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Stories with subject: Abortion
  • Abortion doctors' admitting rights reinstated 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 9:58 pm
  • AUSTIN, Texas - A judge has temporarily reinstated admitting privileges to two abortion providers at a Dallas hospital that had stripped the doctors of those rights.

  • US judge overturns 6-week abortion ban 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 5:12 pm
  • BISMARCK, North Dakota - A federal judge on Wednesday overturned a North Dakota law that bans abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks into pregnancy and before many women know they're pregnant.

  • Governor signs surprise inspections abortion bill 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 8:50 pm
  • PHOENIX - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's signing of bill allowing for snap inspections at abortion clinics will likely lead to another legal battle.

  • Oklahoma Senate Oks limits on abortion drug 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 5:24 pm
  • OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to further restrict the use of abortion-inducing drugs in Oklahoma in a bill written in direct response to a recent state Supreme Court decision.

  • Florida House moves abortion exception measure 
    Updated: Apr-11-14 4:08 pm
  • TALLAHASSEE, Florida - A bill that would change the exceptions to late term abortion was passed by the House Friday, opening the door to a legal framework that would take into account viability for life, rather than a designated time period, for when the procedure could be performed.

  • SC bills could outlaw abortion, most contraception 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 6:39 pm
  • COLUMBIA, South Carolina - A state Senate panel advanced legislation Thursday that opponents warn could outlaw abortion and emergency contraception in South Carolina. The panel also took testimony on a separate bill that would outlaw all abortions and most contraception by giving legal rights to fertilized eggs.

  • Bill requires mental health info before abortion 
    Updated: Apr-09-14 7:55 pm
  • BATON ROUGE, Louisiana - Anti-abortion lawmakers want women seeking the procedure in Louisiana to get pamphlets describing possible psychological effects, the illegality of coerced abortions and services available to human trafficking victims.

  • Philippine court rules family planning law legal 
    Updated: Apr-08-14 5:19 am
  • MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a family planning law is constitutional, allowing the government to provide reproductive health care services primarily to the country's poor despite strong opposition to the law from the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Teacher planning, abortion ban among W.Va. vetoes 
    Updated: Apr-06-14 11:06 am
  • CHARLESTON, West Virginia - Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin signed about 200 bills and nixed eight this year, leaving teachers and abortion opponents unsatisfied.

  • 2nd suit filed challenging Texas' new abortion law 
    Updated: Apr-02-14 10:59 pm
  • AUSTIN, Texas - An advocacy group filed another federal lawsuit Wednesday challenging a new provision of Texas' tough restrictions on abortion, less than a week after an appeals court reversed a previous suit and found that the stricter limits don't impose an undue burden on women's health.

  • Stay granted for new Arizona abortion-drug rules 
    Updated: Apr-02-14 7:37 pm
  • PHOENIX - The nation's most stringent restrictions on the use of abortion drugs are now temporarily on hold one day after going into effect in Arizona.

  • Hobby Lobby 401(k) invests in birth control makers 
    Updated: Apr-02-14 5:01 pm
  • WASHINGTON - The company leading the legal challenge against birth control coverage under the new health care law offers its workers a retirement plan that includes investments in companies making contraceptive and abortion drugs.

  • House panel passes abortion clinic standards bill 
    Updated: Apr-01-14 7:23 pm
  • OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma House committee has approved legislation to require the state Board of Health to establish standards for abortion providers and clinics, including standards for equipment and supplies that might be needed in a medical emergency.

  • Obama, Francis find common ground - and divisions 
    Updated: Mar-27-14 6:36 pm
  • VATICAN CITY - Face to face for the first time, President Barack Obama and Pope Francis focused publicly on their mutual respect and shared concern for the poor on Thursday. But their lengthy private discussion also highlighted the deep differences between the White House and the Catholic Church on abortion and birth control.

  • Federal judge to rule on abortion rules injunction 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 3:59 am
  • TUCSON, Arizona - New rules that would block many women in Arizona from having pill-induced abortions are getting a closer look by a federal judge who will decide whether to put the restrictions on hold as a legal challenge plays out in the courts.

  • Ruling: Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood funds 
    Updated: Mar-25-14 6:10 pm
  • WICHITA, Kansas - A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that Kansas can strip two Planned Parenthood clinics of federal family planning money while the organization moves forward with its legal challenge of a state law it says is retaliation for its advocacy of abortion rights.

  • Planned Parenthood to open $5M abortion clinic 
    Updated: Mar-25-14 6:02 pm
  • SAN ANTONIO - Planned Parenthood will open a $5 million abortion clinic in San Antonio that adheres to strict new standards adopted last year by Texas lawmakers, according to an official with the organization.