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Orchids & Onions (January 23, 2014)

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    Snow Removal Orchids to…

    • Mr. Conlin, from the Hustons.

    • Gary Myers on Paddington Drive, from Valeria Behler.

    • Tim and Louie, from the neighbors on Woodcrest Court.

    • Greg and Debie Bishop, from Sande.

    • Frank Reed, from Cecilia Joslin.

    • Jim Murry, from Bob and Joy.

    • Shane Yates.

    • the person clearing my driveway, from Katharine Lockard.

    • Dave Tetro, from the Allens.

    • Gary and Seth Meyer for pulling me out, from Tim.

    • Henry Logston, from the Renners.

    • Andy Watson, from Connie.

    • Mike Baker, from your neighbors.

    • unknown person on Sheridan Court, from Kenneth Hughes.

    • Brooks and Jacob, from the Garwoods in Hartsville.

    • Travis Wakefield, from your neighbors.

    • Evan Kuhn, from Dan Lucas.

    Orchids to…

    • Grant at Voelz Body Shop for his excellent customer service and for being so friendly and helpful with my van repair, from Faith Freeman.

    • Larry West at West Trucking for going above and beyond to help us keep our business going when our truck broke down.

    • the employees at Sterling Garage Doors for their prompt and skilled repair of our broken garage door spring, from the couple in Amberley.

    • Tabitha at Amazing Joe’s for supporting our troops.

    • the Columbus City Council for standing up for what’s right, from a grateful taxpayer.

    • All ladies at CRH and everyone working in the emergency room Monday night who helped and took care of my sick 6-month-old baby girl, from Casey and Tamiyah Absher and Debbie Sims.

    • Roger at Sirloin Stockade for your kindness and amazing customer service for making sure our daughter had some sweet chili chicken, from fans.

    • two young entrepreneurs who were going door to door offering to shovel driveways for $10 in Mineral Springs instead of sitting inside all day on Monday.

    • Jay at Advantage Heating & Cooling for the 5 a.m. service call to fix our furnace, from the Caves.

    • b ingo players who showed up only to find our event canceled due to weather, from CEHS band boosters.

    • Tamara Kiel for her letter to the editor.

    • Bob Dickey for helping my granddaughter after she slid off Marr Road this morning.

    • our Republic carrier on Jonesville for our paper never being late in all this bad weather, from the Riches.

    Onions to…

    • The Republic for burying the story of the Purdue shooting on Page A6.

    • people that think government-financed programs don’t cost taxpayers anything.

    • no sand spread on busy County Road 325W.

    • The Republic for not mentioning that the beautiful artwork on the front page was actually part of a contest or printing the winners’ names.

    • city officials who have their areas cleaned of snow before streets and subdivisions are touched.

    • city for not getting High Vista cleaned until last every time it snows.

    • The Republic for its awkward and clumsy TV listing guide.

    • city plow drivers who plow snow back into cleared driveways.

    • driver of the red Avalanche who tailgated me on Central Avenue during the storm Tuesday morning.

    • school plow operator who plowed snow in a way that made it dangerous for students to cross the street.

    • councilmen who were disrespectful.

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