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Stories with subject: War and unrest
  • new storyAid group seeks fact-finding mission over Kunduz strike story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 3:08 pm

    GENEVA - Doctors Without Borders called Wednesday for an independent fact-finding mission to investigate a U.S. airstrike on its hospital in Afghanistan that killed at least 22 people.

  • new storyObama apologizes to aid group for US attack on Afghan clinic story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-07-15 2:59 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama apologized to Doctors Without Borders on Wednesday for the American air attack that killed at least 22 people at a medical clinic in Afghanistan, and said the U.S. would examine military procedures to look for better ways to prevent such incidents.

  • new storyIran lobbied for Russian campaign in Syria , officials say 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 2:58 pm

    BAGHDAD - Iran played an integral role leading up to Russia's move to launch its air campaign in Syria and play a stronger role in Iraq, with one of Tehran's most powerful generals meeting for three hours with President Vladimir Putin to push for intervention, Iraqi government officials tell The Associated Press.

  • new storyThe Latest: Israeli police shoot driver who attempted attack story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 2:36 pm

    JERUSALEM - The latest developments in ongoing tensions between Palestinians and Israelis following days of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank (all times local).

  • new storyRussia fires cruise missiles from warships into Syria story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-07-15 2:36 pm

    DAMASCUS, Syria - Russian warships in the Caspian Sea fired cruise missiles Wednesday as Syrian government troops launched a ground offensive in central Syria in the first major combined air-and-ground assault since Moscow began its military campaign in the country last week.

  • new storyCarter: US not cooperating with Russia against Islamic State story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 2:18 pm

    ROME - U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in his strongest message to date, said Wednesday the U.S.-led coalition will not agree to cooperate with Russia in the fight against the Islamic State and no collaboration is possible as long as Moscow continues to strike other targets.

  • new storyBattling IS, Iraqi Kurdish fighters exposed to mustard gas 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 2:05 pm

    IRBIL, Iraq - Several Iraqi Kurdish troops tested positive for mustard gas after battles this summer with the Islamic State group in northern Iraq, a spokesman for the paramilitary group said Wednesday.

  • Afghanistan says troops hold Kunduz square, calm returning story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 1:32 pm

    KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan troops have regained control of the main square in Kunduz, a strategic northern city briefly seized by the Taliban last week, following intense fighting over the site, Kabul officials said Wednesday.

  • The Latest: US aircraft rerouted over Syria, avoids Russians story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 1:08 pm

    BEIRUT - The latest developments after Syrian troops, emboldened by Russian airstrikes, launch a ground offensive against insurgents (all times local).

  • AP INVESTIGATION: Nuclear black market seeks IS extremists story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-07-15 12:42 pm

    CHISINAU, Moldova - In the backwaters of Eastern Europe, authorities working with the FBI have interrupted four attempts in the past five years by gangs with suspected Russian connections that sought to sell radioactive material to Middle Eastern extremists, The Associated Press has learned. The latest known case came in February this year, when a smuggler offered a huge cache of deadly cesium - enough to contaminate several city blocks - and specifically sought a buyer from the Islamic State group.

  • Nigeria: Female suicide bombers kill 18 including in mosque 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 11:55 am

    DAMATURU, Nigeria - Suicide bombers killed at least 18 people Wednesday in three dawn attacks including in a mosque in the northeastern Nigerian town of Damaturu, officials and witnesses said.

  • Some Syrians chart pre-approved path to European asylum 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 10:07 am

    CRETEIL, France - Her slain husband, bombed-out Damascus home and refugee life are behind her. The recipient of a coveted asylum-seeker visa, Syrian teacher Amena Abomosa is settling into a new life in France with her family. But now what?

  • Did US strike on Afghan clinic exceed combat authority? story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-07-15 9:49 am

    WASHINGTON - The U.S. airstrike on a hospital in Afghanistan, which U.S. officials have called a "mistake," may have exceeded the rules American forces have operated under since their combat mission ended nearly a year ago, officials say.

  • French govt starts anti-jihadi ad campaign to counter IS 
    Updated: Oct-07-15 8:54 am

    PARIS - A new French government ad campaign features mourning families to discourage young people from joining extremists in Syria - an attempt at a counter-narrative against an Islamic State publicity machine that churns out huge amounts of propaganda.

  • Palestinian shot after stabbing Israeli in Jerusalem story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 8:01 am

    JERUSALEM - A Palestinian woman stabbed an Israeli man who then shot and wounded her in Jerusalem's Old City on Wednesday after Israel lifted some of the tight security measures imposed following a series of deadly Palestinian attacks, police said.

  • Dictator's son says Filipinos care less about Marcos abuses story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 7:16 am

    MANILA, Philippines - The son of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos said Wednesday that Filipinos are no longer concerned about human rights abuses committed under his father's rule, angering activists who said he wants people to forget his father's dictatorship, which a popular revolt ended 29 years ago.

  • 4 arrested in connection with Sydney police worker's killing story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 5:23 am

    SYDNEY - Police arrested four people Wednesday in connection with the slaying of a civilian police worker in a Sydney suburb that officials have said they believe was linked to terrorism.

  • US experts warn plutonium stocks could soar in East Asia story has photos
    Updated: Oct-07-15 4:35 am

    WASHINGTON - Experts warn that Northeast Asia could see a dangerous growth in stocks of weapons-usable plutonium - and U.S. lawmakers say Obama administration policies could be making matters worse.

  • UN envoy says peace process is 'back on track' in Mali 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 6:35 pm

    UNITED NATIONS - The U.N. envoy for Mali said Tuesday "the peace process is back on track" after violence in August threatened to disrupt an agreement between the government and separatist rebels.

  • New generation of disillusioned Palestinians drives unrest story has photos
    Updated: Oct-06-15 6:26 pm

    SURDA, West Bank - A new generation of angry, disillusioned Palestinians is driving the current wave of clashes with Israeli forces: Too young to remember the hardships of life during Israel's clampdown on the last major uprising, they have lost faith in statehood through negotiations, distrust their political leaders and believe Israel only understands force.

  • Prosecutor: Burkina Faso coup leader formally charged 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 5:56 pm

    OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso - A military prosecutor says the general who took power after last month's coup now has been formally charged along with one other formal top official accused of supporting the overthrow of Burkina Faso's government.

  • Syrian rebels face a new reality amid Russian air campaign 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 5:32 pm

    BEIRUT - The U.S.-backed rebel group Tajammu Alezzah has been fighting the Syrian military outside the city of Hama for months, but a new player has joined the fray: Russian warplanes, which have repeatedly hit their front-line positions, followed by airstrikes from government planes.

  • Senate moves ahead on defense bill facing veto threat 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 3:43 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Senate moved forward Tuesday on a sweeping, $612 billion defense policy bill despite a presidential veto threat stemming from larger budget disputes that have hamstrung Washington.

  • Somalia's extremists vow violence against British troops 
    Updated: Oct-06-15 2:46 pm

    NAIROBI, Kenya - A spokesman for Somalia's Islamic extremists says their rebels will fight the British troops that are to be deployed to the country as peacekeepers.

  • Russian entry into Syria's air wars raises worries story has photos
    Updated: Oct-06-15 2:04 pm

    WASHINGTON - Russia's entry into the crowded and sometimes uncoordinated air wars in Syria is making the U.S. increasingly nervous, reflecting concern at the Pentagon and in Europe about the risk of accidents or unintended conflict.