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Stories with subject: Parliamentary elections
  • new storyLondon could get first Muslim mayor in UK local elections story has photos
    Updated: May-05-16 1:10 pm

    LONDON - Londoners cast votes Thursday in an election that could give the city its first Muslim mayor, while voters elsewhere in Britain were expected to punish the main opposition Labour Party in local and regional polls.

  • Lawyer says Iranian cartoonist freed after prison sentence story has photos
    Updated: May-03-16 9:35 am

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - An Iranian cartoonist imprisoned over portraying lawmakers as animals to criticize a draft law restricting contraception and criminalizing voluntary sterilization has been released from prison.

  • Spain king signs decree for unprecedented new elections 
    Updated: May-03-16 4:43 am

    MADRID - Spain's King Felipe VI has signed a decree dissolving parliament and calling elections for June 26 after deputies elected in an inconclusive December election failed to agree on a new prime minister.

  • In London's mayoral race, candidate rejects 'extremism' barb story has photos
    Updated: May-01-16 6:59 am

    LONDON - One is a bus driver's son who grew up in social housing, the other a billionaire's son raised in a mansion. They are two very different London success stories, and one is about to become the city's next mayor.

  • Thousands claim vote rigging by Serbia's ruling populists 
    Updated: Apr-30-16 10:27 am

    BELGRADE, Serbia - Chanting "Thieves! Thieves!," thousands of opposition supporters protested Saturday in front of Serbia's state electoral commission over what their leaders said was widespread vote rigging by the ruling populists.

  • Irish leaders end deadlock, make deal for new government 
    Updated: Apr-29-16 4:13 pm

    DUBLIN - Ireland's age-old political enemies struck a historic deal Friday night to create a fragile new government following an inconclusive election and two months of deadlock.

  • Iran votes in parliamentary runoff as rare shooting wounds 4 story has photos
    Updated: Apr-29-16 12:05 pm

    TEHRAN, Iran - Iranians voted Friday in the country's parliamentary runoff elections, a key poll that will decide how much power allies of moderate President Hassan Rouhani will have in the next legislature after the landmark nuclear deal with world powers.

  • Undercover squad may mean more covering up for Tehran women story has photos
    Updated: Apr-27-16 10:29 am

    TEHRAN, Iran - Tehran resident Sousan Heidari has stopped letting her headscarf slip casually down over her neck and shoulders while driving in the Iranian capital. These days, the 22-year-old with a taste for bold makeup makes sure to pull it tightly over her dark hair, fearful of running afoul of a newly established undercover division of the morality police.

  • New Slovak government wins confidence vote 
    Updated: Apr-26-16 4:21 pm

    BRATISLAVA, Slovakia - The new Slovak government of Prime Minister Robert Fico has won a mandatory vote of confidence in Parliament

  • AP Interview: Georgia prime minister vows course toward West story has photos
    Updated: Apr-25-16 4:22 pm

    WASHINGTON - The prime minister of Georgia vowed that his country would continue moving on a pro-Western course and pledged to hold an honest parliamentary election this fall.

  • Moldovan anti-government protesters scuffle with police 
    Updated: Apr-24-16 2:34 pm

    CHSINAU, Moldova - Protesters scuffled with police who fired tear gas at them Sunday during a march in the Moldovan capital attended by thousands who were demanding the resignation of the government and early elections. More than a dozen people were injured.

  • Spain PM holds first talks with Catalan pro-secession leader story has photos
    Updated: Apr-20-16 4:54 pm

    MADRID - Catalonia's new separatist leader presented his demand for an independence referendum during his first meeting Wednesday with acting Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who rejected it as an unacceptable option for the region that accounts for nearly a fifth of Spain's economic output.

  • Snubs of president spark talk of rift in Polish ruling party 
    Updated: Apr-19-16 9:23 am

    WARSAW, Poland - The body language was telling. Polish President Andrzej Duda approached Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the head of the ruling party, nodding and reaching out to shake his hand. But Kaczynski barely acknowledged him, reaching his hand to the side in a passing shake, but without pausing or even looking at the head of state.

  • Australian leader says he plans to call rare early election 
    Updated: Apr-18-16 11:42 pm

    SYDNEY - Australia's prime minister said on Tuesday he expects to call a rare early election, with the nation likely to head to the polls in July amid waning popularity for the ruling conservative party.

  • Irish lawmakers fail for 3rd time to elect a prime minister 
    Updated: Apr-14-16 1:18 pm

    DUBLIN - Ireland's lawmakers have failed for a third time to select a prime minister, leaving the country in political limbo for a record 48 days following an inconclusive election that could be rerun within weeks.

  • Ukraine awaits new government to fulfill promises of Maidan story has photos
    Updated: Apr-11-16 11:15 am

    KIEV, Ukraine - Swept into office by the mass protests that deposed the Russia-friendly president two years ago, Ukraine's new leaders promised that the country would soon be welcomed into Europe as a thriving new democracy.

  • Ukraine's embattled prime minister resigns story has photos
    Updated: Apr-10-16 4:43 pm

    MINSK, Belarus - Ukraine's embattled prime minister announced Sunday that he is resigning, opening the way for the formation of a new government to end a drawn-out political crisis.

  • AP Analysis: Arab democracies? Not so fast, say some story has photos
    Updated: Apr-09-16 3:22 pm

    CAIRO - A new-old idea is rattling around the Middle East five years after the Arab Spring stirred democratic ambition: that restoring stability, especially if accompanied by some economic and political improvements, should be reform enough for the moment.

  • Iceland fisheries minister says he's the country's new PM story has photos
    Updated: Apr-07-16 3:22 pm

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland - Iceland's fisheries minister emerged from the president's residence Thursday and announced he has become the island nation's new prime minister after days of political turmoil.

  • Vietnam elects prime minister amid big challenges story has photos
    Updated: Apr-06-16 11:47 pm

    HANOI, Vietnam - Vietnam's rubber-stamp parliament on Thursday elected Nguyen Xuan Phuc as prime minister, and he takes office at a time of soaring public debt, a worrying budget deficit and China's growing assertiveness in nearby seas.

  • Macedonia parliament to be dissolved ahead of early election 
    Updated: Apr-06-16 9:18 am

    SKOPJE, Macedonia - Macedonia's parliament is to be dissolved ahead of an early election set for June 5 that is meant to end a protracted political crisis sparked by a wiretapping scandal.

  • Icelandic PM proposes party's vice chairman take over story has photos
    Updated: Apr-05-16 5:16 pm

    REYKJAVIK, Iceland - Iceland's embattled prime minister, facing accusations of conflict of interest because of offshore accounts, stepped aside Tuesday and proposed that the vice chairman of his party take over.