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Orchids & Onions (May 9, 2013)

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     Orchids to

    •    the ER staff on duty between 3 and 6 p.m. Sunday, registered nurse Michelle, Dr. Huddleston, Stacia in X-ray, triage nurse Becky, Tony, Ron the valet man and Joyce and Joy for their excellent care and kindness, from Jewell Lucas.

    •    Dr. Brian Niedbalski for your concern and prompt action, from Julie Brannan.

    •    the person who does not put their trash in a can outside, causing it to blow into neighboring yards.

    •    Terry White for getting her high school diploma, from the Fields and Kelley families.

    •    Larry Gearries for preparing my garden area and always being a watchful, considerate, helpful neighbor, from Connie.

    •    Skip the butcher for being kind and helpful.

    •    all our Southside parent volunteers who helped make the Colts Big Blue Football Camp a success and a great time for our fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students.

    •    the lady who picked me up when I was walking home in the rain.

    •    Sonya and Beth for all you do, from Shannon and Josh.

    •    the Love Chapel staff for being so nice and helpful to me when I humbly came to the food pantry last week.

    •    AT&T techs William Turner and Eathen Krise for a great job, from Town and Garden Apartments.

    •    Allen Breed and the other residents at Four Seasons for their help and support on my senior project, from Jerad Turner.

    •    the nice young men from the sheriff's department and Animal Control for coming out in the middle of the night to rid my house of a bat.

    •    Dr. Huddleston and staff at Columbus Regional Hospital ER for their care last Friday, from Linda Cutrell.

    •    Bob Moody for walking in the 5K at the church.

    •    Onions to

    •    people who quit without notice leaving co-workers to take up the slack and be away from their families more.

    •    people who go to fast-food restaurants and expect children not to be there and who think it is somehow easy to control young children.

    •    Columbus Board of Public Works and Safety for worrying about peoples' lawns before they make sure that the grass and weeds on city property is mowed.

    •    the driver of the dark blue Pacifica who was completely oblivious as to who had the right of way.

    •    the local apartment complex for cutting down many of the old beautiful trees on the property.

    •    the driver of yellow pickup at Menard's who banged her door into my red minivan, leaving a paint mark.

    •    the city for not worrying about the condition of city-owned property.

    •    those who are not using the Road 200 detour, making Road 200 and Spear Street dangerous for the children to get to school.

    •    people who abuse Family and Medical Leave Act.

    •    The Republic for the amount of corrections.

    •    the hospital that does not enforce the no-smoking policy in the parking lot.

    •    people who forget that ambulances running with lights and sirens are an integral part of saving lives.

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