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Orchids & Onions (January 24, 2014)

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    Snow-removal Orchids...

    • my wonderful neighbor, AC Reeves.

    • Bob Niles, from Hillcrest Drive neighbors.

    • Terry Freeman, from Tom and Karen.

    • David Dwyer, from Lisa Moore.

    • Mark Steinbarger for digging my car out on Tuesday, from Karen.

    Orchids to…

    • The Republic for doing a great job printing the news quickly and without taking sides, from Curtis.

    • the city council for its intelligent and correct action, from a Columbus voter.

    • City Council and all those who spoke up in defense of Ben Wagner’s honor and integrity.

    • City Council for providing a much-needed check and balance in our city government.

    • Jim Lienhoop for speaking out, from a concerned voter.

    • Tamara Kiel for her letter to the editor.

    • law enforcement workers who brave the weather, no matter how bad, to protect us every day.

    • Generation Plus of First Christian for the greatly appreciated cups of hot chocolate, from the crossing guards at Central Avenue and Parkside Drive.

    • Tammy at Esquire for the great gift, from Braden.

    • the honest staff at AMC Theaters for finding my little girl’s purse that Santa brought her and she tie-dyed herself, and keeping it safe.

    • third-shift lady in the cereal aisle at Kroger for saving boxes to use for moving and offering to put them in my car, from Beth.

    • Certified Appliance Repair for the excellent service, expert technical knowledge and coming out on brutally cold days, from K. Kappel.

    • the officer who responded, the person who called Cummins security for me, the men who pushed out my van after I wrecked Wednesday morning, and God for protecting us from getting hurt, from Patty.

    • the wonderful gentlemen at the valet service at Columbus Regional Hospital, from Pat Conard.

    • Adisyn Smith, Erik Coy and Collin Crawford for making the honor roll, from your families.

    • Curtis and Kelly Lucas for trimming the nails on the two puppies, from Sandy and Lucy.

    • employees at Lowe’s who came to the aid of the couple who fell.

    • Susie St. John-Walters for the thoughtful card and picture, from Clay and Rita.

    • Nate at Reliable Comfort for servicing our rooftop unit in the horribly cold and snowy weather, from your friends at Claas.

    Onions to…

    • people bullying city officials by playing with taxpayer money.

    • any council that would double someone’s salary when the city is having money troubles.

    • person who stole my mother’s purse at Aldi Monday afternoon.

    • city for doing a terrible job clearing the roads in local subdivisions.

    • state representatives who evicted a silent protester at the Statehouse who is a 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran.

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