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Stories with subject: Embassies
  • Kerry visits Somalia; 1st such trip for a secretary of state story has photos
    Updated: May-05-15 8:28 am

    MOGADISHU, Somalia - Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced trip to Somalia Tuesday in a show of solidarity with a government trying to defeat al-Qaida-allied militants and end decades of war in the African country. He is the first top U.S. diplomat ever to visit Somalia.

  • Report: 'Legal firewall' shields Chinese firms from lawsuits 
    Updated: May-05-15 8:04 am

    WASHINGTON - Chinese companies are shielding themselves from lawsuits in America, denying U.S. businesses and investors their day in court, a report from a federal watchdog says.

  • Former CIA leader defends drone strikes, torture 
    Updated: May-04-15 2:57 pm

    WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama ordered a barrage of CIA drone strikes in Yemen in 2013 that killed the al-Qaida operatives behind the most serious plotting against American interests in years, a former CIA leader says in a new memoir that broadly defends the targeted killing of terrorists.

  • US gives $45 million to help Kenya with refugee crisis story has photos
    Updated: May-04-15 12:56 pm

    NAIROBI, Kenya - The United States said Monday it will give $45 million to help Kenya deal with an increasingly complex refugee crisis in a region long defined by Somalia's endemic violence, but where war in nearby Yemen is now creating conditions so dire that some people are even fleeing to Somalia.

  • US seeks to compensate victims of Sudan, Iran and Cuba 
    Updated: May-01-15 2:34 pm

    NEW YORK - The U.S. government announced a system Friday to compensate people harmed by Sudan, Iran and Cuba using some of the $8.9 billion forfeited by France's largest bank for violating U.S. economic sanctions by processing transactions for clients in blacklisted countries.

  • Last US Marines to leave Saigon describe chaos of war's end story has photos
    Updated: Apr-30-15 12:54 pm

    HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam - As the Marines scrambled to the roof of the U.S. Embassy, they locked a chain-link gate on every other floor to slow the throng of panicked Vietnamese civilians sure to come behind them. They knew if the crowd pushed through to the top, they could easily be overrun by hundreds of people desperate to get a seat on one of the last helicopters out of Saigon.

  • Texas mom anxiously awaits return of daughter from Nepal 
    Updated: Apr-28-15 6:49 pm

    MERIT, Texas - In earthquake-ravaged Nepal, Danielle Banks waits in the relative safety of the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu.

  • Liberians appeal to international community on trafficking story has photos
    Updated: Apr-28-15 2:59 pm

    MONROVIA, Liberia - Protesters gathered Tuesday in front of the U.S. Embassy in Liberia's capital, asking the American government to put pressure on Liberian officials to bring back some 60 Liberian young women allegedly trafficked into Lebanon between 2011 and 2012.

  • Swedish top court allows Assange to appeal detention order 
    Updated: Apr-28-15 1:40 pm

    HELSINKI - Sweden's highest court decided Tuesday to allow Julian Assange to appeal a detention order against the WikiLeaks founder over allegations of sex crimes.

  • Police: Pakistan guard shoots, kills himself at US Consulate 
    Updated: Apr-28-15 8:01 am

    LAHORE, Pakistan - A Pakistani private guard shot and killed himself Tuesday in front of the U.S. Consulate in the eastern city of Lahore, police said.

  • As war rages at home, thousands from Yemen stranded in Egypt 
    Updated: Apr-28-15 5:20 am

    CAIRO - As a Shiite rebel offensive and Saudi-led airstrikes rage on in Yemen, thousands of Yemenis remain stuck in Egypt, unable to return home.

  • Uruguay urges ex-Guantanamo detainees to sign for housing story has photos
    Updated: Apr-27-15 7:38 pm

    MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - Uruguay's foreign minister said Monday that six former Guantanamo Bay detainees resettled here will be out of a house and off public assistance unless they agree to terms they have so far rejected, the latest in an increasingly public battle over who is financially responsible for the men and for how long.

