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Stories with subject: Bribery, graft and conflicts of interest
  • Conviction of ex-speaker sends NY politics into turmoil story has photos
    Updated: Dec-01-15 11:10 am

    ALBANY, New York - The conviction of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has shaken New York politics down to the granite foundations of the state Capitol, provoking fresh calls to overhaul a system that has stubbornly clung to its long history of corruption.

  • Authorities: Former court clerk, acquaintance took bribes 
    Updated: Dec-01-15 6:11 am

    DETROIT - Authorities say a former court clerk and a longtime acquaintance took about $20,000 in bribes to dismiss more than $40,000 in traffic tickets and fines.

  • Arizona attorney general seeks ouster of utility regulator 
    Updated: Nov-30-15 3:05 pm

    PHOENIX - A member of the Arizona Corporation Commission should be removed from office because she is a registered lobbyist for cable companies regulated by the panel, the state attorney general said Monday.

  • Brazil House Speaker denies bribery reports 
    Updated: Nov-30-15 2:37 pm

    RIO DE JANEIRO - The embattled speaker of Brazil's House of Representatives has vehemently denied reports that a document seized in a corruption probe suggests he received nearly $12 million to support legislation favoring a top investment bank.

  • Vietnam passes law abolishing death penalty for 7 crimes 
    Updated: Nov-27-15 1:45 am

    HANOI, Vietnam - Death sentences imposed on corrupt Vietnamese officials will now be commuted to life in prison if they pay back at least 75 percent of the illegal money they made.

  • Vanishing China execs a vexatious mystery for HK market story has photos
    Updated: Nov-25-15 8:28 am

    HONG KONG - The chairman of the Hong Kong arm of one of China's biggest securities companies goes missing. The head of another firm resurfaces after months incommunicado. An executive at a film studio is detained for allegedly taking bribes.

  • 5 charged in $580M Southern California kickback scheme 
    Updated: Nov-24-15 7:25 pm

    LOS ANGELES - Five people, including a former hospital executive and two surgeons, are charged with a massive kickback scheme that resulted in billing $580 million to the government and insurance companies, authorities announced Tuesday.

  • FIFA ethics committee seeks life ban against Michel Platini story has photos
    Updated: Nov-24-15 12:23 pm

    PARIS - The FIFA ethics committee has requested a life ban for Michel Platini, the Frenchman's lawyer said Tuesday, a move that would rule the UEFA president out of the race to succeed Sepp Blatter.

  • Kenya president declares corruption national security threat 
    Updated: Nov-23-15 9:43 am

    NAIROBI, Kenya - Kenya's president on Monday declared corruption a national security threat and he presented a raft of measures to fight the graft that is endemic in East Africa's largest economy.

  • New York lawmakers slow to address corruption despite trials story has photos
    Updated: Nov-21-15 10:23 am

    ALBANY, New York - Two of the most powerful men in New York state government are on trial for corruption at the same time. Voter turnout is lower than it's been in decades. And polls show the public is as distrustful as it is apathetic.

  • Detective whose story is featured in McFarland USA arrested 
    Updated: Nov-20-15 4:56 pm

    FRESNO, California - A California police detective who was a member of the championship 1987 track team depicted in the movie McFarland USA has been charged with tipping off a drug dealer in return for more than $15,000 in bribes over three years, federal authorities announced Friday in Bakersfield.

  • Former prison guard gets 2 years for accepting bribes 
    Updated: Nov-20-15 2:43 pm

    OCALA, Florida - A former corrections officer at a federal prison in central Florida has been sentenced to two years in prison for accepting bribes.

  • Suspended officer indicted on bribery, menacing charges 
    Updated: Nov-20-15 10:31 am

    ELYRIA, Ohio - A northeast Ohio police officer has been indicted on charges including bribery, menacing by stalking and tampering with evidence.

  • Former New York auto clerk gets probation for taking bribes 
    Updated: Nov-20-15 3:05 am

    BUFFALO, New York - A former New York auto bureau clerk has avoided jail for accepting bribes to help people get learner's permits.

  • Federal prison guard in Virginia sentenced for bribery 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 3:55 pm

    RICHMOND, Virginia - A guard at the federal prison in Petersburg has been sentenced to one year and six months for taking bribes in exchange for smuggling cigarettes to inmates.

  • Oklahoma man gets 1-year prison sentence for bribery scheme 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 10:44 am

    OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma man has been sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to bribe workers at military installations in Oklahoma and Texas.

  • Councilman faces bribery charge for trying to get 15K 
    Updated: Nov-19-15 5:41 am

    BLOOMFIELD, New Jersey - A northern New Jersey councilman has been arrested on charges he told a business owner he needed to pay $15,000 or the township wouldn't purchase his property.

  • Restaurant owner pleads not guilty to bribing ex-Speaker Fox 
    Updated: Nov-18-15 2:54 pm

    PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island - A restaurant owner charged with bribing former state House Speaker Gordon Fox pleaded not guilty Wednesday to paying the Democratic politician more than $50,000 to ensure his business got a liquor license.

  • Doctor sentenced in New Jersey lab referral scheme 
    Updated: Nov-18-15 2:20 pm

    NEWARK, New Jersey - A Long Island doctor has been sentenced to prison for his role in a bribery scheme involving a New Jersey lab.

  • Editorials from around New York 
    Updated: Nov-18-15 10:41 am

    Recent editorials of statewide and national interest from New York's newspapers:

  • Mood for change: Demonstrators demand clean Romania story has photos
    Updated: Nov-08-15 1:48 pm

    BUCHAREST, Romania - A nightclub fire in Bucharest that killed at least 45 people became the tipping point for many Romanians who have long been frustrated with corruption among leaders. But as the government resigned amid street protests this week, many remained skeptical that the leaderless street movement will succeed in doing away with the old order.

  • Russia, track & field to be targeted in Pound's WADA report story has photos
    Updated: Nov-08-15 11:42 am

    GENEVA - A World Anti-Doping Agency panel will deliver its findings Monday into allegations of extortion and cover-ups involving Russian doping - a report that one of the investigators said exposes "a whole different scale of corruption" from the FIFA scandal.

  • Sharm el-Sheikh airport officials reveal porous security 
    Updated: Nov-07-15 6:21 pm

    CAIRO - The airport at Egypt's resort of Sharm el-Sheikh has long seen gaps in security, including a key baggage scanning device that often is not functioning and lax searches at an entry gate for food and fuel for the planes, security officials at the airport told The Associated Press.

  • US court orders resentencing for former state Senate leader 
    Updated: Nov-06-15 4:43 pm

    OKLAHOMA CITY - A federal appeals court on Friday ordered that the former leader of the Oklahoma Senate be resentenced for a bribery conviction, ruling that his probation sentence was "little more than a slap on the wrist" and deserves prison time.

  • Things to know about doping in Russia 
    Updated: Nov-06-15 4:27 am

    MOSCOW - Allegations that Russian athletes have routinely doped their way to success in major competitions and tried to cover up positive drug tests have shaken the world of track and field.