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Orchids & Onions (April 3, 2013)

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    Orchids to

    •    Butch Lee for fixing our TV, from Doug and Hazel.

    •    Miller's Merry Manor staff for the great Easter egg hunt and activities on the Hope Town Square, from a grateful grandmother.

    •    Sharon Downs, the Williams, the Ballards, and Melissa for a good Easter, from Jjolexys.

    •    Myra and Mark Zigler for having a great Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt.

    •    Sheriff's Department and David Boston for the great job of cleaning trash from along 25th Street, from someone who notices and appreciates it.

    •    Judge Dickherber and the child-support prosecutor's office for being able to collect child support for the first time in 18 years, from Christy.

    •    all my friends and family for a wonderful birthday surprise party, from Kim.

    •    Lee, Morris, Nancy, Sue, Gary, Donita and the LaVelle family for helping me with my yard sale, from Beth.

    •    Lts. Alan and Jodi Sladek for their services at The Salvation Army during Holy Week.

    •    the man in the Jeep who paid for breakfast for my son and me at the downtown McDonald's.

    •    Mark and Gina Chapple for an awesome Easter Sunday dinner, egg hunt and prize package for every child, even unexpected guests, from the George family.

    •    the man that took my son to the emergency room on Saturday when he realized he had a broken his wrist, from Dakota Jessie's mother.

    •    Lane Richie for the gold rating at Lincoln Elementary, from Mom, Dad, Granny, and Mimi and Papaw Haymaker.

    •    Republic carriers Martha and Chuck for the dependable and prompt service, sweet treats and words of inspiration, from a Fairington resident.

    •    Joey, Mandy, Keegan, Grayson, Jackson and Lila-Rain Fox for hosting a beautiful dinner, egg hunt and explaining what Easter is all about, from Mamaw Rennie, Janie and Tommy.

    •    Kathy Stephens for the great Easter dinner and egg hunt, from Mom Evelyn.

    •    Kristy Hartman for getting her GED, from Mom and the family.

    •    Carol and Keith Rea for the firewood to make our Easter Sunday dinner a successful one, from Diane Brown and Claudine Bowers.

    •    Onions to

    •    car dealership for using my son's debit card for an insurance policy when he didn't buy a vehicle from them.

    •    having a job fair that only lasts three hours.

    •    whoever is responsible for the design and acceptance of the new gates on Fourth Street.

    •    irresponsible pet owners who allow their dog to bark all day, every day.

    •    school officials who want to spend $2 million on bleacher seats instead of items to help students learn.

    •    restaurants that charge $2 for a cup of coffee that costs less than 5 cents to make.

    •    bank that would not let me cash my husband's payroll check like I have been doing for the last 37 years.

    •    BCSC fourth-grade classes that are not taking advantage of the educational and fun Indianapolis 500 Education Program.

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