  • Ex-Guantanamo detainees in Uruguay protest at US Embassy story has photos
    Updated: Apr-24-15 11:08 pm

    MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - Four freed Guantanamo Bay detainees protested in front of the U.S. Embassy on Friday night, saying they were angry about being asked to leave a Uruguayan hotel that had been housing them and demanding Washington help them financially.

  • Poland protests Mattel game that refers to 'Nazi Poland' 
    Updated: Apr-24-15 10:02 am

    WARSAW, Poland - The Polish government has demanded that toy producer Mattel recall a party game and correct a card that refers to "Nazi Poland," officials said Friday.

  • Employee detained after fire at British embassy in The Hague 
    Updated: Apr-21-15 12:07 pm

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Police detained a Dutch employee of the British embassy in The Hague on Tuesday on suspicion of involvement in a blaze at the diplomatic post that was being treated as a possible case of arson.

  • Norway: Russia minister visit to Arctic island 'regrettable' 
    Updated: Apr-19-15 10:27 am

    HELSINKI - Norway has demanded that Moscow explain why Russia's deputy prime minister visited the Norwegian Arctic Svalbard islands despite sanctions imposed on him by the EU and Norway.

  • Mexico implements plan to save endangered vaquita porpoise 
    Updated: Apr-16-15 8:17 pm

    MEXICO CITY - President Enrique Pena Nieto formally inaugurated a plan Thursday to save the critically endangered vaquita marina, the world's smallest porpoise found only in the Sea of Cortez.

  • Russia criticizes Canada for sending troops to Ukraine 
    Updated: Apr-15-15 3:43 pm

    TORONTO - Russia called Canada's decision to send 200 military trainers to Ukraine "counterproductive and deplorable" on Wednesday.

  • Cubans to open talks about US fugitives as ties warm story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Apr-15-15 3:29 pm

    HAVANA - The U.S. and Cuba will open talks about two of America's most-wanted fugitives as part of a new dialogue about law-enforcement cooperation made possible by President Barack Obama's decision to remove Cuba from a list of state sponsors of terror, the State Department announced Wednesday.

  • Swiss compensate husband of Washington accident victim 
    Updated: Apr-15-15 8:10 am

    BERLIN - The Swiss government says it has reached an agreement to pay $1.725 million in compensation to the husband of a woman who died after being hit by a Swiss Embassy vehicle in Washington.

  • Nicaragua asks US to remove embassy worker over Ebola worry 
    Updated: Apr-13-15 5:26 pm

    MANAGUA, Nicaragua - Nicaragua has asked the United States to remove an embassy worker who was in Liberia because it fears the person may have been exposed to the Ebola virus that has devastated several West African countries.

  • In historic face to face, Obama, Castro vow to turn the page story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Apr-11-15 9:29 pm

    PANAMA CITY - President Barack Obama and Cuba's Raul Castro sat down together Saturday in the first formal meeting of the two country's leaders in a half-century, pledging to reach for the kind of peaceful relationship that has eluded their nations for generations.

  • Cubans welcome historic Castro-Obama meeting, want results story has photos
    Updated: Apr-11-15 7:47 pm

    HAVANA - Cubans hailed Saturday's historic meeting between presidents Raul Castro and Barack Obama but said they want to see ties warm faster between the Cold War foes so that the lives of ordinary people on the island can improve.

  • Text of Obama, Castro in meeting at Summit of the Americas 
    Updated: Apr-11-15 5:13 pm

    Text of remarks by President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro of Cuba at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City, as transcribed by the White House:

  • Ambassador: US handed Cambodia to 'butcher' 40 years ago story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Apr-09-15 11:20 pm

    PARIS - Twelve helicopters, bristling with guns and U.S. Marines, breached the morning horizon and began a daring descent toward Cambodia's besieged capital. Residents believed the Americans were rushing in to save them, but at the U.S. Embassy, in a bleeding city about to die, the ambassador wept.