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Orchids & Onions (July 17, 2013)

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    Orchids to

    •    Brenda Shireman and Jolinda Smiar for their cooperation, quick turnaround and graciously agreeing to the format we requested for the 4-H fair results, from the newsroom staff at The Republic.

    •    Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Drerup, cast, crew and orchestra of "The Sound of Music" for helping me during rehearsals and for fantastic performances, from Molly Hotek.

    •    Ted Piehl for the quality home improvement work at our home, from the Mackeys.

    •    the Mill Race Players for the fantastic job on "The Sound of Music" on Sunday.

    •    the young family with children who gave their gracious and kind remarks to the World War II veteran at Hardee's and presented him with a gift certificate for future meals.

    •    Big Ken at Save-a-Lot on Sunday for helping me with my groceries, from Evelyn Burton.

    •    Wade Forman for once again making top gun at Football University, from Grandma and Grandpa Forman.

    •    Grannie and Pappie Fleetwood for the green beans, from Wade Hooten.

    •    Dr. Pusca, CRH second-floor cardiac, critical care and rehab nurses for great care, from Tom Brummett.

    •    Faye Anne Beecher for hosting a pitch-in for the Hauser Class of 1960.

    •    the city garage for the quick response to the potholes on North Street, from Carol Gleason.

    •    Bob Poynter Automotive for their involvement in animal care and dog adoptions.

    •    Nancy Sue Wagner for companionship, patience and physical assistance during our Canadian Rockies trip, from Sarah Webster and Clara Jackman.

    •    the maintenance man at Larae Apartments for doing a great job in responding to the leak I had after hours, from Jackie Evans.

    •    people who keep their animals cool and provide water for them during this terrible heat.

    •    the Corvette Club of Columbus for their hospitality on the recent cruise, from the two Mustang drivers.

    •    Todd Simpson at Johnny's Muffler for being so good to us, from the Welch family.

    •    Onions to

    •    doctors offices that have unprofessional staff members.

    •    whoever poured oil on the dog that died.

    •    those responsible for the timing of the stop light at Indiana 11 and 200 South.

    •    the thief who stole the hummingbird and butterfly solar lights from the flower urn on my sister's grave in Garland Brook.

    •    the church that has allowed its new parking lot to be taken over by unsightly weeds.

    •    deadbeat fathers who fail to pay court-ordered child support for the children they claim to love.

    •    people who live in air-conditioned homes but leave their dogs out all day long in unshaded backyards.

    •    the baseball team for bragging about outscoring opponents.

    •    whoever is responsible for making a 72-year-old man show a driver's license to buy a box of Skoal.

    •    $1.8 million spent on the North High School baseball field when there are homeless people in Columbus.

    •    those who gossip about others.

    •    the person in the motorized cart at the grocery store for yelling degrading comments to another shopper.

    •    the driver who hit and killed the momma and three baby raccoons on State Road 7.

    •    those who run power tools and lawn mowers on Sunday.

    •    The Republic for running too much local business news on the front page.

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