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Stories with subject: Education budgets
  • Massachusetts Senate passes $38 billion state budget 
    Updated: May-22-15 7:19 am

    BOSTON - The Massachusetts Senate passed a $38 billion state budget early Friday that lawmakers say makes critical investments in local aid, education, economic development and services for vulnerable residents of the state.

  • More NC budget changes made before House gives initial OK 
    Updated: May-22-15 12:50 am

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - A solid bipartisan majority in the House gave initial approval Thursday night to the chamber's state budget proposal for the next two years that was buoyed by additional expected funds from a recovering economy for pay raises, reserves and Medicaid.

  • Bill would keep kicker for budget reserves, education 
    Updated: May-21-15 9:52 pm

    SALEM, Oregon - An Oregon Democrat introduced a bill Thursday that would cancel anticipated "kicker" tax rebates and use the money instead for education and the state's reserve fund.

  • Alabama's nearly $6B education budget nears final approval 
    Updated: May-21-15 7:35 pm

    MONTGOMERY, Alabama - Alabama's nearly $6 billion education budget cleared a series of hurdles Thursday and is now nearing final approval.

  • Excerpts from recent Minnesota editorials 
    Updated: May-21-15 6:37 pm

    St. Paul Pioneer Press, May 19

  • Funding impasse has schools preparing for possible crisis 
    Updated: May-21-15 3:59 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Gov. Mark Dayton's veto of an education funding bill means that administrators around the state have to plan for a possible crisis starting July 1.

  • Anchorage School District says it won't lay off teachers 
    Updated: May-21-15 10:54 am

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - After the Anchorage School Board cut about 60 classroom teacher positions from next school year's budget, teachers in the Anchorage School District can be happy knowing they won't be laid off.

  • Special session means 2nd chance for some interests 
    Updated: May-20-15 7:41 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Now that Minnesota lawmakers will be pulled back into action, the second-chance stampede is on.

  • Voters approve 99 percent of New York school budgets 
    Updated: May-20-15 5:02 pm

    ALBANY, New York - New York voters have again approved nearly all school budgets put before them this week.

  • Budget panel debates takeover for some Milwaukee schools 
    Updated: May-20-15 12:37 am

    MADISON, Wisconsin - The Legislature's budget-writing committee is debating a Republican-backed plan that would place the worst-performing Milwaukee Public Schools under control of a commissioner appointed by the county executive who could convert them into private voucher schools or independent charter schools.

  • Republicans to increase school funding, expand vouchers 
    Updated: May-20-15 12:35 am

    MADISON, Wisconsin - Wisconsin public schools would get $100 more per student in the second year of the state budget but lose money when students opt to take a voucher to attend private school, under a Republican-backed proposal the Legislature's budget committee debated Tuesday.

  • Highlights of education proposals in Wisconsin budget 
    Updated: May-20-15 12:28 am

    MADISON, Wisconsin - The Wisconsin Legislature's budget-writing committee on Tuesday unveiled its long-anticipated funding plan related to education issues in the state for the next two years.

  • Lawmakers want to punish teachers who go on strike story has photos
    Updated: May-19-15 9:05 pm

    SEATTLE - After thousands of teachers marched through downtown Seattle on Tuesday as part of a one-day walkout, lawmakers heard testimony in Olympia on a bill that would punish teachers for going on strike.

  • Proposal opens public school sports to private students 
    Updated: May-19-15 8:56 pm

    MADISON, Wisconsin - Home-schooled students and those attending private, virtual or charter schools would have to be allowed to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities at their local public school under a proposal backed by Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature.

  • Ala. House committee approves Education Trust Fund budget 
    Updated: May-19-15 7:54 pm

    MONTGOMERY, Alabama - Alabama's second of two budgets made its way out of committee on Tuesday and will move on to the full House.

  • Committee to reject charter school approval board 
    Updated: May-19-15 3:30 pm

    MADISON, Wisconsin - The Legislature's budget-writing budget committee plans to reject Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to create a new approval board to allow for more independent charter schools that operate outside the control of local public school boards.

  • Final push to avert special session stalled, top GOPer says 
    Updated: May-19-15 1:11 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - A top House Republican says lawmakers offered another $100 million for public schools in an effort to head off Gov. Mark Dayton's looming veto on an education budget.

  • Battle Creek school to close amid drop in enrollment 
    Updated: May-19-15 12:59 am

    BATTLE CREEK, Michigan - Battle Creek Public Schools is closing an elementary school as it faces declining enrollment and a predicted budget deficit.

  • Gov. Bill Walker veto means layoff notices could loom story has photos
    Updated: May-18-15 9:06 pm

    JUNEAU, Alaska - Gov. Bill Walker warned Monday that about 15,000 state employees could be laid off amid a continued budget showdown with the Legislature. A debate also escalated over whether the special session will continue to be held in Juneau or moved to Anchorage.

  • Haslam signs bill overhauling special education funding 
    Updated: May-18-15 7:18 pm

    NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Gov. Bill Haslam has signed a bill that overhauls how severely disabled children are educated in Tennessee. The Individualized Education Act will turn over roughly $6,600 in education funds to parents to help their children.

  • Higher ed budget heads to Dayton; could mean tuition hikes 
    Updated: May-17-15 8:10 pm

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Minnesota's Legislature has passed a bill funding public universities that school officials say will result in tuition increases.

  • Lawmakers solidify spending plan for Nevada's K-12 schools 
    Updated: May-16-15 7:46 pm

    CARSON CITY, Nevada - Nevada lawmakers met Saturday to finalize budgets for K-12 schools and decide how fully they are on board with Gov. Brian Sandoval's ambitious plan to reinvest hundreds of millions of dollars into at-risk students.

  • Dayton says he'll stand firm on education spending 
    Updated: May-16-15 12:25 am

    ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Gov. Mark Dayton says he's standing firm in his insistence that lawmakers spend more on schools and less on potential tax cuts, even if it means a special session.

  • Brown's budget boosts spending for schools, adds tax credit story has photos
    Updated: May-14-15 7:54 pm

    SACRAMENTO, California - Gov. Jerry Brown took a restrained approach in proposing a record $115.3 billion budget Thursday that sends more money to schools and offered what he called a reasonable commitment for a new tax credit to the working poor.

  • Hogan holds firm on $68M in education funds instead of $136M 
    Updated: May-14-15 5:26 pm

    ANNAPOLIS, Maryland - Republican Gov. Larry Hogan held firm Thursday on setting aside $68 million for an education funding formula for parts of the state where costs are higher - half as much as Democrats pushed for in the recent legislative session.