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Stories with subject: Nazism
  • Figures of French Resistance inducted into Paris Pantheon story has photos
    Updated: May-27-15 1:19 pm

    PARIS - France is honoring four people who resisted the Nazis during World War II by inducting them into Paris' Pantheon mausoleum, in a rare and highly symbolic ceremony aimed at uniting the French against extremism and anti-Semitism.

  • Romanian mayor arrested for bribes, quits ruling party 
    Updated: May-27-15 6:55 am

    BUCHAREST, Romania - A former Romanian mayor who once dressed in a Nazi uniform at a fashion show has quit the ruling party weeks after he was arrested and charged with taking bribes.

  • Myanmar's Suu Kyi is missing from global meeting on Rohingya story has photos
    Updated: May-26-15 1:21 pm

    YANGON, Myanmar - An international gathering about the plight of Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya Muslims boasts a star-studded cast, with three Nobel Peace Prize laureates among those calling on the world to wake up to the unfolding tragedy.

  • Dutch prime minister thanks American liberators 
    Updated: May-24-15 11:20 am

    MARGRATEN, Netherlands - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid tribute Sunday at a Memorial Day ceremony to U.S. troops who fought and died liberating the Netherlands from Nazi occupation in World War II, while NATO's supreme commander said the fight to defend freedom continues to this day.

  • Marker commemorating Greensboro Massacre to be dedicated 
    Updated: May-23-15 3:28 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Clearly, the deaths of five communists in November 1979 in a housing project in Greensboro were a tragedy. But beyond that, what word best describes those deaths?

  • Once expelled by France, Cohn-Bendit gets French nationality 
    Updated: May-23-15 2:17 pm

    PARIS - German Green party politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit has been granted French citizenship nearly a half century after being expelled from France during the May 1968 student uprising.

  • Nazi-looted painting from Gurlitt art trove to go on sale 
    Updated: May-22-15 11:56 am

    LONDON - A painting that was seized by the Nazis and only recently returned to the Jewish owner's heirs is going on auction.

  • Czech reality show lets family experience Nazi occupation 
    Updated: May-22-15 11:20 am

    PRAGUE - A new reality show in the Czech Republic has let a family of seven experience what it was like living under Nazi occupation during World War II.

  • Dutch art sleuth helps German police track down Nazi art story has photos
    Updated: May-22-15 8:44 am

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands - A Dutch art sleuth best known for identifying works looted from Jewish owners by the Nazis said he helped German police recover two massive bronze horse sculptures crafted for Adolf Hitler, as more details emerged Friday about an amazing trove of Nazi-era art seized by authorities this week.

  • Dunkirk marks 75 years since massive Allied rescue mission 
    Updated: May-22-15 6:23 am

    DUNKIRK, France - Veterans and European officials are marking 75 years since a huge operation to evacuate 338,000 troops trapped by advancing Nazi troops from the shores of Dunkirk in northern France, one of the most dramatic moments in British military history.

  • German lawmakers agree to symbolic payments to Soviet POWs 
    Updated: May-20-15 1:03 pm

    BERLIN - German lawmakers have agreed to make symbolic payments to former Soviet prisoners of war in acknowledgement of their suffering at the hands of the Nazis.

  • German black market art probe finds 2 Hitler horse statues 
    Updated: May-20-15 12:11 pm

    BERLIN - A German investigation into black market art has recovered two bronze horse statues that once stood in front of Adolf Hitler's grand chancellery building in Berlin as well as other Nazi-era pieces that had been lost for decades.

  • Lithuanian power grid has dark secret buried in Soviet past story has photos
    Updated: May-19-15 1:16 pm

    VILNIUS, Lithuania - Giedrius Sakalauskas always thought there was something strange about the graffiti-sprayed, bunker-like structure in a leafy area outside the center of Vilnius.

  • Painting looted by Nazis causes US extradition fight 
    Updated: May-18-15 7:32 pm

    NEW YORK - A Russian art dealer living in New York is fighting extradition to Poland to face charges he's in possession of a painting looted by the Nazis.

  • Matisse work from art trove returned to owner's heirs 
    Updated: May-15-15 7:31 am

    BERLIN - A Matisse painting that was looted by the Nazis and became part of a German collector's long-hidden trove was handed over on Friday to the heirs of a Jewish art dealer.

  • Serb court voids treason conviction of WWII general 
    Updated: May-14-15 12:53 pm

    BELGRADE, Serbia - To the cheers of supporters, a Serbian court on Thursday voided the treason conviction of Gen. Draza Mihailovic for his collaboration with Nazis during World War II, politically rehabilitating the controversial Serbian guerrilla commander almost 70 years after he was sentenced and shot to death by communists.

  • Russian teen faces prosecution over Nazi post 
    Updated: May-13-15 7:26 am

    MOSCOW - Prosecutors in southern Russia are investigating a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of posting remarks on social media in support of the 1939 Nazi invasion of Poland.

  • Peter Gay, intellectual historian, dead at age 91 
    Updated: May-12-15 2:22 pm

    NEW YORK - Peter Gay, a popular and prize-winning historian who meticulously traced the rise of secular Western thought, from a prize-winning history of the Enlightenment to a best-selling biography of Sigmund Freud, has died.

  • Ukraine erases communist reminders as it tries to ditch past story has photos
    Updated: May-12-15 4:28 am

    KIEV, Ukraine - A hulking steel statue of a victorious female warrior bearing aloft sword and shield looms in dour majesty over the Ukrainian capital. The Motherland Monument's shield bears the Communist hammer-and-sickle, but maybe not for much longer.

  • Oklahoma lawmakers call on school to return stolen Pissarro 
    Updated: May-11-15 4:37 pm

    OKLAHOMA CITY - More than two dozen Oklahoma legislators signed a resolution Monday calling for the University of Oklahoma to return a painting by Pissarro that was stolen by the Nazis during World War II and to research whether any of its other works may have been stolen.

  • Israel assigns bodyguard to new minister after online threat 
    Updated: May-11-15 9:26 am

    JERUSALEM - Israel's parliament has assigned a bodyguard to protect the incoming justice minister after she received death threats and was depicted in a Nazi uniform on social media.

  • Survivors recount Nazi camp horrors at liberation memorial story has photos
    Updated: May-10-15 2:34 pm

    MAUTHAUSEN, Austria - Many people were worked to death or starved. Others were gassed or killed by injection. But of all the ways to die at Mauthausen, Austria's largest concentration camp, one method in particular reflected the horrible cynicism of the Nazis in charge.

  • UK: Impact of Miliband brothers split still felt by Labour story has photos
    Updated: May-10-15 12:46 pm

    LONDON - They were two very talented brothers with so much potential. The older one was poised to become the leader of Britain's Labour Party, with a chance to become prime minister, while the younger was expected to rise with his brother to the highest ranks of the country's political arena.

  • Putin takes swipe at US in Victory Day speech story has photos
    Updated: May-09-15 10:28 am

    MOSCOW - Russia showed off new machines of war, including a highly sophisticated tank, on Saturday in the annual Victory Day military parade through Red Square that marks the surrender of Nazi Germany and the Red Army's key role in the defeat.

  • Thousands mark war's end at Soviet memorial in Berlin 
    Updated: May-09-15 8:10 am

    BERLIN - Several thousand people have gathered at the biggest of Berlin's Soviet war memorials to mark the surrender of Nazi Germany, among them Russia's ambassador and bikers wearing the colors of the nationalist Night Wolves group.