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Orchids & Onions (December 14, 2013)

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    Snow-removal orchids to...

    • Scott Wall, from Roger and Candace.

    • the angel on the blue tractor, from Josie.

    • David Parker, from the faculty and staff at Mt. Healthy Elementary School.

    • Jay, Joey and Shawn, from Judy.

    Orchids to…

    • Fairington Apartments management and residents for the wonderful Christmas dinner catered by Bob Evans on Tuesday.

    • Lindsay Wheatley for ensuring that the staff luncheon was well-stocked and tables were cleaned between each group of staff members, from Richards’ teachers and staff.

    • Dr. Winikates for the great care and compassion you give to your patients and their families, from CCU nursing staff at Columbus Regional Hospital.

    • those who decorated the church so beautifully, from your Sandy Hook Church family.

    • The Ridge Church and congregation for your generous support for the community holiday assistance, from United Way 2-1-1.

    • the person who found my sunglasses at the library and turned them in, from Betty Lamborn.

    • the gentleman in the silver van at the chiropractic office who backed up so I was able to get off the bus, from a grateful person.

    • Kindred Rehab for the great dinner Tuesday night, from Florence Toll and family.

    • those who gave us a party at Mill Race Center for making dolls for 30 years and all the special people who came, from Happy Helping Hands.

    • Bruce Bartells for getting us toasty warm and for all your help, from the Redfords.

    • Marvin Hamilton for the delicious holiday lunch he cooked and brought to our office, from Dr. Kathy Watts and staff.

    • Gary in Kroger’s meat department for always doing a great job filling my order and special packaging requests.

    • my neighbor on South Ross Street for clearing my walks, getting my mail and getting my garbage out when I am gone, from Mrs. Franke.

    • Rick and Dawn for sharing your Thanksgiving dinner with us and our neighbors for their concern and help, from Aaron and Kathi Williamson

    Onions to…

    • the person who leaves the big dog out in very cold weather with no protection.

    • those elected federal officials responsible for making the repulsive and inappropriately titled “Affordable Care Act”.

    • those who put small children on the back of mopeds in 10-degree weather.

    • churches who cut back Christmas Eve services.

    • weather stations for giving wrong inches of snowfall in the Columbus area.

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