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Orchids & Onions (December 27, 2013)

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    Orchids to…

    • the man who returned my wallet on Christmas Eve at CVS, from Jerri.

    • all of our volunteers, bell ringers and staff for a great Angel Tree distribution and Red Kettle season, and to the community for their support as well, from Lts. Alan and Jodi Sladek.

    • Mildred Elkins for the plate of goodies that you bring us every year, from Antony Smith and family.

    • Dave at Johnny on the Spot for coming to the rescue on Christmas Eve when a family got flooded out of their apartment, from Briarwood Apartments.

    • to the person Monday in a new silver Ford Fusion who paid for my breakfast sandwich at McDonald’s, from the lady in the silver PT Cruiser behind you.

    • Dr. David Lamb, organist from First United Methodist Church, for the magnificent music program Christmas Eve at Four Seasons Chapel, from Peg and other grateful and uplifted residents.

    • Makayla Hensley for the wonderful solo Christmas song she sang on Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa Hensley’s house, from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Teresa.

    • Allison at The Cork for being flexible and willing to work with me regarding my work schedule and availability, from Jack.

    • Dennis McCarty for his spotlight letter to the editor.

    • the Kroger manager for getting my phone juiced up, from a happy customer.

    • the mail carriers and newspaper carriers on West Lowell Road for good service, from all the neighbors on West Lowell Road.

    • The Republic for wishing their readers a “Merry Christmas” on Christmas Eve.

    • Kelly Stephens at Southside Elementary School for your help with our clothing project, from Nancy Jo Reed.

    • Kenton McInteer for living the spirit of Christmas every day of his life, from a grateful Columbus resident.

    • Hobby Lobby for the one-page advertisement on the birth of Christ, from a Republic subscriber.

    • St. Peter’s Christmas dinner and fellowship, from a pair of empty-nesters.

    • the deputy sheriff who came by and opened my sister’s car door on Christmas night, from Michael Chadwick.

    • Mackenzie Barnett for doing a wonderful job on Christmas Eve, from a church member

    • Onions to…

    • the boards of directors who do not understand their role in directing an agency.

    • the parents who dump their kids off on others.

    • those who don’t realize some restaurants can’t hire certain age people as servers because they serve alcohol.

    • doing nothing about flood prevention except for putting expensive yardsticks in Haw Creek to tell us the water level.

    • people who cough without covering their mouths.

    • not having turn arrows on the traffic signals on Marr, McClure and Gladstone at 10th Street.

    • The Republic for not knowing who our local state senator is.

    • contractors who give Christmas bonuses only to some employees.

    • the writer who obviously favors Columbus North.

    • the rude person who answered the phone at The Republic on Monday.

    • greedy businesses that were open on Christmas Day.

    • the not-so-good Christmas Eve program.

    • the government for making citizens who pay taxes beg for heating assistance while sending billions to countries who do not support the United States.

    • doctors who discriminate against Medicaid patients by not accepting them as patients.

    • gas in Columbus being more expensive than Indianapolis and Carmel.

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