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Orchids & Onions (February 28, 2013)

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    Orchids to…

    • Columbus Chaos Team for your amazing efforts at the tournament in West Lafayette, from proud parents, coaches and fans.

    • Jacob Villiger, Kelly Langevin, Brad Gaymon and the rest of the Columbus East Jazz Band on a great performance at the Louisville Jazz Festival.

    • Kari and Tom of Bishopp’s Appliance for outstanding customer service.

    • my parents, Dave and Roberta Hardin, for helping with the move, from Tam and Dave.

    • the Columbus North football team for helping us move into our first home last weekend, from Elgin and Mindy Kupferer.

    • Applebee’s, Johnny Carino’s, Montana Mike’s, Bubba Blue’s BBQ, Tropical Smoothie and Chili’s for your support of our SEGL Figure Skating competition, from Hamilton Center Ice Arena.

    • Justin Schulz for helping us clean up the messy dining room, from Kevin and the staff at Snappy Tomato Pizza.

    • Peggy and Tom Blades for anonymously paying for our dinner Monday event, from Gene and Penny Hogan.

    • Robin and Pat in deli department at eastside Walmart for making the beautiful cakes for my mom and aunts’ birthdays, from Lisa and family.

    • Jim Beamish for his letter to the editor, from neighbors in east Columbus.

    • Columbus Towing and Recovery for prompt and great service Tuesday, from Henry Logston.

    • Ellen Chestnut for being a good friend to my sister Beth and all your support, from Kim in Oregon.

    • Steve for jump-starting my Jeep in the Target parking lot, from Kimberly Fields.

    Onions to…

    • to whoever vandalized Flatrock Cemetery.

    • driver of the van who ran the stop sign at 10th and California streets Tuesday afternoon.

    • the drivers on County Road 100S that exceed the speed limit on a daily basis.

    • doctors who brag to their patients about where they are going on vacation.

    • The Republic for not publishing the winners of the Grammys, Academy Awards and Oscar winners.

    • woman at reuse barn that would not allow my husband to take an article.

    • box store that charges twice for the same item.

    • studio that is not open at 10 a.m. on a weekday.

    • church official for discriminating against special needs people.

    • prosecutors and judges that let people who are arrested for making drugs out on low bonds so they can go and make some more.

    • newspaper that does not print all Onions sent to them.

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