e-cigarette liquid up sharply 
    Updated: Mar-18-14 3:41 pm
  • ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Minnesota Poison Control System officials say they're seeing a sharp increase in the number of young people being harmed by e-cigarette liquid.

  • Fewer cases of child lead poisoning in RI in '13 
    Updated: Mar-17-14 4:21 pm
  • PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island - State health officials are heralding a big drop in the number of childhood lead poisoning cases in Rhode Island last year.

  • Several hospitalized after CO leak in Douglas 
    Updated: Mar-17-14 12:50 pm
  • DOUGLAS, Massachusetts - At least six children and two adults have been taken to the hospital as a precaution after high levels of carbon monoxide were detected at Douglas town hall.