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Stories with subject: Genetics
  • Boom in gene-editing studies amid ethics debate over its use story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-09-15 12:09 pm

    WASHINGTON - The hottest tool in biology has scientists using words like revolutionary as they describe the long-term potential: wiping out certain mosquitoes that carry malaria, treating genetic diseases like sickle cell, preventing babies from inheriting a life-threatening disorder.

  • Study: Eurasian farmers migrated to Africa 3,000 years ago 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 3:50 pm

    BERLIN - Scientists say they have extracted ancient DNA from the skull of a man buried in the highlands of Ethiopia 4,500 years ago that supports the theory that Eurasian farmers migrated into Africa some 3,000 years ago.

  • Why is elephant cancer rare? Answer might help treat humans story has photos
    Updated: Oct-08-15 12:14 pm

    CHICAGO - Cancer is much less common in elephants than in humans, even though the big beasts' bodies have many more cells. That's a paradox known among scientists, and now researchers think they may have an explanation - one they say might someday lead to new ways to protect people from cancer.

  • 3-state project to look at developing adolescent brains 
    Updated: Oct-08-15 10:50 am

    NEW ORLEANS - Researchers in New Mexico, Nevada and Louisiana are joining in a $5.9 million project to try to understand how adolescent brains develop.

  • Trio wins Nobel Prize for mapping how cells fix DNA damage story has photosstory has video
    Updated: Oct-07-15 9:35 pm

    STOCKHOLM - Tomas Lindahl was eating his breakfast in England on Wednesday when the call came - ostensibly, from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. It occurred to him that this might be a hoax, but then the caller started speaking Swedish.

  • Gene test finds which breast cancer patients can skip chemo story has photos
    Updated: Sep-28-15 7:15 am

    Many women with early-stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy without hurting their odds of beating the disease - good news from a major study that shows the value of a gene-activity test to gauge each patient's risk.

  • Pfizer says it could be leader in cancer with many new drugs 
    Updated: Sep-22-15 4:51 pm

    Drug giant Pfizer is starting 20 clinical trials this year and more soon after on treatments to conquer cancer as it also seeks to gain leadership in one of the hottest, and most lucrative, areas of medicine.

  • Lawmakers to hold hearing on genetically modified food bill 
    Updated: Sep-19-15 3:30 pm

    BOSTON - State lawmakers are planning to hear from the public this week on a bill that would require that all foods sold in Massachusetts containing genetically engineered ingredients be clearly labeled.

  • Wyoming lawmakers to consider resolution endorsing GMO foods 
    Updated: Sep-12-15 2:17 pm

    CHEYENNE, Wyoming - A Wyoming legislative committee is set to consider a resolution that would endorse genetically modified foods as safe and effectively call on Congress to pass pending legislation specifying that only federal agencies - not individual states - may regulate them.