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Orchids & Onions (July 13, 2013)

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     Orchids to


    •    George Albers for writing the letter that I wish I could have written, from RD Pennington.

    •    Elly Rutan for helping us with our first year in 4-H and all the fun at the fair, from Brittney, Brayden and Brianna Smith.

    •    Maggie at Mike's Car Wash for always having a big smile and bubbly personality.

    •    Hauser Lady Jets volleyball team for a great summer league.

    •    the lady in the blue van for paying for my drink at McDonald's on Thursday, from the lady in the silver van.

    •    Jesse's Electric for fixing my electrical problem on the same day I called, staying late until he found and fixed the problem, and including what the other so-called electricians messed up, and charged me very little, from Curtis.

    •    Overhead Door for the great service, from Leslie LeBlanc.

    •    my new friend in radiation for the beautiful flower and uplifting note on Friday morning, from Dottie Lambrecht.

    •    the very generous lady who painted the shed at Daugherty Cemetery, from the cemetery board.

    •    the kind police officer that escorted the funeral procession who stood in the heat and acknowledged each car as they entered the cemetery.

    •    the wonderful person who feeds the stray cats.

    •    City Engineer Dave Hayward for helping make Columbus a better place to live.

    •    the kind people who helped me look for my car keys Thursday at Columbus Center and to Diane for driving me home.

    •    Patty and Terry Reutell for always letting us use your pool, from Kamden Hiquet.

    •    Onions to

    •    security at the race at the 4-H fair for allowing a person to carry a firearm into the stands.

    •    wanting to build another housing development, taking away more green space from us, the birds, and all.

    •    the woman at the store on 11th Street that told my husband to get off her property when he walked across the parking lot.

    •    people in the Flintwood area shooting off fireworks at 10:24 p.m. on July 11.

    •    those who can't keep themselves from commenting on topics they obviously have no real knowledge of.

    •    those who decided to move NeighborFEST from cool, shady Washington Street to Fourth Street, where the sun shines in your eyes all evening.

    •    the person or persons that are stealing flowers from the graves at Rest Haven Cemetery in Edinburgh.

    •    nonprofit organizations that expect their employees to donate and make food for pitch-ins and other occasions all the time with no reimbursement.

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