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Stories with subject: Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Bill would punish drug-using pregnant women 
    Updated: Apr-18-14 4:55 pm
  • NASHVILLE, Tennessee - Opponents of a Tennessee bill that would punish pregnant women who abuse narcotics say it will have the unintended consequence of hurting the very people it's supposed to protect: the babies.

  • Court: Fla. discrimination law covers pregnancy 
    Updated: Apr-17-14 4:07 pm
  • TALLAHASSEE, Florida - The state's civil rights laws include the protection of women discriminated against for pregnancy, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

  • Alicia Silverstone out with book 'Kind Mama' 
    Updated: Apr-16-14 1:13 pm
  • NEW YORK - She's famous as an actress for "Clueless." But Alicia Silverstone is also famous for her sometimes controversial ideas about mothering, and now she's put those philosophies down in writing in a just-published book, "The Kind Mama" (Rodale).

  • Pregnant woman injured in Phoenix crash has died 
    Updated: Apr-15-14 8:00 pm
  • PHOENIX - Authorities say a pregnant woman critically injured in a crash involving a car and a city bus last weekend has died.

  • State certificates available to record stillbirths 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 5:08 pm
  • GREAT FALLS, Montana - On a night at the end of November 2011, Beth Morey, 31 weeks pregnant, realized the baby she was carrying had stopped kicking. Worried, she went to Community Medical Center in Missoula to have a doctor check the baby, and there she found out it had died.

  • St. Louis-area hospital to offer midwife option 
    Updated: Apr-10-14 11:29 am
  • ST. LOUIS - The hospital in the St. Louis area that delivers the most babies will soon offer an option for midwife-led births, part of a growing trend as more women seek natural childbirth.

  • Nurse working in ICU where she spent her 1st days 
    Updated: Apr-05-14 1:25 am
  • TALLAHASSEE, Florida - As a newborn, Destany Atkins' parents couldn't wait to get her out of Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

  • SC woman gets 20 years in breast feeding overdose 
    Updated: Apr-04-14 1:39 pm
  • SPARTANBURG, South Carolina - A judge sentenced a South Carolina woman to 20 years in prison Friday for killing her 6-week-old daughter with what prosecutors say was an overdose of morphine delivered through her breast milk.

  • Parent can choose fate of miscarried fetal remains 
    Updated: Mar-26-14 4:04 am
  • INDIANAPOLIS - Parents of miscarried fetuses in Indiana health care facilities soon will be able to choose what to do with the remains.

  • Baby gorilla with mom at San Diego Zoo 
    Updated: Mar-25-14 3:20 pm
  • SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Zoo says an infant gorilla that was successfully treated for pneumonia after a cesarean section delivery is in her mother's arms for the first time.

  • University's birth control research challenged 
    Updated: Mar-24-14 11:35 am
  • ST. LOUIS - A Washington University research project that provides free birth control to the poor and uninsured is under scrutiny for its off-label use of a contraceptive insert.