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Orchids & Onions (November 9, 2013)

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    Orchids to…

    • all those who gave so much time and energy, especially chairwoman Heather Parker and co-chairman Larry Nolting, and those who came to enjoy the meal at the very successful Petersville United Methodist Church turkey supper, from Don and Patsy Harris.

    • Brian and James Hammack at Kenny’s Locksmithing for their speedy and professional service, from a grateful customer.

    • kind ladies at Flintwood Wesleyan Church for the special blanket.

    • our veterans for serving and our local smoke-free veterans clubs that offer a healthy and safe environment for veterans and families to gather, from Tobacco Awareness Action team.

    • John and Karen Arp for the wonderful hospitality during my visit, from Stacey.

    • Columbus Regional Hospital EMS for the beautiful stone designed in memory of Jim Wininger for years of dedicated service to the community, from Rick and Kay.

    • Bartholomew County Public Library for the really nice Veterans Day display and all the programs to honor our country’s servicemen and women, from an impressed customer.

    • Sarah Sanders for an excellent job and working on a holiday to secure our dream house, from your fans.

    • Lymon, Belinda and Corey Gregory for the wonderful birthday hayride and bonfire and all the other special gifts and treats, from Peggy Myers.

    • City Council for exercising legitimate oversight.

    • Walmart, Sam’s Club and Amazing Joe’s for donating wonderful items to help us raise money for United Way, from CSA Fodrea staff.

    • Sherri Burton for graduating this Saturday from Harrison College with a degree in accounting and going back to get a second degree in medical management, from Jason and all the family.

    • Patty for the delicious mini eclair snacks over the weekend, from Keepsake Village.

    • prompt Columbus police response to a medical alert misfire.

    • Tom A. Harris for the beautiful bouquet.

    • Jason McCord Plumbing for the prompt and excellent service.

    • Onions to…

    • the 85-page downtown parking study that didn’t mention safety after dark.

    • employers who make retail employees come in earlier every year on Thanksgiving Day.

    • for giving city employees a raise that does not cover the increase in insurance costs.

    • the person who dumped out the German shepherd mix on U.S. 31 at Taylorsville that has been hit and killed.

    • city for paying overtime for picking up leaves that are a non-emergency situation.

    • people who see animals in distress and don’t bother to call the authorities or do anything themselves.

    • insurance agency that claims it is my fault for being hit by a car while I was walking.

    • all the heartless people who saw the dog dying on the road and did not stop to help or stay with the dog.

    • truck driver who ran over and killed the dog who was on a chain just because of the dog’s breed.

    • radio stations that use the FM bands to broadcast sports rather than music Friday nights.

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