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Stories with subject: Legislation
  • Senate rejects bill preventing tickets for sleeping in cars 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 7:28 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Lawmakers have rejected a bill that would block California cities and counties from giving parking tickets to people found sleeping in legally parked cars.

  • Bill would ban naming public sites after Confederate leaders 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 7:05 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - California lawmakers on Monday advanced a bill to ban schools, parks and other public property from being named after elected leaders or senior military officers of the Confederacy.

  • Senate panel says no to request for lt. gov's correspondence 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 6:12 pm

    JACKSON, Mississippi - Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves' email and other correspondence are not public records that are subject to disclosure, the Mississippi Senate Rules Committee said Monday. Leaders of a group promoting a school funding amendment disagreed.

  • Atlantic City casinos urge Christie to sign rescue bills 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 4:16 pm

    ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey - Atlantic City's casinos say Gov. Chris Christie's delay in signing a financial assistance package could hurt the city's taxpayers.

  • Rauner signs law toughening penalties on drunk drivers 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 1:54 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois will begin putting ignition locking devices on the vehicles of drivers with two or more drunken driving convictions.

  • Correction: LULAC-Board Dispute story 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 1:52 pm

    ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico - In a story July 21 about a New Mexico Democrat's elected position with LULAC, The Associated Press reported that the LULAC's bylaws prohibit elected officials from serving on the national board if they receive "wage compensation or enumeration." LULAC National Executive Director Brent A. Wilkes said there was a typo in the bylaws and it should have said "wage compensation or remuneration."

  • Illinois' history museum is latest target in political fight 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 1:08 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - The skeleton of a massive mastodon, thousands of Native American artifacts and a giant shark could be the next casualties in an increasingly ugly fight over Illinois' state budget that has dragged on for months with no sign of ending.

  • Indian scholar who criticized idol worship murdered at home 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 10:07 am

    NEW DELHI - Following a knock at his front door, an Indian scholar greeted two unidentified visitors and was shot in the head and the chest, becoming the third critic of religious superstition to be killed in the country in three years.

  • Japan seeks biggest-ever defense budget amid China concerns 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 7:55 am

    TOKYO - Japan's Defense Ministry wants to buy an advanced Aegis radar-equipped destroyer and more F-35 fighters under its largest-ever budget to bolster the defense of southern islands amid a territorial dispute with China.

  • Mothers, students join Japan's protests over security bills story has photos
    Updated: Aug-31-15 1:10 am

    TOKYO - Mothers holding their children's hands stood in the sprinkling rain, some carrying anti-war placards, while students chanted slogans to the beat of a drum against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his defense policies.

  • Relatives mad after court blocks suits over hospital deaths 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 4:55 pm

    CHILLICOTHE, Missouri - Relatives are outraged after the Missouri Supreme Court decided wrongful death litigation can't go forward against a northwest Missouri hospital where a nurse is accused of intentionally killing patients more than a decade ago.

  • Loophole in state electric car tax law 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 2:46 pm

    CHEYENNE, Wyoming - A new state law requiring owners of electric cars to pay a fee has an unintended loophole that one lawmaker says should be fixed.

  • Exelon mulls closure of unprofitable Quad Cities nuke plant story has photos
    Updated: Aug-30-15 12:01 pm

    CHICAGO - The owner of Illinois' 11 nuclear reactors must decide next month whether to close its Quad Cities plant, one of three generating stations Exelon Corp. has said are in danger of closing if lawmakers don't approve a surcharge on electric bills to boost profits.

  • New ND law bolsters student journalists' free speech rights 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 12:01 pm

    Journalism students returning to North Dakota public schools this fall will be able to do their jobs at high school and college newspapers with stronger free-speech protections thanks to a new state law that observers are hoping will also spur changes nationwide.

  • Elections board to stop enforcing aggregate limit for donors 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 10:40 am

    PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island - Rhode Island's Board of Elections says it won't enforce a campaign finance law that a major Republican donor says he intentionally violated to prod the state into acknowledging it's unconstitutional.

  • Higher marriage fees, prison reforms among new Nebraska laws 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 10:38 am

    LINCOLN, Nebraska - A host of new laws took effect Sunday in Nebraska, leading to changes ranging from costlier marriage licenses to expanded opportunities for nonviolent prisoners to be released for parole and probation.

  • Administrative rule would allow community members to teach 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 7:07 pm

    BISMARCK, North Dakota - Gov. Jack Dalrymple is expected to sign off on an emergency administrative rule change that will allow community members to temporarily fill vacant teaching positions.

  • Kansas headed toward another school finance debate next year 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 3:14 pm

    TOPEKA, Kansas - Five months after a new law for funding public schools took effect in Kansas, legislators and education officials are talking about drafting another one next year.

  • Pro teams push California to offer high-stakes raffles story has photos
    Updated: Aug-29-15 2:26 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - The pitch is for charity, but the call could favor California's professional sports teams.

  • Illinois will be first state to lock painkiller pill bottles 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 1:55 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois will be the first state in the country to test out a pilot program that will put locking devices on some prescription painkillers to make it harder for people to abuse the drugs.

  • New bill would ban minors from using tanning beds story has photos
    Updated: Aug-29-15 11:19 am

    MADISON, Wisconsin - Children of all ages would be barred from using tanning beds in Wisconsin under a bill moving through the state Legislature.

  • After TV slaying, reporter's dad finds voice on gun control story has photos
    Updated: Aug-28-15 6:30 pm

    COLLINSVILLE, Virginia - Andy Parker's resolve to fight for gun control formed in the hours after his daughter was shot and killed on live television. In his first interviews after the tragedy, he briefly mentioned the issue as he eulogized Alison. By Friday, he was pledging a full-scale fight for tougher gun laws on national TV.

  • Arkansas attorney general: Law allows 'open carry' of guns 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 6:29 pm

    LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas - A 2013 Arkansas law allows people to openly carry handguns if they don't plan on using them illegally against someone, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge said Friday, contrasting with her Democratic predecessor's stance.

  • Ruling threatens sex offender laws in 40 Massachusetts towns 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 3:18 pm

    BOSTON - The highest court in Massachusetts upheld a judge's decision Friday to throw out a local law that severely restricts where sex offenders can live in the city of Lynn, a ruling that could have broad implications for about 40 other communities.

  • EPA: Clean water rule in effect despite court ruling story has photos
    Updated: Aug-28-15 3:02 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Environmental Protection Agency says it is going forward with a new federal rule to protect small streams, tributaries and wetlands, despite a court ruling that blocked the measure in 13 central and Western states.