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Orchids & Onions (April 19, 2013)

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     Orchids to

    •    Tim Coriden and his family for the great tribute to Daniel Schuetz and his family in SHE Magazine, putting into words our whole neighborhood's feelings, from Bill Marshall and family.

    •    Hartsville Volunteer Fire Department for their continued dedication to our community.

    •    Shane at Country Chevrolet for the excellent customer service and the great job on the noisy hatch.

    •    Milo Smith for his superb help, from John Tinkey.

    •    Betty Poynter for coloring my hair and for all you do for your family, from Connie Burton.

    •    the office girls at Central Middle School for what you do and put up with from everyone, students, parents and teachers.

    •    Alex Hasson for his kindness and letting a freshman wait in his car during the storm and staying until the freshman was picked up, from a freshman.

    •    Logan Sowash for your senior project "Wrap a Rocket," from Schmitt School nurse.

    •    Parlor 424, especially Heather T, for finally bringing great hairdressers to Columbus, from J.

    •    Mrs. Brodfuehrer for all the time and love you put into CSA Fodrea and for being a wonderful librarian.

    •    Teresa Palmer and Patrick Ballard at the west side Centra for exceeding our expectations with our financial situation, from Suzanne and Gary.

    •    Beth Mann at Mann's Harley-Davidson for your help with our spring show, from Dancers Studio.

    •    kind gentleman that loaded my groceries into my car at the westside Walmart Monday afternoon, from a very tired and grateful grandmother.

    •    workers at city garage who quickly repaired my yard, which was damaged by a snowplow earlier this year.

    •    Dr. Kavelman and staff for calling in my medicine, from Linda Mitchell.

    •    Eric and Tommy with Lucas Fencing for another fine job with the fence, from Gene and Darla Brown.

    •    the man in the black SUV for paying for my order Tuesday evening, from the rude, grumpy lady in the Honda.

    •    Doug Showalter for adopting a homeless animal instead of buying one, from Nancy Ray.

    •    the nice young gentleman at Auto Zone for installing the new battery in my 1999 Buick.

    •    Ashley at Kroger for helping me with my groceries in the rain Tuesday evening.

    •    Onions to

    •    drug users and sellers in my neighborhood, forcing my kids to stay indoors in nice weather, and the police department that ignores my reports.

    •    people that allow their dogs to run free when ultimately it's the dog that suffers.

    •    City of Columbus for not using the sidewalk sweepers to keep the slippery when wet pear tree petals off the sidewalk.

    •    cowardly congressmen who are so afraid of losing the next election that they vote against the safety and protection of their own constituents.

    •    the lady in the van Monday and all the drivers who don't wait their turn at the popular drive-thru.

    •    driver of the carrier van that uses St. Bartholomew School lot as a short cut around 27th and Home, and to drop off Northside students.

    •    auto repair shop that blocks the alley, making it hard for taxpaying residents to get into their home.

    •    early-morning drivers who do not turn their headlights on.

    •    beautification program that is going on outside a public facility while the roof leaks into the building.

    •    person who did not finish hacking up shrubbery, leaving a public eyesore.

    •    jail for making me leave with my dog even though there is no posting saying non-service dogs not allowed.

    •    Indiana senator who did not support gun-control legislation favored by 90 percent of the nation.

    •    city council for apparently not wanting to be held to ethics standards.

    •    wasting money on the road diet plan for Washington Street and 25th Street when it has not worked that well on National Road.

    •    The Republic for not posting my Orchid the day after it was called in.

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