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Orchids & Onions (May 16, 2013)

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      Orchids to

    •    East cheerleader Molly Boggs for making the cheer squad at Indiana Wesleyan University, from your high school cheer coaches.

    •    Columbus North High School for a great job on American Pie, from an audience member.

    •    the woman in the white Deville who paid for my breakfast at the Third Street McDonald's Tuesday morning.

    •    Katie Stowers for being chosen for the honor society at IU and your new summer job, from Grandma. 

    •    the good Samaritan for stopping to help with the flat tire, from the stranded motorist in the gray Ford Fusion.

    •    Ms. Pence for the kind gesture and coffee Monday morning.

    •    Kevin, Rob and Lalo from Housing Partnerships for all your help and support on my project, from Lisa Gray.

    •    James Mahoney and team Mahoney for the great fish fry on Saturday, from Team Tungett.

    •    the wonderful young man named Jake that helped out complete strangers when my son's car broke down in front of his home, from Sheila and Aaron.

    •    Milo Smith, Jacque Douglas, Teresa Heiny, Lettie Vazquez, Janelle Runge and her super stage crew, and all the volunteers for helping to make our annual nursery rhyme/ice cream party a huge success, from Family School Partners.

    •    my children, grandchildren, Brian Steward and family for the cards, flowers, money and going out to eat on Mother's Day, from Jan Moss.

    •    my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren for the wonderful Mother's Day and all the gifts, Barbara Herold.

    •    Karen Nading for the program about Moravian cookbooks; Sally Scrogham and Dee Lewis for planning an interesting Mother's Day supper; Norma Clouse, Rachel Ross and Barbara Whipker for being loyal in putting recipes in the cookbook; and all the men who helped serve the Mother's Day supper buffet, from Elsie Hege.

    •    the lady in front of me in the silver van at McDonald's Monday morning who paid for breakfast, from an appreciative person.

    •    Chris Lyons for the beautiful song on Sunday at Parkside Baptist Church, from Margie Peach.

    •    C4 staff at North High School for the nice luncheon for the C4 bus drivers.

    •    Debra Greene for taking us to IU Medical Center for Tom's appointment, from Mom and Tom.

    •    CPD and Jason Maddix for their help in making the Race to Play event run so smoothly.

    •    Parkside PTO for the flowers and brunch, from Parkside staff.

    •    Dr. Baer and all the staff at Hope Vet clinic for their help with the four dogs so they could visit their dad at Columbus Regional, from Susie Prather.

    •    Buzz and Barb Hjelter and Annie Dawn for beautiful hanging basket and dinner, from Mom and Dad Hjelter.

    •    Blake Helt, Debra Wolfe, Cheryl Williams, and Peggy Vinson for all the help last weekend, from Robin Niedbalski.

    •    the Southside sixth-graders for an enjoyable Alice in Wonderland.

    •    Dustin Sitterding for college graduation and service to our country in Iraq and the U.S. from the family.

    •    Southside mothers for giving me the beautiful flowers Tuesday afternoon, from the crossing guard.

    •    Jason and Stephanie on 4 Tower North for taking such good care of me, from Teresa Bragg.

    •    Tim Larkin, owner of Snappy Tomato, for making teacher appreciation day special, from Busy Bee Academy.

    •    Onions to

    •    whoever is responsible for not mowing the foot-high weeds and grass around the old CCG property on 17th Street and Central Avenue.

    •    the four different bicyclists that ran through stop signs on my way downtown.

    •    the teacher who gives tests a day earlier than planned, not giving the students time to study.

    •    kids playing out in the street instead of their backyards.

    •    man with the filthy mouth in a local farm store who lacks the self-discipline to control himself when children are present.

    •    nursing home that won't allow family members to dine with their loved ones in the dining room.

    •    those who see the Onions as their own personal sounding board.

    •    those who do not appreciate the ones who are always there to help but instead expect more.

    •    the man who stole the item out of my grocery cart at Rural King on Wednesday.

    •    The Republic for the misspelling of a birthday greeting.

    •    dangerous pavement on Pennsylvania Street making it difficult to walk on.

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