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Orchids & Onions (October 1, 2013)

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    Orchids to…

    • Columbus and Cummins for sponsoring an awesome marathon, from a 5K participant.

    • Cummins, MainSource Bank, Columbus Regional Hospital and volunteers for the wonderful community event, from the Voelz family.

    • Suzi B. and her block party team for the great job keeping the runners running at CSA Lincoln.

    • Northside cross-country team for working the marathon water stop at Mile 25 after running the 5K race and for supporting your coaches who were running the marathon.

    • Emily Kim and Macy Wingham for your awesome performance in the half Mill Race Marathon.

    • Mill Race Marathon for a wonderful, near perfect job, from Alice Purtlebaugh.

    • all those who put on the first Mill Race Marathon and the citizens of Columbus who cheered us on, from Mike Ferree.

    • Shawn Brown for completing the full marathon, from Mom.

    • the Bartholomew County Bears’ Junior B team players, cheerleaders, coaches and parents for a great season.

    • our cousins for letting us watch the Hope Heritage Day parade from the front of your house.

    • Marquita Tuck for another great haircut with style, from Carmen.

    • Columbus East Olympians Marching Band on your awesome performance Saturday in Greenwood.

    • everyone who came to my birthday party at The Commons, from Zaeleigh and parents.

    • Beth Turner for being one in a million and making sure my son was safe until I could get to him, from Jason and Dawn Cook.

    • Kevin at the Clarion Hotel on 46 West for buying our breakfast Sunday morning, from Dan and Athena.

    • Donna Hill and Lecia Clark, Patty Campbell for the beautiful singing Sunday at Old Union Church.

    • residents on Jackson Street in Hope for their kindness shown to our father after he fell, from the family.

    • the wonderful, caring people who came out in the rain on Sunday for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

    • Cheryl Calhoun for the precious memories, from Alice Burns.

    • Richard Keller and Wendy Hill for the mums, from the May family.

    Onions to…

    • shutting down all the streets for the marathon, making it hard for people to get out of their neighborhoods.

    • those who think everyone supports the marathon.

    • the city for not notifying homeowners affected by route of the marathon.

    • the dangerously disorganized Kids Fun Run.

    • drivers giving the race volunteers a bad time even though the road closures had been known for weeks.

    • the city for not knowing how to prepare for a big event.

    • blocking traffic.

    • shutting down U.S. 31 on a Saturday morning.

    • The Republic for way too much coverage of the marathon.

    • people of Columbus who don’t appreciate all the hard work that went into the Mill Race Marathon and just complain about it closing roads.

    • endangering and paralyzing the whole town for a foot race.

    • those who made it impossible for people to get to work on time Saturday morning because of the marathon.

    • local paper for not having any real news in Sunday’s paper.

    • the newspaper that takes up every page about the Marathon.

    • not having security at The Commons’ entrances to keep alcohol out at the after party.

    • those who don’t understand that our radio stations have contractual obligations to cover Colts games.

    • the tea party for its narrow-minded, selfish vision.

    • the balloon maker downtown for being so rude.

    • the drivers on Carr Hill Road who don’t realize that the posted speed limit is 30 not 50.

    • printing the newspaper in pink which makes it very difficult to read.

    • people who visit buffets while sick and don’t wash their hands after coughing into them.

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