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Stories with subject: Beauty and fashion
  • Water picture improves for some California towns 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 4:05 pm
  • SAN FRANCISCO - While much of California remains in the grips of extreme drought, spring storms have eased pressure slightly and reduced the number of rural communities considered at risk of running dry.

  • Moms get to room by new baby 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 11:28 am
  • GILLETTE, Wyoming - Delivering a baby is the oldest medical procedure in the world.

  • Fla. doc faces 200 counts of health care fraud 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 10:37 am
  • GAINESVILLE, Florida - A Gainesville doctor surrendered this week after she was charged with more than 200 counts of health care fraud for allegedly charging the government full price for prescription drugs, even though she was giving patients cheaper drugs not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Kate shows off new royal style in Down Under tour 
    Updated: Apr-24-14 8:35 am
  • LONDON - Kate's dilemma: What to pack for a two-week trip, when your itinerary includes everything from state receptions and church services to toddler playdates and cricket games?

  • WVa symptoms match with spilled chemical 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 9:08 pm
  • CHARLESTON, West Virginia - For two weeks following a January chemical spill into the public water supply, hundreds of West Virginians examined in emergency rooms had ailments consistent with exposure to the chemical, health officials said Wednesday.

  • Venezuela's economic crisis catches up with malls 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 1:04 pm
  • CARACAS, Venezuela - Staring through a glass storefront at the Sambil shopping mall, Aleimar Sanchez sees more than a struggling business in the near-empty shelves of a Casio electronics store. She sees a country in sad decline.

  • Sri Lanka to deport UK tourist with Buddha tattoo 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 11:29 am
  • COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Sri Lankan authorities will deport a British tourist for having an image of Buddha tattooed on her arm, an official said Wednesday.

  • Sri Lanka to deport UK tourist with Buddha tattoo 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 10:28 am
  • COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Sri Lankan authorities will deport a British tourist for having an image of Buddha tattooed on her arm, an official said Wednesday.

  • Twilight Tattoo showcases US military pageantry 
    Updated: Apr-23-14 3:19 am
  • WASHINGTON - Soldiers from a half-dozen ceremonial Army units in Washington are polishing their moves in preparation for another season of musical extravaganzas highlighting the history of the U.S. military.

  • NBC adding Weir, Lipinski to Derby 
    Updated: Apr-22-14 7:57 am
  • NEW YORK - NBC is adding Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski to its Kentucky Derby telecast as fashion correspondents next week, illustrating how the network's coverage now reflects one of the most female-friendly televised sporting events of the year.

  • Flint barbershop chorus fears fading harmonies 
    Updated: Apr-22-14 4:13 am
  • FLINT, Michigan - The Flint Arrowhead Barbershop Chorus is trying to prove that barbershop-style singing isn't just an old man's game.

  • Transcript of SKorea ship sinking: 'We can't move' 
    Updated: Apr-20-14 9:29 am
  • JINDO, South Korea - The following is a portion of the transcript released Sunday by the South Korean coast guard of the conversation between the ferry that sank Wednesday and the Jindo Vessel Traffic Services Center (VTS) on Jindo island. The ferry Sewol issued its distress call to another VTS center before these communications began. The Associated Press translated the transcript from Korean. The names of other ships included in the transcript are omitted at the request of South Korean authorities.

  • Coachella's young audience a marketers paradise 
    Updated: Apr-19-14 11:26 am
  • INDIO, California - When it first started in 1999, Coachella was a couple of stages and a dance tent. Tickets were $65. A few dusty stands sold hot dogs and Cokes. It was the end of grunge and the start of a new millennium, and it was all about the music. All for one weekend.

  • Popularity of religious tattoos seems enduring 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 10:33 am
  • FORT WAYNE, Indiana - Jes Farris says it happens two or three times a day. Someone walks into Studio 13, a local tattoo shop he owns with his brother, Jake, and inquires about getting a religious tattoo.

  • Lincoln peeper suspect pleads not guilty 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 9:07 am
  • LINCOLN, Nebraska - A 29-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to secretly recording images of women changing clothes in a Lincoln restaurant employee locker room.

  • Couple makes face paint for wild turkey hunters 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 7:17 pm
  • RED WING, Minnesota - You could call it man makeup.

  • Lynx trade G Sugar Rodgers to Liberty 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 4:33 pm
  • MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota Lynx have traded second-year guard Sugar Rodgers to the New York Liberty for the rights to swap third-round picks in the 2015 draft.

  • NKorea complains over barber's Kim Jong Un poster 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 1:01 pm
  • LONDON - North Korea has made a diplomatic appeal to the British government to get a London salon out of its hair.

  • Youth tanning bed limits rejected in Colorado 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 10:19 am
  • DENVER - A proposal to ban children from artificial tanning beds has been rejected in the Colorado Legislature.

  • Dress codes: Where should schools set limits? 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 7:22 am
  • EVANSTON, Illinois - They're called leggings - popular fashion items that are tight-fitting pants to some, and glorified tights to others.

  • Tanning salons adjust to new Illinois law 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 5:14 pm
  • DEKALB, Illinois - Illinois tanning salon owners have adapted to a law banning customers under 18 from tanning beds since the new policy was implemented about four months ago.

  • Male cop dresses as Amish woman to stop flasher 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 3:49 pm
  • PITTSBURGH - A western Pennsylvania police officer says he spent much of December and January dressed as an Amish woman in hopes of scaring off a man suspected of exposing himself to Amish children.

  • Victoria's Secret announces London fashion show 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 6:58 am
  • LONDON - London is getting a new fashion extravaganza - the Victoria's Secret Show, which will take place for the first time in the British capital this year.

  • Use of tobacco barred at Fort Williams Park 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 6:28 am
  • CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine - Visitors to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth will soon face fines if they smoke or use tobacco products on park grounds.

  • Chinese lawyers say they were tortured by police 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 4:55 am
  • BEIJING - His head covered in a black hood, lawyer Tang Jitian recalls being taken into a room and hearing the sound of a rope being pulled. The handcuffs behind him were jerked upward and soon he was dangling in the air.