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Stories with subject: Diagnosis and treatment
  • Medical marijuana cultivation center takes shape near Anna 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 4:18 am

    ANNA, Illinois - The owner of a southern Illinois medical marijuana cultivation center says he expects his new facility to be complete by next month.

  • Ruling: Medical pot caregivers must abide by amount limit 
    Updated: Aug-31-15 4:09 am

    TUCSON, Arizona - A new Arizona court ruling says medical marijuana caregivers must abide by the legal limit set by state law for how much pot they can possess to provide to qualified registered patients.

  • Missing hiker found in Sierra Nevada recovering from surgery story has video
    Updated: Aug-30-15 8:55 pm

    FRESNO, California - The family of a woman who was rescued after being stranded in the rugged Sierra Nevada for nine days said Sunday that she is recovering from surgery to set the broken bones on her lower left leg.

  • Study: Tiny, wireless pacemaker could be surgery-free option 
    Updated: Aug-30-15 7:47 am

    LONDON - A tiny, wireless pacemaker could offer some heart patients a surgery-free alternative to the traditional devices, a new study says. Some doctors, however, say there are lingering safety questions and warned patients not to rush to get the new technology. 

  • Governor's marijuana council establishes areas of focus 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 3:08 pm

    CHEYENNE, Wyoming - A council appointed by Gov. Matt Mead to study the potential impacts of medical marijuana legalization in Wyoming has established specific issues it will focus on.

  • Nurse charged with taking away patients' painkillers 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 2:32 pm

    SENATOBIA, Mississippi - A nurse from north Mississippi is charged with taking away patients' prescription painkillers.

  • Illinois will be first state to lock painkiller pill bottles 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 1:55 pm

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois - Illinois will be the first state in the country to test out a pilot program that will put locking devices on some prescription painkillers to make it harder for people to abuse the drugs.

  • State struggles to expand beds for drug treatment programs 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 10:49 am

    CONCORD, New Hampshire - Roughly 40 people wait for treatment at Serenity Place in a given week, hoping for a spot in one of the program's eight beds for drug addiction treatment.

  • Cedar Falls police have open prescription drug drop-off 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 5:07 am

    CEDAR FALLS, Iowa - Those in Cedar Falls looking to get rid of unwanted prescription drugs no longer have to wait for scheduled collection events.

  • After 60 years of research, McLaughlin faces new challenge 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 5:05 am

    GREAT FALLS, Montana - Since its 1954 inception as a small research laboratory in out-of-the-way Great Falls, Montana, the McLaughlin Research Institute has grown to a highly respected biomedical research center whose scientists' research has been cited as contributing to the work of two Nobel Prize winners for physiology or medicine.

  • Veterans with PTSD praise audio-therapy results 
    Updated: Aug-29-15 1:54 am

    SARASOTA, Florida - On March 23, 1994, as it made its approach to Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina, the nose of an F-16 clipped the right rear elevator of a C-130 in mid-air. Although the stricken transport managed to circle around for a safe landing, the jet fighter crew had to eject as their doomed plane, on full afterburner, hurtled toward the base.

  • Boy dies 2 weeks after fundraiser for his cancer treatment 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 6:16 pm

    LAKEWOOD, Colorado - A 9-year-old Lakewood boy who had a lemonade stand this month to raise money for his treatment for brain cancer has died.

  • Wicomico County medical marijuana facility proposed 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 9:35 am

    HEBRON, Maryland - A company is hoping that its plan to build a medical marijuana growing facility in Wicomico County is one of 15 applications approved by the state of Maryland.

  • Doctor fights charges he misled patients about marijuana 
    Updated: Aug-28-15 1:57 am

    CHICAGO - Supporters of an Illinois doctor who's in trouble for a marijuana recommendation say his case could have a chilling effect on other doctors' participation in the state's medical cannabis pilot program.

  • Amgen wins approval for second biotech cholesterol drug 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 9:12 pm

    WASHINGTON - Amgen Inc. has won federal approval for the second medicine in a new class of pricey biotech drugs that reduce artery-clogging cholesterol more than older statin drugs that have been used for decades.

  • FDA lays out proposal for naming lower-cost biotech drugs 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 4:00 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Food and Drug Administration released its proposal Thursday for naming lower-cost biotech drugs, a critical step in creating a market for the new class of medicines.

  • Michigan rejects medical marijuana for severe autism 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 3:11 pm

    DETROIT - Michigan won't allow the use of medical marijuana to control the effects of severe autism, an official said Thursday, rejecting the recommendation of an advisory panel.

  • Amputees decry Medicare payment overhaul for artificial feet story has photos
    Updated: Aug-27-15 1:27 pm

    WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is trying to disentangle itself from another controversy over Medicare coverage. Amputees are protesting this time, fearing they'll be denied the latest technology for artificial legs and feet.

  • Doctors, nurses to be trained in stopping overprescribing 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 10:57 am

    CONCORD, New Hampshire - Gov. Maggie Hassan has announced a series of regional education conferences to train doctors, nurses and pharmacists in stopping drug addiction and abuse, including best practices for preventing overprescribing opioids.

  • Nearly 200 patients qualify for medical marijuana registry 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 10:21 am

    ATLANTA - Public health officials reported nearly 200 patients have now qualified for Georgia's new medical marijuana registry, with an uptick in the number of doctors now approved to recommend cannabis oil as a treatment.

  • Hagerstown medical marijuana-growing facility proposed 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 9:28 am

    HAGERSTOWN, Maryland - The president of a newly formed medical marijuana company has proposed an indoor-growing facility in Hagerstown.

  • Man sentenced to prison for marijuana growing operation 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 7:23 am

    PITTSFIELD, Massachusetts - A western Massachusetts man has been sentenced to prison for growing marijuana that he said was for medicinal purposes.

  • Study finds peak months for college students' 1st drug use 
    Updated: Aug-27-15 7:11 am

    CHICAGO - Parents worried that their college-bound children might succumb to the temptations of campus life may want to take note of a new analysis that found that students tend to experiment with specific types of drugs for the first time during certain times of year.

  • New hospital in Jordan treats worst of Mideast's war-wounded story has photos
    Updated: Aug-27-15 4:34 am

    AMMAN, Jordan - They are among the most tragically wounded from the Middle East's multiple wars. A 14-year-old Syrian girl whose lower legs were torn off by a shell. A 15-year-old Iraqi boy who was severely burned in a car bomb explosion.

  • Novo Nordisk adding diabetes drug output in NC, Denmark 
    Updated: Aug-26-15 4:47 pm

    RALEIGH, North Carolina - Danish drug maker Novo Nordisk said Wednesday it will open new factories in North Carolina and Denmark as pharmaceutical companies seek to keep up with demand for diabetes medications in an increasingly overweight world.