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Orchids & Onions (February 7, 2014)

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    Snow Removal Orchids to…

    • Trent Larson, from Jack and Lynn Sparks.

    • Dave Shultz, from the Isaacsons.

    • Gary Meyers, from Sandy and the neighbors.

    • Mike Morris, from your neighbors.

    • Paul Chappell, from the Hardins.

    • Rick Harper, from brother Bill.

    • Gabe, from Debbie Osborne.

    • Carolyn, from Carey and Melissa.

    • Nate Bean, from Dad and Mom.

    • the neighbor on Holly Court.

    • our kind Newborn neighbor, from the Clarks.

    • Michael Phelps, from June and Charlie.

    • Phil Westerfield, from grateful Cherry Hills neighbors and in-laws.

    • Curt Huey.

    • Ernie and Devin in Edinburgh, from Bill Rothrock.

    • Steve Bryant, from Bruce and Debbie Batts.

    • the man on Taylor Road.

    • Brian Seward, from neighbor Betty Holder.

    • Sam Cotton and Andrew Tu, from friends and neighbors on Cheyenne Trail.

    • Dalton Scrogham, from Pastor Kelly.

    • Mike and Danielle Jiles, from the May family.

    • Orchids to…

    • Phil Swaim for his excellent letter to the editor, from Diana Matz.

    • the folks in BCSC transportation for helping me out in a pinch, from Erin Wagner.

    • Isabel White for making the honor roll at school, from Grandma and Pa White, Daddy, Jess, Moppy, Nakia, Dawson.

    • Jeramy and Jerry for helping me get to work alive, from Erin.

    • the young man at Tire Barn Wednesday evening for assisting with my truck tire problems, from a future patron.

    • Phil Swaim for your letter to the editor putting city council on notice to do the job they were elected to do, from Janet Law.

    • our elected officials for working so closely together, from a concerned taxpayer.

    • city plow crews for the outstanding job on Washington Street.

    • Rex King for getting up early this morning and pushing me out of the snow, from Julie Mathis.

    • Loesch’s Heating for replacing the fan motor on my heat pump so quickly and great customer service, from a satisfied customer.

    • Onions to…

    • the plow truck that buried us in to where we had to miss a day of work digging out.

    • side street intersections with main roads that have been left untouched by a plow, causing drivers to become stuck.

    • people that clear their driveways by blowing the snow in the street.

    • the driver of the Pontiac who pulled out in front of a car from the gas station, failed to stop at an intersection and pulled out in front of me.

    • city officials for continuing to make questionable, ill-informed personnel decisions.

    • The Republic for not knowing the difference between 750,000 and 750,000,000.

    • the snowplow driver for leaving 13 inches of snow across my driveway.

    • no snowplows on 27th Place and 28th Street when everything else around them is done.

    • City Council for trying to do the mayor’s job.

    • snowplow driver that threw snow on a shoveled sidewalk.

    • churches that do not clear their sidewalks of snow forcing schoolchildren to walk in the street.

    • the employee of a local distributor for using inappropriate language and throwing boxes around in a local big-box store.

    • all elected officials in Columbus.

    • hair stylists who style hair the way they want and not what the paying customer wants.

    • the snowplow driver who plowed back over sidewalks downtown that have been shoveled.

    • the snowplow driver for blocking our driveway.

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